A Mother’s Fight

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8 Responses to “A Mother’s Fight”

  1. David Cooper says:

    Great new website, tremendous video. You’re right. One hell of a “PCS” party on his return home. Can’t wait. God bless.

  2. Mrs. Terry Hall says:

    Scott and Vicki,
    Wanted to let you know that all Americans have not forgotten Michael and will not stop working for his release. I know as a mother, how painful it can be to have your child taken from you wrongly.

    I intend to continue placing Defend Michael stickers on every piece of mail that leaves my home and my husbands work. We must continue to keep those in charge, mindful that we demand justice. We must raise up and take a powerful stand againest those that continue to hold Michael unjustly.

    We will continue to spread the word, remain prayerful and convinced that Michael will be released long before those fifteen years pass by.
    Scott and Vicki, we have taken Michael into our home and hearts. We pray daily for you and Scott to have the strength and health to continue the stand for justice. We will welcome the day when Michael will be sitting at the Thanksgiving table saying grace with his family. Our God is a mighty God, and those that continue to incarcerate our military men and women unjustly will be judged in due time.
    We thank Michael and all military personnel for serving our country, for being willing to lay their life on the line for freedom.
    You and yours will continue to be in our daily prayers, and we will not give up the fight.

  3. Jose C says:

    I didn’t have the privlage to be an American Soldier but for this.It makes me sick to my stomach,to know this man is behind bars and not in one.Micheal Thank You you deserve a Medal of Honor.Don’t for one day look back,your a SOLDIER.God Bless You and your family

  4. Kay W says:

    First 25 years, now 15 – how about none. This is almost hard to believe and I pray that Michael and all others like him will be as free as our country has always been.

  5. Wendy says:

    Michael, Scott, and Vicki: Michael is a TRUE United States of America War HERO. If it were not for soldiers like Michael and other like-minded Americans, the “silent war” that continues to go on here on our own soil would surely be lost a long time ago. We, as a nation have obviously become deeply infiltrated by our enemies. What they do not realize is that we have a deep-seeded American spirit. It is with this same spirit, that Micheal will finally be released. We will continue to spread the word and fight for Michael and our Country.

  6. Mrs. Roberts says:

    I am in tears. I want to extend my heart felt sympathy to this family. I am the wife of a Soldier and I have had to learn the hard way that we have to fight to protect their rights and in your son’s case his freedom. Please never give up! I have won my husband’s case here. Please let your voice get louder! This is what it takes to get action in the military. I am praying daily for your son and for peace in your hearts. God bless you all! PRAYING FOR JUSTICE!!!!

  7. Beth Smith says:

    This is just an atrocity! Soon no young people will voluntarily defend our country at all. The military is Not getting the support that they deserve. This young man is a hero. I will try to defend him in every way that I can. And, I will PRAY for his immediate release. Get word to Mitt Romney. I think this is a cause that he will support .

  8. Dave Vale says:

    Thank you for your service Lt. Thank you for killing our enemy ! I will do everything that I can to spread your story and you will be freed soon. True americans will not stand for this.

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