Sample Letter to Clemency Board

Sample Letter to Clemency Board:

Deputy Assistant Secretary Mitrano

c/o Army Clemency and Parole Board

1901 South Bell Street

Arlington, VA 22202

Re: Clemency for 1LT Michael Behenna

Dear Ms. Mitrano,

I have followed the case of 1LT Michael Behenna since hearing about his conviction for killing an al-Qaida operative. I have read many news accounts about his conviction, the email written by the government forensic expert Dr. Herbert MacDonell, and the outstanding background of this young man, including his Officer’s Evaluation.  I request, on his behalf, that you grant him clemency and immediately release him. His immediate release would give him the same opportunity that our military is affording enemy combatants who are being released in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please consider the “fog” this young man was operating under after having survived an attack on his platoon which took the lives of two of his soldiers just three weeks before, and the questionable decision to require 1LT Behenna to return the terrorist home. I have many questions about his conviction, especially hearing that critical evidence was withheld from his defense counsel and the jury.  Give this young man the benefit of the doubt and release him so that he can begin to pick up the pieces of his life.


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