Premier of Documentary on Michael & His Platoon on June 11th

For the last two years many people have worked tirelessly to obtain a new trial for our son 1LT Michael Behenna.  Even though the numerous judicial and prosecutorial errors committed in his first trial have been on appeal since December 2009, the case remains mired in the military appellate system with no decision.  As author John Grisham said in a speech he recently gave ‘It is easy to convict an innocent man; but it is almost impossible to get him out once he has been.’  That has certainly been our experience in dealing with the US Army as it relates to Michael’s case.

But no doubt to the dismay of the Army, support for Michael has grown exponentially since the fateful day in March 2009 when his freedom was taken away and he was sent to Ft. Leavenworth for 25 years.  So many of you have contacted our political and military leaders demanding justice for a young man who has been so wrongfully treated by those who should have had his back.  The fight for justice continues and the chorus demanding Michael’s freedom is getting louder with each passing day.

That chorus is about to get louder still.  I’m pleased to announce that Michael Wilkerson has created a powerful hour-long documentary about our son Michael and his platoon entitled PURPLE HEARTS – A REQUIEM FOR MAD DOG 5.  The story is narrated by academy award winner JEREMY IRONS and told through the eyes of the soldiers of 5th platoon, our family, and the experts who analyzed the forensic evidence. The documentary is an emotionally compelling story detailing the journey of 5th platoon beginning at its inception, the IED attack that killed two of Michael’s soldiers, the capture and detention of Ali Mansur, his release and Michael’s decision to interrogate Mansur, the shooting, and ultimately the trial.  PURPLE HEARTS tells the WHOLE STORY and exposes the truth about what really happened.  It will bring you to tears as well as rage by the time the film ends and the lights come on.

PURPLE HEARTS will debut at the deadCENTER film Festival on Saturday, June 11 at 1PM in the Kerr Auditorium located in the Sandridge Energy Building at 123 Robert S. Kerr Ave in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Please get there early as the Kerr Auditorium only holds approximately 400 people.  Tickets are $10 at the door.   We hope a full house and positive comments will result in additional viewings and possibly entice a network or cable channel to pick up the documentary so that the entire country is made aware of this travesty of justice.   PLEASE forward this message to your friends and family.  Also, please consider posting a comment about the documentary and Michael’s story on deadCenter’s website at this link:

I’m also including a map to get to the Kerr Auditorium in downtown Oklahoma City:

We look forward to seeing you at the premier showing of PURPLE HEARTS – A REQUIEM FOR MAD DOG.

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