The Ballad of Michael Behenna

The Ballad of Michael Behenna

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12 Responses to “The Ballad of Michael Behenna”

  1. Venture Ballistic Composites Inc, hereby challenges all business owners with a buisiness or personal web site, to add a “Free Lt. Behenna” link.

    Lt. Behenna would not even be charges if it were not for international politics. May God comfort his family, and may God continue to watch over Michael until he is free.

    Jeffery E. Harrison
    Master Sergeant of Marines (Ret)

  2. Cari Johnson says:

    This video made me cry ~ Where can we order a copy of it? A Dollar To Care made a donation to support Michael, and we’re wanting the bracelets to hand out on the May 5th Patriotic Freedom Ride. Thank you!

  3. Pat Coulson says:

    they need to let Michael out and lock up the ones who prosecuted him

  4. […] Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna had another appeal heard yesterday.  Check out his story here: and I play a song wirtten for him, The Ballad of Michael Behenna by Chad Evan Todd […]

  5. Greg says:

    My Family is prayin for ya Michael

  6. John and Dixie Lee says:

    I can’t believe Michael is in prison let alone in prison this long. I hate to admit it but, I agree with Pat Coulson – Michael needs to be let out and the prosecutors put in prison. The good news of this kind of feeling is that God takes care of what we cannot including the injustices and unfairness of the world. What is very important to remember is that God watches all of this – He sees all – if you are an unbeliever and you are reading this – God will at some point or another “get your attention”. those of us who do believe learn the concept of God being our Vindicator. I can’t stress this enough. Where we can’t control or change, we need faith in God’s ability. His power is bigger than anything, any obstacle or any wrongdoing or injustice. God Bless Michael and his family! Hang in there! There are many of us who haven’t forgotten him or you and we will stay faithful. John and Dixie Lee

  7. Bud says:

    Maybe when we get a REAL president in the White House he’ll free Michael!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Kelly says:

    Why isn’t this huge right now? It’s been since 2009 and I’ve not heard a word of it til today!

  9. Glenda Findley says:

    I will be putting this story of my blog. I just heard about it as well. What a travesty. So many people say they support the troops but they don’t walk the walk. Let’s get behind this people! Write your senators and congressmen. Don’t stop writing. Call them! Forget the president, he is not going to help. This just cannot stand!

  10. Ron Pelton says:

    I have read some real life stories of individuals literally destroyed, not unlike Michael. None ever found out who or why but all beat the system eventually. I have been threatened with destruction over a paper I wrote for the DIA. I rewrote the paper, leaving the details out that the State Department found inconvenient. Government uses this power of individual destruction many inexcusable ways. Keep digging, praying, socking the truth to them. Eventually Michael will be released. Probably not until the public embarrassment of keeping him reaches an unknown level. Continued public pressure is required. I accept my part in this now.

  11. David G. Livingston says:

    God please bless this man for what has occured in this injustice.
    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a flag with his picture on it so I can fly it on my motorcycle.
    Thank you and may God Bless us all from evil injustices!

  12. Paul Caltabiano says:

    Mike, we haven’t forgotten you!

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