Oral Arguments Set and a New Fund for Michael

On February 28, 2012 we filed Michael’s legal brief with the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF) outlining his trial issues.  We were expecting that it would be some time before oral arguments were set.  To our great amazement (and the Military’s great frustration) the CAAF has expedited the hearing of oral arguments.  These arguments will be heard on April 23, 2012 in Washington D.C and they are open to the public. We will keep you advised as to the exact time and place of the arguments.  This we hope is the beginning of the end of the injustice which Michael has suffered at the hands of the military justice system – an injustice that as of last week has already imprisoned him at Ft. Leavenworth for 3 years running.

We pray that Michael’s appeal before the CAAF will be successful and that he will once again regain the freedom that the rest of us take for granted.  But no matter when that day actually comes, Michael will have lost years of his life which he will never get back.  Unless Michael’s conviction is overturned he will reenter society as a felon and face all the challenges that come with that.  To help Michael get back on his feet when he is finally released Vicki and I have decided to set up the Michael Behenna New Start Fund.  Funds donated will be available to Michael to start a new life after all he has been through.  On any donations of $30 or more we will send you the Ballad of Michael Behenna music CD.  To donate to this new fund click on the following link and select the corresponding Paypal button:  Michael Behenna New Start Fund.

Speaking of the Ballad of Michael Behenna music CD….this song was expertly written and recorded by the Chad Evan Todd Band.  It is a special song with a lot of emotion, excellent music, and powerful lyrics. To watch a very moving video of this song on YouTube click on the following link:  Ballad of Michael Behenna.   Many things can be accomplished through music and we believe if we can get this song out on the airwaves we will see a lot of support trend towards Michael’s cause.  You can help us in this effort.  We will send you a free copy of the CD containing Michael’s Ballad if you let us know what radio station(s) you can deliver a copy to.  Our goal is to get this song playing across America as soon as possible.  If you will provide the following information we will get you the necessary number of CD’s in the mail:

1)      Radio Call Letters (ex. WIOD)

2)      Your name and address to mail the CD(s)

3)      Person at the radio station who will ultimately be provided with the CD

We ask that if you do nothing else today, please pass this email or the YouTube link to all the people in your email box.  We are confident that hits on Michael’s YouTube video will help us bolster even more support for Michael’s release.

As always, thank you for all you have done and are doing for our son,

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