CAAF Hearing Set for April 23rd at 9am

After three long years of waiting for Michael’s case to be heard by a court not under command influence the day we have been waiting for is about here.  On April 23rd at 9am Michael’s case will be heard by the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF).  This civilian court will hear oral arguments regarding Michael’s case at 450 “E” Street in Washington, DC.  This hearing is open to the public and while no decision will be made that day all present will gain an understanding of why Michael’s case intrigues the news media, military legal scholars, and the patriots of this nation. Michael killed an Al-Qaida cell leader in self-defense in a war zone and then was sentenced to a lengthy sentence at Fort Leavenworth prison after the Army prosecutors withheld evidence and the judge ruled he had no right to self-defense.  Hopefully the CAAF will dissect this horrible injustice and free Michael from his Leavenworth cell.  As soon as we know h ow the CAAF rules on Michael’s case we will let you know.

Please remember to pass along the YouTube link of the Ballad of Michael Behenna  Also, if you know of any radio stations (country or otherwise) that might play Michael’s Ballad, please provide an address and contact person and we will be glad to send them a copy of the CD.

It has been a long and burdensome road these past three plus years, but you have seen us through it with your prayers, kind words, and letters of support to Michael and to us.  It is our hope that soon all of our prayers will be answered and Michael will be home where he belongs.

Finally, Michael asked all of us to keep the families of Sgt Adam Kohlhaas and Sgt Steven Christofferson in our thoughts and prayers.  It will be four years ago this weekend (April 21st) that these two brave soldiers from Michael’s Mad Dog 5 Platoon were killed by an Al-Qaida IED attack in Iraq.  Michael loved them as brothers and brothers they were along with the entire Mad Dog 5 platoon.

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