Letters from you are the only real way to convey to Michael that we care and are fighting on his behalf to right this injustice. He has no access to the Internet so he will not see the comments posted on this web site and he can not receive email. Thank you for taking the time to let Michael know that you appreciate him putting his life on the line in Iraq for our freedom and that you are now fighting for him!

We often get questions about what should one say to Michael in your letters.  The short answer is just tell him that you support him and appreciate his military service.  Beyond that share whatever you feel like sharing.  Michael likes to learn about the places that his supporters live so consider including a picture of your town or state in your letter.

Also, we often are asked if Michael can receive books.  He can, but these must be sent directly from the bookseller or distributor (ex: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.)

Michael can also receive money into his prison account for personal items and telephone calls. the prison charges 40 cents per minute for telephone calls, which makes keeping in touch difficult. Only Money Orders can be sent to the prison and they must have “Michael Behenna  87503″ on the payee line.

Send books, money orders and your letters of support to:

Michael Behenna #87503

1300 N. Warehouse Road

Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-2304