1. Brad Bothell says:

    Based on your version, you have my support for the pardon. You may use my email. Brad.

  2. John Haggerty says:

    I just requested a full and free pardon from President DELECT Obama. via the White House Website. He most likely will not do it. Perhaps when the Alpha Male "AKA The Donald" takes office he will. Remember, It is always "Darkest Before the Don(ald)"! God Bless Michael, and your family! I would have been proud to have him as my platoon leader in my day and any day, and LTC West as my BN CDR! John J. Haggerty SSG, USAR Retired (Former U.S. Army CID AGENT and you may remember my name from my contact with former U.S. Senator Scott Brown!)

  3. Gustavo says:

    God Bless you !!!! My support 100% please let me know if you need any help!!

  4. DEBORAH MORA says:

    Your Mother is an amazing LADY!!!!And thank you for your services. Your Mother is now becoming one of my Guardian Angles!!!!!! Thank God for people like you , Your Mother, and many more. Its so sad when innocent people are made victims.I Believe .... I have Faith, but most of all I have Your Mother and a Great Team on MY SIDE!!!! Once again,Thank you for being the Man that you are. You are an amazing young man, Peace be with you and to all our Soldiers wherever they are.

  5. Meredith Landers says:

    What an outrage!!! I will sign the Petition & Share this story on fb. Oddly enough, I stumbled on this story while looking for a 47-48 year old, brown haired, bearded man, in Sharpsburg, GA, named Rick. If you know such a man, please forward. Thanks!

  6. Irene Andrade says:

    Shame on this government for what they put you through you went to serve our country and they do this to you I'm so shock that this could of happen God Bless Irene

  7. Roje Don Hutchings says:


  8. sbehenna says:

    Michael is doing very well. You can read about him, or contact him on Facebook - Michael Behenna. Thank you for your thoughts and support!

  9. Hellen says:

    Does anyone know how Michael is doing these days? I still think about him. This whole thing broke my heart.

  10. Fran Whewell says:

    This is an atrocity, and never should have happened to an officer, in the United States Of America. The sacrifice of this Oklahoma soldier is indeed, a breach of faith, with all who are serving our country. I stand with 1st. Lieutenant Michael Behenna, and with all who demands justice, for this American hero! Fran Whewell

  11. Samuel Thomas says:

    Behenna it is awesome that you are home man..Congrats..You were a great basketball player (I'm still better)but a even wonderful human being.Tell Layhey i said to keep his head up..and once again congrats on being home.

  12. Mike Grube says:

    Amen to Joseph and Sam. I'm a Nam vet also. Living in Texas' I sent Ted Cruz a letter and email to get involved on Michaels case 2 rears ago. Guess What' No response at all. So much for career lying politicians. Go Trump. And if he gets in the Whitehouse' All of us old vets need to start writing him about Michael. Maybe Michael will get the Hero status he deserves.

  13. sam stropp says:

    Should have received a commendation for his actions; at least he only shot him but did not cut off his head and showed on a film. If we had a honorable president...then he would pardon him like he is letting all prisoners out of Guantanamo. Bet Trump will when he gets elected as President! TRUMP ALL THE WAY!

  14. Joseph Trent says:

    I'm a Vietnam veteran 69-72 when I got home I was spit on and called a baby killer ! Why is it that our own troops keep taking a beating and no one stands up for these Heroes who go out and do what no one else wants to ! He needs to be exonerated of all this crap ! If you can't see what's really going on here then you need to bring all our men and women home and let them figure it out for them selves . Enough of Cruxifing our men and women leave the damn politics out of it !

  15. J H Bennett says:

    As the child of a WWII P51 ace who spent the last 18 months in a German POW Camp. This is a very sad representation of the price our soldiers who have served to protect our county may have to pay. Very sad, very sad indeed.

  16. jeff says:

    Thank you so much for your service, we very much appreciate you,,,,,

  17. jeff says:

    Came across Michaels story, is he out of prison I hope

  18. Matthew Furnia says:

    It is such a disgrace to see what had happeNed to Michael. I'm glad to see there is some progress. I learned about Michaels sentencing on the radio show The Savage Nation hosted by Dr Michael Savage. I donated to Michaels defense fund and I proudly have Michaels picture on my mirror in my room I pray for him as often as I can. Hang in the mike

  19. Gunsmoke says:

    Correction: Did the prosecution expert's opinion conflict with the testimony of the interpreter? If not, then despite the air of allegiance due solely to who we believe Mansur to have been, there's insufficient evidence to convict. If they conflict, one must weigh with reason the emotionally charged fervor to support a U.S. officer accused of murdering an alleged terrorist--as the overwhelming opinions here reveal. What was the Army thinking to have an officer who believes the man he's ordered to return home is responsible for the deaths of his men??? Astounding lack of judgment!

  20. Gunsmoke says:

    What did the interpreter testify to? Considering two separate experts had contrary conclusions, which version did the interpreter's testimony support? "Known terrorist" are buzz words as U.S. troops are known as "terrorists" to them. "Illegal weapons" determined by us, or the laws of his land? I'm not instinctively inclined to believe the Lt and the only information I want to evaluate are FACTS directly related to the events that led to the shooting. If I believe his innocence, I'll add my name to his fight for a pardon. But, I don't support causes based on emotion, race, religion, nor nationality, but facts: meaning convince me of the truth...minus rhetoric that evokes emotional patriotism and justice for or against can be served.

  21. Bob Thomson says:

    Let me know what needs to be done.

  22. Corinne Lavallee says:

    I would like to stand behind this brave hero. He should be freed ASAP. He is soldier doing his job and he should receive the medal of honor for killing Al Qaeda.

  23. Marcos Toledo says:

    A great injustice has occurred and everyone in uniform, including men in blue, should be outraged and concerned over the preferential treatment our enemies get. And lack of faith on the people who defend us from them.

  24. Deb Stroud says:

    I would like to know what kind of letters/cards to send to the guys that are still in Leavenworth. I'm not sure religious cards are wanted or appreciated for every holiday. I would like some suggestions as I have hit a wall trying to figure out what type of card is appropriate.

  25. David Walz says:

    This is an act of a great injustice gone wrong under the control of the imposter in the White House. Lt. Col> Terry Lakin is another example. God bless Lt. Michael Behenna and Col. Terry Lakin Veteran US Army 1953-55

  26. Patricia Briasco says:

    This is a kick in the face of all of our men and women serving in the military. It just amazes me how much has changed in our country and the American Military since 2008??????

  27. gregory dale crain says:

    As a veteran myself I am ashamed to see how our government treats our troops. Send this soldier home and give him a medal

  28. Challi Beamon says:

    He should not be serving a sentence!!

  29. Debi Henson says:

    Isn't this what these recruits were enlisted for? Isn't it their duty to defend the U.S. Constitution and to protect our country? This is what Michael was hired for, was called to uphold? How then can he be punished, encarcerated for an imaginary crime? This American soldier must be released, exonerated of all charges and given the Purple Heart for what he has accomplished for us, his country, his family.

  30. Anthony says:

    Message to Michael - I have followed your story since day one. I am sorry to say that I never wrote, but have always kept you in my heart and prayers. I am happy that justice has been reached and you are home. Many Salutes, SSG Sandoval

  31. John Wilson says:

    Sacrificing a life to prison for killing a known enemy agent is really insane. We have to help Michael and press forward for his release from prison. Get us out of Afghanistan and let them fight their own war. No more American lives for those that will not befriend us against their known enemies.

  32. errol phillips says:

    May the Lord God hear your prayers and deliver Michael from evil. May the Lord send his ArchAngel Michael to fight for God's justice. May he send Rafael to deliver God's remedy. In Jesus Name, I pray this for Michael. We will pray for Michael. God Bless you with faith and strength.

  33. Michelle says:

    For all I read & for all our men & women went thru alot they had to be on their feet 24/7 always watching behind their backs . And for what happened it's like ( Iraq or Pakistan ) is offending them selfs , how do they now he didn't hear something else ? Or if he saw something else ? They don't . This is ridiculous . For all the U.S. did it's like they are paying us back ..

  34. Barbara Lockyer says:

    This injustice must be corrected by full pardon and restoration of his rank and position prior to the incident. Any back pay should be included during this period. We must quit mistreating our armed forces and respect them, giving them their fairly earned benefits and status. God bless them all!

  35. Paige says:

    Why isn't Fox News all over this?!? Get this in front of Greta or Megan Kelly. I will pray for Michael.

  36. Michael Behanna says:

    I can't believe America is doing that to a hero. This story makes me sick!

  37. Nathan says:

    I hope you live a life in freedom!!!

  38. Cynthia Zimmerman says:

    This is RIDICULOUS!! What has become of America?! We defend known terrorists over our own military?! These terrorists have committed to DESTROY America & her citizens whereas our military make sacrifices everyday to protect her & her people. 1LT Behenna did America a huge favor by eliminating one of the Middle East's heinous terrorists. ONE! It wasn't as though he killed this piece of scum for his own amusement, but instead, in self-defense! He is wrongfully doing time. There are actual criminals & murderers the Army should be focusing on. 1LT Behenna is NOT one of those people! Set him free! If anything, he should be rewarded for his actions- NOT punished! This is asinine!

  39. SimiRob says:

    this is totally bogatron dude!

  40. Thomas P McCarthy says:

    I think this is a travesty of justice according to the UCMJ The first Liutenant was defending himself and this is such a wrongful conviction on behalf of the Lt. He should never have served a day in Ft. Levinworth prison. The court Marshall board had not one officer who serves in a forward combat area under fire Michael my whole family spent time in the military and we will all be writing our congressional leaders about this matter what a joke this insurgent losses his life trying to grab your weapon and you defend yourself and are incarcerated what a travesty of justice more of Obama's cronies God Bless you Michael and keep your head held high son you will be vindicated Sincerely Yours, Thomas and Celia McCarthy

  41. Bruce Allen says:

    Thank you for your service. I am very proud of the way you've handled yourself through this entire event. You are a shining example of what it means to be an American Soldier. Don't let this event define you. Good luck with your new life.

  42. Mike Lefeve says:

    Dear Michael I want to send you some money to help you get started it won't be much but as soon as I get someone to help show me how, I will send some money from time to time. I, let alone this Country can never repay you for what you have done for us. God Bless you and God Bless your family. Mike I try to imagine what you would do in this or that situation and I try to do what you would do. I know it would be the honorable thing. My life is richer knowing of 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna Forever in your debt. Mike Lefeve

  43. Connie Rood says:

    Let him GO. Should never have been incarcerated in first place based on testimony I've read. Self defense.

  44. Donna Adams says:

    I am so happy and proud of you, Michael. I'm ashamed of our so called leaders. It seems we will all be with the Lord soon. So much evil and idiots that don't know our heroes, but cave to their own weakness and leadership is so weak. God Bless you, your parents, friends, and the real patriots in this country, I honor you, your strength, and all you have gone through. Ride a horse for me. Pet your animals and know there are millions of Americans view you as a hero, an awesome American/Godly man. Thank you. Donna Adams

  45. Joan Dean says:

    Michael, So thankful you are home. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Keep on fighting for the brothers still there.

  46. James Wainscoat says:

    Col. Hall, Ret. Obviously you do not have the combat experience to understand this situation with rules of engagement, and how to deal with traitorist, terrorist criminals who sacrifice their own families for a false religion that believes that all who do not bow down to them should die. 1st Lieutenant Behenna’s actions not only saved the lives of his men, and that of all who would have been murdered as a result of the knowledge Ali Mansur obtained while in custody; but the Lieutenant’s actions were the only actions that Muslim terrorists respect ( إذا ما شاء الله عليه - If god wills it. In other words, “Might is right”). This is why the second most highly decorated U.S. warrior Col. Hackworth, Ret. says, “If you don’t out guerrilla the guerrilla; you will lose”. Ali Mansur’s attempt to kill Lt. Behenna having failed and resulting in Ali’s death, spoke volumes to any potencial Al Qaeda recruits. I am sure recruitments fell off dramatically until the politically correct military charged 1st Lt. Behenna with murder for killing an Al Qaeda operative, who was still in custody having been taken prisoner under a “Kill or capture” warrant. As for Ali being tracked in order to monitor his movements and connections; you further betray your lack of understanding of Areas of Operations (AO) in a combat situation, and just what ability so called intelligence units have to track individuals and monitor their activities. Intelligence in the AO is gathered by the booths on the ground, and any informants that may have been recruited. Who better to know how all that plays out, than the boots on the ground. To have bugged Ali or recruited him (Highly unlikely, and if so, a very stupid attempt with a fanatical Muslim) without letting the Lt. who is in charge in that particular AO be ware of such arraignments, would be negligence in the highest order. You say, “When in doubt, follow orders”. If you are given orders to do something that will further endanger your men, those you have pledge to protect, and the mission you are there to complete; yes this would cause doubt; but only a fool would as the highest ranking warrior in charge of the actual situation; allow this doubt to be overruled by some micromanaged order from the rear echelon, and that most likely by non-combat experienced perfumed princes. All in all; you know not of which you speak. Just be glad you hung in there long enough, and compliant enough to get your retirement.

  47. Flaco says:

    Hey buddy. Remember me? Hope you are doing well.

  48. Robert Kinross says:

    This is yet another example of the unfair treatment of our soldiers that are placed in harms way with ridiculous rules of engagement. Clint Lorance is another case that should be reviewed for orders he gave to protect his men and now he is serving prison time doing what he thought was the right thing.

  49. Mark "Marco" Lewis says:

    In 1995 I reported to my 3rd ACR squadron and was sponsored by a SPC New. Sharp kid, with a lot of home-grown horse sense, trustworthy, you could go down the list of leadership traits and check 'em all off on this medical platoon sergeant's driver. 'Bout 7-8 months later, I get home and turn on CNN. They're doing a story about a Soldier who refused to wear the UN beret or the NATO helmet.. an' it was New. "Hey, I know him, to my wife", then I began to realize that they were making him out to be an undesirable! That was my eye opening experience with the mainstream landscapers, and the duality of what is and what appears to be. Truly, editorial control is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. No wonder some of the biggest advertisers have a vested interest in buying complicity, ex. correlation between mass shootings and psychotropic drugs muted..

  50. Mark "Marco" Lewis says:

    I cannot say whether he is guilty or not, without hearing both sides. And even then, only God knows. That Dr MacDonell was sent home is suspicious, moreover for an al-qa'ida operative to attack the lieutenant is a logical action. Who's responsible for having Mansur unrestrained? If all of the abovementioned (including the story) is irrefutable, stop with the sacrificial lamb crap and find another way to appease either warlords or someone high up whose toes were stepped on. Ol' Black Water, keeps on rollin..

  51. James Wainscoat says:

    You don't get these kinds of heart felt statements from those who walked the walk with you, unless you were "Above the Rest" (Motto of the 1st 327 Infantry). It is said wisely that war is hell. The Lieutenant is a tested and proven leader who has walked the Valley of Death and feared no evil because he walks with his God. It is no coincidence that the name Behenna is similar to Gehenna, the valley just south of the ancient border of the city of Jerusalem. A place of desolation where the apostate Jews and the sons of Hennon sacrificed their children to the false god Molech. It is no coincidence that today our enemy sacrifices his sons and daughters to the false prophet Mohammad. Gehenna is the place of eternal judgement and punishment of the ungodly. This is the underworld we ask our warriors to go into and vanquish the enemy that has declared he will slaughter each and everyone of us, and still our military leaders tie the hands of our warriors, giving the enemy the upper hand. May we help loose the military judicial ties that bind our warriors, and do all we are able to free those who have been wrongly condemned.

  52. James Wainscoat says:

    On Wednesday May 14, 2014 in Sioux Falls South Dakota; Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 628 unanimously passed the Resolution to restore full Constitutional rights to Due Process, for military members in jeopardy of losing those very Constitutional rights they fought for. On June 6, 2014 SD VFW State Department, under the leadership of State commander D. D. “Bulldog” Couch, and the support of incoming State commander D. D. Dahlin, unanimously passed the same resolution at their SD State Convention in Custer SD, further carrying this resolution on to the VFW National Convention in St. Louis MO on the 19th of July 2014. There to be put into motion for “The Good of the Order”, for full support and forwarded on to Congress. Please voice your support for due process for military members charged for killing known Al Qaeda operatives by voicing your support to your lawmakers, friends and media. Sioux Falls, SD Post 628 Resolution, No. # 1 Restoration of Full Constitutional Rights of military personnel charged with felonies. Whereas, The U.S. Constitutional Rights pertaining to Due Process, contained in the Bill of Rights are understood as applying to all citizens and non-citizens within the continental United States of America, even illegal immigrants and terrorists awaiting trial in federal courts, and Whereas, The Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees “Equal Protection Under the Law” for all citizens and non-citizen charged with felonies, even illegal immigrants and terrorists held for trial, and Whereas, The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) as found in Title 10 of the United States Code, chapter 47 provides for standards of proof, punishment, and other legal issues that differ from that of civilian courts in order to maintain what the military sees as good order and discipline, and Whereas, In the litigation of felonies of certain military personnel; the military courts, and Courts of Appeal for the Armed Forces (CAAF) have rendered decisions adverse to the defendant, due to a difference in Due Process under the law, than those prosecuted in Federal Criminal Courts, and Whereas, The U.S. Code > Title 18 > Part 1> Chapter 13 > 242 recognizes abuse of authority, and provides sanctions for those that under color of Law, deprive anyone of any rights or privileges secured or protected by the U.S. Constitution or laws of the United States of America, and Whereas, In U.S. v. Behenna, (A military Court Martial) the plaintiff argued unsuccessfully before the various military Appeals Courts, that the prosecution violated the “Brady disclosure” in that they withheld exculpatory evidence (Expert witness supporting Self defense) in violation of: “Article 46, UCMJ. 2 The President’s rules provide that: (3) The trial counsel must disclose to the defense the existence of evidence known to the trial counsel, which reasonably tends to: • Negate the guilt of the accused of an offense charged. The U.S. Supreme Court, leaving no further appeals, ultimately denied defendant certiorari. These were appeals that would have set aside the guilty verdict, had it been held in a U.S. Federal Court, and Whereas, 1st Lt. Behenna’s Court Martial, conviction, sentencing, and appeals up to the Supreme Court; demonstrates that there is no further appeals for military personnel, having been denied their Constitutional Due process rights. Rights every individual on American soil enjoys, except those who have put their lives on the line to protect those very rights. BE IT RESOLVED, by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America, that we support that Congress pass a law that will afford all members of the military the same Due Process under the law, that every citizen enjoys whenever they are charged with a felony. A felony that if convicted will cost that member of the military, the loss of those rights for which they have stood in the gap to protect. Submitted by the Commander-in-Chief To the Committee on NATIONAL SECURITY & FOREIGN AFFAIRS The intent of this resolution is: To obtain Equal Protection Under the Law as far as Due Process for military personnel facing felony charges as result of action in the Area of Operations (AO), the same due process as is the right of every other U.S. citizen, non citizen, and charged terrorist on U.S. soil. Sioux Falls, SD Post 628 Resolution, No. _2_ Restoration of Full Constitutional Rights of LT Behenna via a Presidential Pardon. Whereas, The U.S. Constitutional Rights pertaining to Due Process, contained in the Bill of Rights are understood as applying to all citizens and non-citizens within the continental United States of America, even illegal immigrants and terrorists awaiting trial in federal courts, and Whereas, The Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees “Equal Protection Under the Law” for all citizens and non-citizen charged with felonies, even illegal immigrants and terrorists held for trial, and Whereas, The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) as found in Title 10 of the United States Code, chapter 47 provides for standards of proof, punishment, and other legal issues that differ from that of civilian courts in order to maintain what the military sees as good order and discipline, and Whereas, In U.S. v. Behenna, (A military Court Martial) the plaintiff argued unsuccessfully before the various military Appeals Courts, albeit by a split 3-2 decision of the highest military court, that the prosecution violated the “Brady disclosure” in that they withheld exculpatory evidence (Expert witness supporting Self defense) in violation of: “Article 46, UCMJ. 2 The President’s rules provide that: (3) The trial counsel must disclose to the defense the existence of evidence known to the trial counsel, which reasonably tends to: • Negate the guilt of the accused of an offense charged. The U.S. Supreme Court, leaving no further appeals, ultimately denied defendant certiorari, which would have set aside the guilty verdict, and Whereas, The U.S. Code > Title 18 > Part 1> Chapter 13 > 242 recognizes abuse of authority, and provides sanctions for those that under color of Law, deprive anyone of any rights or privileges secured or protected by the U.S. Constitution or laws of the United States of America, and Whereas, 1st Lt. Behenna’s Court Martial, conviction, sentencing, and appeals up to the Supreme Court; demonstrates that there is no further appeals for LT Behenna. Whereas, 1st Lt. Behenna has served five years in medium security prison at Ft. Leavenworth and has been granted a pardon, whereupon he has returned to civilian life and has assimilated to become a productive citizen. As a condition of parole, Lt. Behenna must serve the next ten years under the supervision of a Federal Parole officer. BE IT RESOLVED, by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America, that we support that Congress sponsor a pardon for Lt Behenna and the elimination of his parole status. Submitted by the Commander-in-Chief To the Committee on NATIONAL SECURITY & FOREIGN AFFAIRS The intent of this resolution is: To obtain Restore Lt Behenna’s Constitutional Rights for an act committed in a war zone against a known enemy, and the facts of which could only garner a split decision among the highest military courts. Sioux Falls, SD Post 628 Resolution, No. ___3___ Restoration of Freedom for Servicemen Convicted of Illegally Killing the Enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whereas, The U.S. Constitutional Rights pertaining to Due Process, contained in the Bill of Rights are understood as applying to all citizens and non-citizens within the continental United States of America, even illegal immigrants and terrorists awaiting trial in federal courts, and Whereas, The Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees “Equal Protection Under the Law” for all citizens and non-citizen charged with felonies, even illegal immigrants and terrorists held for trial, and Whereas, The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) as found in Title 10 of the United States Code, chapter 47 provides for standards of proof, punishment, and other legal issues that differ from that of civilian courts in order to maintain what the military sees as good order and discipline, and Whereas, The United States has released enemies held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who have killed or directed the killing of Coalition Forces and/or citizens of host countries in the war on terrorism. These enemies were released directly back to their homes with no supervision and upon release, many of these Non-State combatants have returned to the battlefield to fight Coalition Forces, and Whereas, the Iraq War concluded in 2011, and the Afghanistan conflict is nearing completion. Whereas, The US military has convicted 1Lt. Clint Lorance, Msg John Hatley, SFC Joseph Mayo, SGT Michael Leahy, SGT Derrick Miller, PFC Cory Clagett, and SGT Larry Hutchins of illegally shooting the enemy in a war zone, and sentenced them to wide ranging punishments from 11 years of incarceration to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Whereas, The Servicemen in Leavenworth have committed no prior crimes and many are highly decorated for valiant and honorable service to the United States, and Whereas, The servicemen who are serving time in Leavenworth for a single alleged offense in the heat of battle and will not return to the battlefield as they will be dismissed from the military upon their release, and Whereas, Most of the servicemen serving time in Leavenworth have served more than five years in medium security and pose no risk upon release. In addition, these servicemen will serve additional time as parolees and under the supervision of a Federal Parole Officer. BE IT RESOLVED, by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America, that we support that Congress sponsor the release of servicemen 1Lt. Clint Lorance, Msg John Hatley, SFC Joseph Mayo, SGT Michael Leahy, SGT Derrick Miller, PFC Cory Clagett, to their families, and not to retry SGT Larry Hutchins after his case was reversed by the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. Submitted by the Commander-in-Chief To the Committee on NATIONAL SECURITY & FOREIGN AFFAIRS The intent of this resolution is: To obtain the release of US Servicemen who acted in the heat of battle to save themselves or their men, and in so doing violated a law of war. The war in Iraq is completed, and the war in Afghanistan is coming to a close.

  53. William O Themann says:


  54. Glenn Tate says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this... how can I help and what is the status of his family.. is he married? Children?

  55. Charles Rockwood says:

    This is a horrible injustist .

  56. Gayle says:

    I just read on Allen West website that Michael was released. Joyous news! I'm going to l10freedomride.com to see how to help those still incarcerated.

  57. Richard Creasy says:

    Do Not sacrifice the life of this Lieutenant for someone who was going to try and kill us. What are we fighting for if not to kill our known terrorist.Where does these lame brain come from who would allow our Military to be treated this way. { ie: Washington DC } of course.They want us to fight their wars and then punish us for killing the bastard who want to kill us....Sfc Richard N Creasy Jr US Army Retired...Stern187@att.net

  58. Richard Creasy says:

    Promote him to Col. And let him go back to duty. He was just doing his job,and deserves to be promoted,not jailed.Who idea was this anyway?

  59. Forest Capps says:

    In the parole hearing most prisoners must show remorse for their wrong deeds. How did Lt. Behenna show remorse for doing what he was trained to do? This case is so twisted and unjust I cannot fathom how a reasonable man or woman could convict this man. After hearing his interview on Sofrep Radio I just had one thought ringing in my head "How Frkn Dare You ingrateful scumbags convict this man!" If you wheren't sent into combat you have no right to call yourself a jury of "peers". You deserve no sleep until Lt. Behenna is freed of all charges and released from parole. Shame he and soldiers like him are in the system. Those that convicted him are not even a fraction of the caliber this man is. I salute the Lt. and thank him for his sacrifices and service as well as salute his parents for raising him. God Bless!

  60. Pamela gonzalez says:

    Prayers go out to you and your family! God bless all of you!

  61. Elena A. says:

    Elena A. Supreme Court to conference May 30th on Michael’s case! « DefendMichael.com

  62. John Kane MD says:

    Mike, in Vietnam these charges would never have been filed unless someone was personally out to get you. Good Luck From a Former Battalion Surgeon in 1970.

  63. Brian Stroud says:

    Simply crazy ,

  64. Kathie Rogich says:

    Free this man! Insanity at it's finest! This is just wrong. We send our hero's over there to do a job. Then we punish them for it! A Sick Sin! Kathie Rogich

  65. Richard Davis says:

    I would like to say that it unfair for the hero's of war that face death in the field and that end up be charged for killing the enemy. I don't see how any government in their right mind would put soldiers through this. It's a SAD DAY.

  66. John C, USAF says:

    Good luck my friend, We have to stick together! From one Vet to another, I salute you Sir.

  67. albert blair says:

    Welcome home bro miss ya

  68. albert blair says:

    Hey michael this is sfc blair miss ya welcome home brother

  69. Bill Redwine says:

    What a shame.

  70. BARRY DAVIS says:

    This is a sham. When a soldier fights for his nation he is bound to protect his life, the lives of the innocents, but never the enemy that is attacking. Any action to depress the reaction time of a military soldier to react to a life and death situation, through ROE or other legal intimidation is tantamount to Treason, for aiding and abetting the enemy. These are the people that should be in prison.

  71. James Wainscoat says:

    In the Fog of War, there are those who see the beacon from the Light House, and know how to guide those they are responsible for, to safety. You Lieutenant, are one of those. Thank you for being there. Scoat

  72. Andrew Chalmers says:

    To Michael Behennawas You did what was right You did what was just You are a HERO! I don't understand how governments can jail their own for doing the mission they were intended for? *******FREE MICHEAL********** From ALL in the UK

  73. Eric in Afganistan says:

    I download the michael savage show and just heard your interview. Glad you're out and already have a job lined up. You're too strong to keep down man.

  74. Jim says:

    True Americans stand together. Thank you for your service.

  75. Mary Lee Gill says:

    The words of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., "Free at Last, Free at Last; Thank God Almighty that I am free at last." couldn't be more appropriate for you, Michael. We thank God that He heard our many prayers for justice; at least, however, you were set free. Is it permissible to write your comrades at Leavenworth; is there one address for them all? Enjoy each day and evening for surely you have earned them.

  76. Jimmy M Clark says:

    You will get justice Michael!We are behind you 100%.

  77. Julie Mouton says:

    Listened to you on Michael Savage and making me aware of your frinds still in prison. So happy for you in your new life. I hope you are able to get that car you need and can somehow move forward in life. I will make a donation to that effort. Please know that there is a woman out there that would be proud to call you Husband. So thankful to know there are strong, quality men left out there. Good luck with your future adventures. Nothing clears the head like horses and fresh air. I ride regularly. Congradulations, Julie Mouton Grand Junction, CO

  78. Trev says:

    I really hope and pray for you. I cannot believe what has happened to you. U didn't do anything wrong. Know u will be redeemed in life. U will start over, and begin again.

  79. william walker says:

    Gladly signed

  80. Randy T. says:

    First of all, this is the most outrageous act of betrayal by a government to soldiers who were sent to foreign lands to defend our way of life that I have ever witnessed. Our government is wrong in every way. We as a country have been taken over internally by career politicians who would see their own mother for 30 pieces of silver. I pray for Lt. Michael Behenna and all the other Soldiers ,Sailors, Airmen and Marines that are falsely imprisoned by our out of control Federal Government. We have been highjacked by a Gobalist Agenda and "rotten to the core" paid off politicians. I have served in the military as have most of my family and this act of betrayal disgust me beyond words.

  81. Peter says:

    Thank you for your service!!!

  82. Jerri Van Ellen says:

    God bless you! You fought for us now we will fight for you!

  83. sandra koch says:

    I have send a donation to Lt. Behanna, I have been praying for him and will continue to do so that the wrong done to him is righted.

  84. SPC Mccurry says:

    Sickens me that the government can send in our best and toss them to the side of the curb! This country has been hijacked from the inside. Disgusting. .

  85. Darrel says:

    Thank you for your service from another 101 member No Slack Battalion . Things will get better for you and always remember We never forget our own .

  86. Bob (Flybob) Redmond says:

    THIS MAKES ME SICK! I am SO SORRY as to what our corrupt Islamic government has done to you! I am ASHAMED TO BE ASSOCIATED IN ANY WAY WITH OUR GOVERNMENT! I left you a small donation. God Bless Sir and realize that only a few in this country think you were treated fairly. This is one time (only one) that I actually agree with reverend wright....GODDAM THAT PART OF AMERICA! I PRAY we get our country back and control of our corrupt government!

  87. Amy Bruskotter says:

    I stand with you for God and country. Thank you for your service. I apologize for the injustices committed against you by those in power and I assure you that I and millions of Americans stand with you...for God and country. May God richly bless you! Amy Bruskotter

  88. Norm says:

    I am sickend by a government of self righteous bureaucrats that put our best into harms way but unwilling to support them with realistic rules of engagement. Obviously our greatest enimies are in the white house, house, senate and courts. Not to mention bureaucrat generals who have never drawn combat duty pay.

  89. Jerry W Harbin says:

    As a veteran myself, I am sickened at the disgusting and ungrateful way you were treated by the self-serving gangsters who run our government. Whether the Bush or Obama administrations, these callous retards are out of touch with America and Americans. I am honored to support YOU, Michael. You are a fellow soldier and fellow veteran. This nonsense has got to be challenged and changed! God Bless America. Jerry W. Harbin, USAF and US ARMY veteran

  90. Diane says:

    Thank you Michael so very much for your service. I am shedding tears of hurt over what happened to you, a proud American. My prayers & thoughts are with you.

  91. Charles S. Imwold says:

    Lieutenant Michael Behenna and the rest of the men and woman serving in the United States Armed Services . THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE . L10 will not be forgotten and until these brave soldiers are freed and compensated for the injustice done to them we patriots will not rest .

  92. Michael Pruitt says:

    Thank You for you're service. Every Serviceman should know what could happen to them in a country that is no longer supportive of those who protect us. Thanks again, Michael Pruitt.

  93. Marla Jones says:

    Hearing and seeing cases like this, and it seems so frequent, makes me wonder if the enemy is playing in our own yard. It sickens me! He is a hero and should not serve one...single...minute of time.

  94. RHODA says:


  95. Roderick says:

    I am so sorry our country treated you this way: you deserve a medal and you are a hero in my eyes:

  96. Stephanie says:

    Michael, I'm so thankful that you were released, especially since you shouldn't have been in prison in the first place. You now have a golden opportunity to enjoy the rest of your life and I hope you do exactly that. May you be blessed and live each moment with purpose and thank you so very much for your service to this country!

  97. BRENDA PAMS says:

    I am saddened by this horrible injustice. What is our country coming to! I demand that this injustice be undone and Lt. Behenna be returned to his life, his family, and to the public for which he sworn to defend. There is obviously a hidden agenda which led to his conviction. One for which the people of the United States of America are being kept from. Is there nothing sacred? Our people? Our morals? Our integrity? Shame on the U.S. for allowing this grave injustice to continue. Brenda L. Pams

  98. Tab Ormiston says:

    Hi Michael I'm rooting for you, I myself spent 6years of my life serving..I stand by you,and feel the world has done you wrong..justice in this country has changed dramatically. So sorry you had to go thru this injustice..praying for you brother..shalom

  99. Carlos says:

    don't fight for this country anymore. our military is too politically correct. we're a joke.

  100. Steven says:

    Your not free until your parole is abolished.You should not have to report your daily activities to anyone.I/we the Patriot Americans want you to be free at last with no strings attached! God Bless, Steven Stadler

  101. LaDonna Phelps says:

    Does not sound like he had a fair trial.

  102. James A. Bridge says:

    I heard your story on Michael Savage Nation today. Thank you so much for your courage, perseverance, and love of honor and country. I rue the time we live in that has the likes of you in prison, damn them. James A. Bridge

  103. Karen Mattice says:

    I want to thank you for your service and I am so angry with the injustice you suffered I and my husband are donating to help you get a car or truck good luck and I hope you finally get justice.

  104. Bobby says:

    I think he should not gone to trial. I think who ever order him to return the enemy back to home should shot for treason. Our men and women will be fearful to defend your company. War is

  105. Frank Jackson says:

    LT Behenna, my prayers go out to Our God who sees all.

  106. Karl Spence says:

    Thank you Lt. Behenna for being an American hero. What have we become as a country? What country would set the enemy free and put its own soldier in prison? We were at war....just look at how our prisoners of war were treated....oftentimes before they were killed? Let's never forget that with a weak America, freedom for the peoples of the free world is in jeopardy.

  107. Silvia Martin says:

    Dear Michael: After hearing your story today on the Michael Savage show, I was drawn to tears. I have not only made a donation but I am sending this to all of my friends in my address book, hoping they will also do the same. On behalf of myself, and many others who respect men of your caliber, I want to sincerely thank you for your service to our great country. God be with you. We will pray for you and the rest of the men in your situation. With deepest respect, Silvia Martin Michigan

  108. Gerald Rittenhouse says:

    I heard about Michaels story today on Savage Nation Radio Show. I am sick to my stomach that our military even charged Michael with any crime. It doesn't matter what happened that day between Michael and Mansur. Our government officials and our military officials who let Michael go to prison should be deported! Sorry you had to go through this, most our government representatives have lost their minds and don't represent the people any more. We need to vote these bastards out and take our country back. Sorry you are going through this, I will share your story with everyone I know. We will follow this disgraceful prosecution until the case is thrown out!

  109. mike deyoung says:

    I am appalled at this story. I am an attorney and am ashamed of the people who prosecuted this man and call themselves attorneys. I find prosecutors are more concerned about "winning" than they are about justice. How this man's rights were so easily taken away and that the prosecution team has not been disciplined for breaking thew law the way they did. This man needs to be acquitted of all charges since there is scientific proof that shows him to be telling the truth. I am ashamed at this country for doing this to anyone let alone to this young Lt. who was willing to give his life for me and you and the politicians that are corrupting this country.

  110. Carl Chek says:

    Welcome back Michael. You are one more good man walking free in Amerika, while it is still free for the short time remaining.

  111. Nancy lucky says:

    Michael, I am shocked at what I just heard on the Savage radio show! How could our government do this to you? I have a son name Michael too, he did not go into the service as he was drafted out of college to the NFL. When 9/11 happened he so wanted to quit and serve his country but how wife was pregnant and he felt he could not go. One of his friends gave up his contract with the NFL and died from friendly fire Pat Tilman. I was so glad my son did not go. But know I hear your story and I am so ashamed of our government. Several of my cousins fought in the Vietnam War in positions that were very dangerous but we were blessed as they both came home. I am so sorry what happened to you. Shame on our government! I am disabled but I am going to send you as much as I can until you get on your feet. Michael Savage has opened my eyes to what the truth is and I have so much respect for him! You will be in my prayers and I will send you something every month. God bless you! Nancy

  112. Judy says:

    Hello Michael: I heard your interview today on Michael Savage and want to thank you for your service. My husband is a former Army Ranger, so I know more about you than you think. Rangers are an exclusive, honorable, dependable special American. My husband was a LRRP so he had direct contact with the enemy as well. On the show, you mentioned a website l10freedomriders.com. I tried to get there to read the stories of the other Soldiers who are being imprisoned, but kept getting a 'page cannot be found' message. Can someone please email me with that site? Again, thank you for your service and may God truly bless and keep you and yours.

  113. Gary Miller says:

    Dear reader, I am a prior Air Force Special Ops veteran, who served 3 tours in Iraq and 1 tour in Afghanistan. I am now working as a high level I.T. professional. I have checked out a few other websites such as L10freedomeride.com and I think that the message is not being told enough through social media and internet presence. If you could please send this message to whomever manages your websites I would like to help out pro-Bono and spread the stories. Thanks,

  114. Terri Chalaire says:

    God bless. Just donated. Heard about you on savage nation. Changed the perception of my bad day. Thank you for your service.

  115. Terry Bierwirth says:

    God bless you, Michael. I am so sorry this happened to you. Listening to Savage and hearing you right now. You are a hero. I believe something good always comes when something bad happens. You will overcome and do great things.

  116. Steve Boore says:

    Keep up the good fight

  117. Amanda says:

    If this man is serving 15 years for defending himself against a known terrorist than please explain to me why our President is not arrested for treason for failure to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the deaths of 4 United States Citizens in Benghazi?

  118. Donna Rowland says:

    There is evil in this world, including our country; and I am very grateful for your son and the many others who fight against injustice and evil. I pray for peace and justice for Michael; for comfort and strength for all in his family. Our son is in the USAF. This is a heartbreaking travesty of justice and a blight on our country's honor and name. May God bless you.

  119. Heather Elliott says:

    I hate that this has happened. I am from a military family and think that this is disgusting that a member of our military would be convicted of anything after what happened on 9/11. My family has recently had an injustice happen through our legal system and my 9year old neice's adult police officer rapist is free walking the streets after a year of torture to that little girl. What we have learned is that the truth can and will be withheld in a court of law and that the courts will lean toward the side with the best representation instead of deciding on fact. That medical evidence can be withheld if the right loophole is used in law. God Bless your family and if there is anything my family can provide in way of support please feel free to reach out. You are in our prayers.

  120. CINDY DANIEL says:

    i don't think ne1 in the country would disagree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Matthew Love says:

    What can I do!?! Please pass this along to LT. Sir, You have my support. It is my duty as a Senior Non Commissioned Officer and a brother of the Military Services. Don't lose your focus or faith in the personnel wearing the uniform. I don't have to be from your community to understand the dedication, Honor and sacrifices you've given to the country. You deserve better. You've earned it.

  122. Julian Montoya says:

    Gary garettson...your comment is spot on, as many others are!,..I was assigned 82nd airborne my first unit, 101st my last assigned unit,..I like to say thank you to all who support this military officer!,..I like to thank all whom pray for him, and give him sincere advice, as he is going through this!, may God guide him and others in similar situations! , the usa would be surprised on how many honorable men amd women love God and country, and their acts reflect that to those who know what it takes to defend this nation!

  123. Julian Montoya says:

    Wow...wow...he is a soldier, I just read how he is a Lt....an officer,...many enlisted soldiers went through court martial during the Noriega investigations, so the political process of the usa could balance their book (or americans money)....I am sorry the lt. And others have gone through this!, my prayers for he and his family!

  124. Michael Butler says:

    Dear Michael, I thank God for releasing you after your dedicated service to our Country and your unparalleled sacrifice away from family, friends and freedom. May the rest of the days of your life be blessed in all you do. I hope your time of trial and tribulation works out for good. You are a stand-up soldier who endured a terrible injustice. Know that we have kept you in our memories and prayers. Your parents did a great job in keeping us up to date and we are thrilled to see you back home. Thanks again for all you did. God bless you. Michael Butler U.S. Navy Veteran

  125. barbara guillette says:

    shit happens, how can we convict this young man when so much happens in war. Chaos, confusion, and this is what war is all about. He should not be blamed for the chaos of war. The leaders should be accused, after all this total Mideast war was a fiasco from the beginning, like cheney and bush his mouthpiece. This young man should be let free he is not a murderer. bjg

  126. Jeannine Ball says:

    Dear Michael & family, You are still in our prayers, I need your help now. My 21 year old son is trying to get in the Army-seeking to become a Ranger. He feels EVERYTHING the recruiter tells him is gospel. What can I do to help him find truth? They would not accept our homeschool diploma, he then passed and got a GED diploma, which has given us a little time-which is running out. Please HELP!! Love & prayers, Jeannine & john Ball

  127. George B. Bailey says:

    A definite Miscarriage of Justice! How can we ask our combatants to do their job when they have to worry about some JAG investigation in the middle of an active combat zone. This is BS!

  128. Shari Shaw says:

    Here's what I know: I wasn't there but I tend to believe the person who was there dealing with a terrorist, until that person is proven to be in the wrong. I realize that not all people in the military behave with integrity and honor. (I am not one of those people who thinks everyone who serves is a hero... "hero" is a title that is earned through more than putting on a uniform.) Having said that, I always listen to the man on the ground who had a decision to make before I will stand in judgement of his actions. I support Lt. Behenna and men like him. Either we trust these guys or we don't, and if we trust them then we have to give them some leeway as to the decisions they make in heated moments that people like me know little about.

  129. Jaap Vermeer MDE says:

    Dear Michael,glad to hear from you and you back with your family. I will invite you for the 70th Universery of Operation Market Garden in Holland. Then we driving with more then 600 WWII military vehicles on the battlegrounds of the 101st & 82nd ABN Divisions.See how we Dutch honor our Heroes. And you are also one of them.Take care Hero,and let me know if you have plans to come. Be my guest, greatings from Holland Jaap Vermeer ( Member of the Dutch Empire )

  130. Brian Melton says:

    Dear Michael, Glad your home ! We are still thinking about you and your still in our prayers ! Make everyday count and forgive. Drive on LT,Thank you ! God Bless. Brian Melton

  131. Nino L. Mancino Sr. says:

    Not only the release of the LT. but All of the Levenworth 10 need to be released!!!!!

  132. Nino L. Mancino Sr. says:

    As a military veteran I firmly believe the Lt should be released from prison and be reinstated with full honors or discharged with full honors and benefits. Nino L. Mancino SSG, US Army Retired

  133. Mark Hatch says:

    WELCOME HOME Michael! God Bless you Sir for serving OUR country, YOU make us PROUD! Each and every day as you pursue life with your family may you be granted peace. I pray that for you. There ARE those of us that DO hold a 'grudge' against those in power...those who had, and HAVE, the ability to set you and those who were with you in prison, free. Shame on them...in their prejudiced, politically-INCORRECT views! We know you cherish your freedom and we know you love this country. God Bless YOU and WELCOME HOME! Mark

  134. Christy Wilson says:

    Michael, I have followed your case closely as you were commissioned with my son at UCO oh so many years ago. I have often thought there by the Grace of God go us...there are no words to express my heartfelt feelings of relief and joy upon your release. You represent all of our sons and daughters and how easily it is for a soldier's life to be used as a political pawn. My hope is that this tragic incident becomes merely an event in your life and does not define your life. You have so many incredible things to accomplish-and it is your duty to live abundantly now to show the world that this did not defeat you! I am looking forward to hearing great things from you!

  135. marilyn says:

    this is another atrocity against America. our gov't sends young men and women to do a job and then when they do it, they put them in prison when they come home. I am contacting my legislators today to take a stand against the present administration regarding those who stand to defend our way of life. These men and women put their lives on the line for us and should be honored not imprisoned. respectfully,

  136. M J Scarlette says:

    I hope for Lt Benhenna that the army will re-evaluate what appears to be a gross miscarriage of justice.

  137. SFC Edwin Ramos says:

    I want to request the release of 1LT Behenna and for him to be afforded the opportunity to go back home with his love ones. I am a veteran of Desert Storm, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. I lost friends in combat due in part to the incompetence of politician that made rules of engagement that don't protect those like us that volunteer to fight. Why military intelligence release a terrorist that clearly was responsible for the death of American Soldiers? The enemy knows well how far we would go to get the information that we need and that is why they make fun of us. They think we are weak that we lack the commitment to fight them .

  138. Susan Lone says:

    I have prayed for you and the young men who were in prison with you. I often think of Joseph when he was in prison and what was said to his brothers. What they intended for evil God turned it into good. We believe that for you Michael. May God bless you abundantly more than you can ask or think! Susan and Larry

  139. BrendaLee Winans says:

    Praise God you are home with your family now!! I am embarrassed as an American that you had to endure this horrible time. You never should have ever had to defend your self in a court for your actions in war time. You were not acting on premeditation, you were defending yourself and your other soldiers against a monster that could have done anything to harm you if given the chance. God bless you and your family for never giving up! We never and we WILL NEVER give up on you!!

  140. Robert D. Wyatt says:

    I stand with you and demand justice for 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna!

  141. Gary Garretson says:

    I am a 66 year old Vietnam combat vet . Mr Behenna stay clear of the media they will use and abuse you , turn what ever you say against you , the media is not your friend none of them , only trust those who are like you , no body else could ever understand not even your mom , good luck e-mail me if you need a ear . gary

  142. Evelyn Marcus says:

    Dear Michael Behenna, We're so happy and relieved that you're home! Please take good care of yourself. We're go glad that we don't have to write to you in prison, anymore! Please bear witness to someone else who desperately needs help getting home: She's 15 year old Justina Pelletier of West Hartford, CT. She's being denied desperately needed medical care, schooling, religious rights, and above all: family love. She's sick and being held without rights by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families by way of Boston Children's Hospital (Harvard) Her case is permanently adjudicated by Judge Joseph Johnston who's covering up major medical malpractice, medical abuse and taxpayer based research funding allowed on wards of the state by Boston Children's Hospital. Many people are pleading for Justina's freedom including the Liberty Counsel, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, the Boston Globe, Dr. Phil, Megyn Kelly, Thomas Sowell, etc.. Please add your name to the petitions to Free Justina! Once again, our deepest gratitude to you for your service! A. and E. Marcus, Oxford, OH A. and E. Marcus,

  143. Bud Kaye says:

    W E L C O M E H O M E !!! :)

  144. Robin Scott says:

    This is what a Progressive democracy in the military does to our to our servicemen.....

  145. Rick Dunlap says:

    spreading the word.

  146. Henryk Zaleski says:

    God bless you. Are you home now? Our son just returned from Afghanistan and wouldn't it be a blessing if you came home too. You fought a battle you could now win but, those who prosecuted you for political reasons and that is the only reason, will be repaid by God almighty. Those smirks will be gone. God bless and keep you. Henryk and family

  147. Chris Dill says:

    I am so glad for Micheal and his family that this horrible ordeal is over. Now, have a good, blessed and peaceful life. You (all of you) have done your part. Chris Dill

  148. Don says:

    It is a crime to punish a soldier who was doing his job to protect his platoon.This is so wrong it makes me ashamed to know that a a government that is suppose to protect the constitution and its people,including our military men and women,has the atrocity to pull something like this.I am for letting Lt Behenna released and set free of these charges when he was in self defense

  149. Michele lahr says:

    Let Lt.micheal behenna be free

  150. Steven Albert says:

    Sounds like a typical (political) misdirect/cover up to protect someone else's derrière. War is not ever going to be pretty, civil, strictly according to any absolute moral code. It simply is an ugly business, let him go, ultimately if guilty a price will be exacted, and ultimately the C in C is responsible and should pardon this young man. Don't be vindictive or judgemental until you've walked a mile in his moccasins. This is just a power play because somebody has had an attack of conscience. Send him to the other fort in KS and Institute retirement proceedings.

  151. Jamie Sanford says:

    Welcome home Michael! You are so loved and respected. Thank you for your service and enjoy your life FREE!

  152. FLORIDIANS4israelinstitute@gmail.com says:

    Freedom at last. Welcome back. We will campaign to get your comrades freed.

  153. George Heidrich says:

    I am a graduate of the Naval Academy, Class of 1956, and I can not believe that the US Armed Services NOW treats our soldiers like common criminals. U.S. CITIZENS ARE SENT OVERSEAS TO FIGHT MUSLIM TERRORISTS WHO want to "KILL AMERICANS".

  154. Kelly and Jan Kyle says:

    You are a man of honor who has served our country faithfully, we thank you. I am grieved to learn of the terrible injustice that has befallen you. Praying for you and your family.

  155. Tammy & Bob Posey says:

    We have watched this unbelievable story unfold over the last 5 years and truely couldn't believe what was happening. When we heard parole had been granted, we were so happy for you and your entire family. Please let Michael know we are proud of him and his commitment he made to our Country. Congratulations!!!!

  156. Russell Brand says:

    Welcome home Michael!!

  157. Dave Middendorf says:

    Awesome news! Prayers have been answered. Enjoy the rest of your journey through life!

  158. James Wainscoat says:

    Michael, This is James Wainscoat's wife Roslynn, First of all I am rejoicing with you and your family that you are home. It brought tears of joy seeing the warm embraces of your loved ones. I hope one day I can meet you in person, to thank you for your sacrifices to protect our soldiers and our country. I wish it did not have to be that young men have to leave home, and everyone has to live with the thought that they may never come back or even worse, experience what your family has had to endure. But God has preserved you, and given you the heart of a warrior as my husband puts it. God Bless you, and may He fill you with a joy that somehow makes up for all that you have had to endure. Roslynn Wainscoat

  159. John Lannigan says:

    What a miscarriage of justice. Those lying bastards. This should be pursued to the end. Lt Behenna should be exonerated and compensated handsomely for this travesty. Please follow this to the end even though Mike has been released.

  160. dbrandonw says:

    Well said Mr. Wainscoat!

  161. James Wainscoat says:

    http://newsok.com/michael-behenna-goes-home/multimedia/video/3341101446001 This video is very moving in the love and strength demonstrated by Michael's loved ones as they reconnect after five years of isolation. Someone once said, "When a loved one goes to prison, all his family and friends go to prison." Michael's comment upon being introduced to an IPHONE is very telling as to the punishment factor in a military prison; it is not your local federal prison with it's many privileges and amenities; he says, "Its an IPHONE … FIVE YEARS". Everything but his physical life was taken away from Michael, and he is now FREE to reach out and experience whatever, and it will always be bracketed with those "FIVE YEARS". When Michael remarks how thankful he is for the support of his wonderful parents, he adds, "They not only have raised awareness for me, but they have raised awareness for other guys who ARE IN HERE also." The Lieutenant's time in Leavenworth was an extension of the AO in which he performed so courageously, and what he now carries within his psyche is real and perhaps the most important part for those of us who know and care about him, need to understand. Some say it is PTSD, it is not. It's a mind that has been to another world. It is a part of you as if it were a part of your LBE (Low Bearing Equipment). That's not to say that there are some who never should have been exposed to combat, and carry a very heavy load for the rest of their lives. The Lieutenant carries with him that combat experience that every warrior exposed to combat, will carry the rest of his life; that is that life changing experience where men kill and can be killed, and you find yourself in situations where like it or not you are the determining factor as to who will die and who will live. No real man relishes this. This is the hard reality of war, the reality of defending someone or something on a battlefield. Not many men understand this, let alone have experienced this, unless you are a warrior who has been there and done that, as the Lieutenant has. And so Michael's Leavenworth experience has moved into that deep and distant region of his mind, to live with his battlefield experience, and the injustices heaped upon him for doing his duty above and beyond what can be required of any man. Whatever life throws at him in the days ahead, it will be filtered through the lens of that region of his mind, and so it is that even though he is physically out of Leavenworth, he is still and always will be "Here" (Leavenworth and on the battlefield), until justice is rendered. It will always be as it should be in his heart with the guys who "ARE HERE" (Leavenworth) they with him and he with them. He is truly a brother to all those who have experienced and are experiencing what he has. Those who do not understand this will say, "Put it behind you, move on with your life". That only causes one to stuff what must be understood and acted upon, to be stuffed deep down inside that region, until it explodes in an unnatural way. To have a partner who understands that, and can be there one with the warrior in that person, is very rare. Shannon has proven her commitment to the Lieutenant, and if any woman is capable of being what such a couple needs going forward; it is Shannon.The Lieutenant is still a warrior, just on a different battlefield. We can't continue to put thinking, brave men and women on the battlefield and treat them as so much equipment that can be programed and micromanaged to the detriment of their human qualities. God bless you two in the many days ahead.

  162. James Wainscoat says:

    Welcome home Lieutenant, rest up for the rest of your wonderful and adventurous life. The Odyssey continues.

  163. Paul L. Meece says:

    If you remember me I was in ROTC with you back at UCO. I have just found out about your imprisonment and your release today on your release. I'm glad your out and with family. Let me know if theirs anything I can do.

  164. Amanda says:

    Welcome Home Michael!

  165. Kathleen says:


  166. Kelli Thompson says:

    I am so very happy for you and your family! I have been following your story from the very beginning. So glad it had a happy ending, though it took way too long. Welcome home to Oklahoma!!

  167. Jeannine Henry says:

    Welcome home young man!!!....and thank you for your service and the sacrifices you had to make!...and welcome back to Oklahoma!!!

  168. Donna Wildcat Eberhard says:

    WELCOME HOME! I've lit a candle for you nearly every day for the last several years, Christmas cards, letters of encouragement. Bless you and your family. Breath deep love, and relax. You are home now.

  169. Dani says:

    I am thrilled that Michael is coming home!! But Clemency would have been the right thing for them to do. I love and honor all military members but the ones in charge of this injustice do NOT have my respect. As a former Army member I am appalled at the politics that not only does not protect our service men and women but allows this kind of ridiculous process to even happen! God Bless you Michael and thank you for your service and stand tall my brother you are and will always be honored! and what an amazing group of family and friends you have!!

  170. Renee Gero says:

    This makes no sense.

  171. Jeannine Ball says:

    Michael and family, we are thanking God for answering our prayers, and protecting all of you. Please continue to take pictures, send emails, and keep us informed. We honor you. John & Jeannine Ball

  172. Ashley Mestre says:

    This is a terrible story. How could our military let something like this happen?? I just don't understand how the testimony of an expert witness could be overlooked. It makes no sense. Shame on you, United States Army! Ashley Mestre (proud Marine wife, daughter, and sister)

  173. Rev. Keith D. Brewer,D.R.H. says:


  174. Carol Leitzell says:


  175. brian rakestraw says:

    This sounds like a severe injustice. How can we help?

  176. MSG (ret.) Fred Saporsky says:

    Another witch hunt by our government to destroy the fabric of our officer corp. and embarass the military. Unless this is stopped it will get worse. We will have nothing left but politically correct soldiers doing the bidding of a corrupt government. God bless Lt. Michael Behenna. Release him now.

  177. Laurie Anderson says:

    Lt. Behenna is just one of many soldiers that are facing an injustice by military trail for doing a job they were trained and paid to do.

  178. Chris Kolb says:

    I am overjoyed to hear LT Behenna will be paroled very soon. From the day I heard of his plight, I knew that he was being made into a scapegoat to serve a political purpose. Thank you from the bottom of my heart LT Behenna... you are a true American, a warrior, and a hero to us all. God bless you and your family.

  179. Alex says:

    I proudly served 3 tours in Iraq as an infantryman and all too often our troop as well as my platoon served with a hand tied behind their back. This administration has made it a point to embolden our enemies while crippling the very people who defend this great nation. Why is it so inconceivable for the members of that court (who also serve this nations military) to understand that we are at war with a determined enemy force whose ideals are completely against everything we stand for? He had already killed several American soldiers and gotten away with it, why not demoralize them further by killing their platoon leader? This is an affront to the men and women who serve this great nation but most of all the highest form of disrespect to a good patriot and his family! We must continue to demand that justice be served.

  180. Vincent Morreale says:

    My heart goes out to everyone in Michael's family. Our HERO'S can not be treated this way. I have a family member on the veterans affairs board and will be printing this up for him to read. I promise that i will crow bar this issue into any conversation I can to bring awarness to him, and at any fund raisers i go to. Keep up your efforts, and remember to never underestimate the power of faith and prayer. I will keep all of ypu and michael especially in my prayers. Thank you Michael for your sevice

  181. Scott McKay says:

    How can we win if we can not fight! *#@*!!

  182. Linda Bass says:

    1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna acted in self defense and was justified in his actions. If the situation had been reversed, and the Al Qaeda terrorist had shot the Lt. would he have been in prisoned? I thought we are at war on terrorism. I believe that his punishment is not justified in any way. He should be released and his pay retroactive back to when he was arrested.

  183. dale cox says:

    This patriot has clearly been railroaded & falsely imprisoned. The traitor_in_chief and the lying judge should be arrested and thrown into prison with like scum.

  184. George Chlupsa says:

    This is a miscarriage of justice. Lt. Behenna should be fully pardoned by Obama, but that probably won't happen. He was convicted by Obama's minions in the military. I no longer recommend to young people to join the military because it is a haven for left wing loons and homosexuals. May God bless Lt. Behenna and be with him for the rest of his life.

  185. Rodney Larkey says:

    I'm a vet myself and can't stand for the way Michaeal and all our military brother's and sisters are being treated. Why would a man be tried by someone who has no combat experience and does not understand what is like to be under a threat on your life every minute of the day. Listen to the good doctor Michael was being under attact by the Al Qaeda terrorist, and just defending himself.

  186. Andy says:

    Stay strong Brother you are not forgotten

  187. Denise Bain says:

    This is unbelievable.

  188. wb says:

    welcome home lt behenna. this has been a long time coming. although a pardon is not a correct way to be released, as you did nothing wrong, you will be home with family and friends. sadly america is longer a country of patriots as too many are now lackeys to the federal govt. here's hoping the day comes when america is free once more and people no longer have to worry they will be imprisoned to make someone else look good.

  189. Mike Pigott says:

    Glad to hear your out of jail Mike. My prayers were answered that you would be released. I can't wait for the wrist band to arrive so I can wear it with pride. God Bless you, your family and Michael Savage!

  190. ARMY RANGER GOES TO PRISON FOR 25 YEARS FOR SHOOTING AL QAEDA OPERATIVE - Pirate4x4.Com : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum says:


  191. Darin Cox says:

    I sincerely hope Michael and his supporters continue to fight to clear his name. His trial was fatally flawed and his conviction unjust. While parole is good to get him home with his family, this betrayal of our soldiers by our government should not be allowed to stand lest we need to start another campaign for some other unfortunate soul who was only trying to do their duty.

  192. Al Sheppard says:

    Welcome Home & THANK YOU for your service. God Bless You, you are a True Patriot.............

  193. SAM RACE says:


  194. Terry McCarty says:

    Seems that the defendant was justified to subdue the defendant any way that was possible. Self defense is always a good reason and rear for one's life is a great defense. The defense has every right to have their expert witnesses testify on the Lt's behalf. I believe that at the least he had a mistrial.

  195. Daniel Eubank says:

    This man should get a presidential pardon, a metal for his act of heroism, re-instated in the military with back pay, and his conviction and records pertaining to the conviction expunged.

  196. Karen Grant says:

    This is a gross misuse of the powers of the seven officers who had never had combat experience. How could they know what goes on in the field? This is an insult to our men who are fighting for our freedom.

  197. tom k. says:

    this is what happens when politics are injected into a war zone, and a patriot is demonized. The ROE set by the politician's is causing our soldiers to die needlessly. If you cant allow the troops to win the war then don't send them.God bless our troops.

  198. Nell Casasnovas says:

    Estuve leyendo su historia y me a impactado. Respecto a servicio militar usted es nuestro héroe LT Michael Behenna solicitó su libertad lo antes posible al gobierno de los Estados Unidos. ¿Cómo puedo ayudarlo a que usted reciba su libertad? Cordialmente, Nell Casasnovas

  199. John Wright says:

    Thank you for being a real soldier and taking the proper action. If anyone doubts this country has lost their compass your story should change their minds and understand the enemy is not only in Iraq but closer to DC.

  200. Harry Shively says:

    Keep this story alive and hope the next president will give full pardon for this obvious BS that Bush failed to fix and I'm sure Obama will ignore. I heard the mother on Michael Savage, God bless.

  201. t says:

    Congratulations and welcome home at last. Keep you chin up and your chest out- you will always be a combat officer and an Airborne Ranger. No on can ever take that away from you. You have my sincere thanks and respect for all you have done and all you have been put through. May God grant you the pardon and all else you deserve. Godspeed my friend and to hell with the thieves and liars; put the bad behind you and seek out the beauty that is still to be found in the world. RLTW, Sir!

  202. Bryan Brown says:

    I served with Lt Behenna in Iraq in 2007-2008. He is an outstanding officer and leader of men. This is the best news I have ever heard. I am in tears as i write this. Justice finally prevails!!!

  203. Andrea says:

    Our prayers have been answered! We will continue to hold you in our prayers for all that you sacrificed for our country. God Bless!

  204. terry klvana says:

    where is our gov. when we need them? If it was any of their sons i'm sure something would be done.

  205. Peter Timber says:

    How can we help beyond contacting our congressman and State Senators?

  206. lester klvana says:

    Michael's conviction and imprisonment is just God awful. How can this happen to one of our hero's???

  207. frank tedesco says:

    savage got out the message and we the red blooded are here for you

  208. Melissa Pieper says:

    Please defend him.He gave up so much to defend us. What a shameful thing to do. He should never be imprisoned.

  209. Joanne Vaccarella says:

    I pray that you are released soon and can go home to your family. May G-d bless you.

  210. Bernadette giglio says:

    This man was defending our country,what is the matter with people who would put a man defending our privileges in prison? God bless the USA,let Michael be released to let him know we are thankful for him!

  211. Stephen Hanley says:

    I am a veteran with over 22 years of service and it seems to me that a injustice has occurred against this service member. UCMJ is suppose to protect our service members, if the prosecution with held evidence that would exonerate this service member the Supreme Court should be able to set the record straight. Once that's accomplished the prosecution team should face UCMJ!

  212. Eddie says:

    Can you email me an update on this American hero so I can figure out just how he got out and if we finally came to our senses as Americans

  213. Dale Sweeney says:

    Total bullshit! Michael should get a medal for what he did.

  214. Scott Neilson says:

    That an American Soldier can be jailed for killing the enemy is outrageous. The corruption of Congress and the so called American elite will be the downfall of this nation. These are the same types of vipers who killed Jesus according to his word and they shall reap the whirlwind in the hereafter. Hang in there Behenna. As a veteran myself, know that you are not forgotten.

  215. Debra Powell says:

    Dear Michael and Mom & Dad - I just recently heard your story on the radio (Savage Nation). It is unbelievable to me that this could happen to one of our own soldiers in America! I am lost for words! Please know, there are many many of us Americans that support you 100% and glad to hear you will be coming home soon. Take care & God bless you!

  216. Delynn Summers says:

    Please add my name to the support of Justice. The prosecuting attorneys need to be charged with obstruction of Justice and a trial set for them. Lies and deceit have no place in any court. Please.

  217. JOHN NEILLANDS says:

    LT. Behenna, Thank you for your svs. I hope you remain strong and use this injustice done to you as a platform to help your comrades, the issues they face are many, I believe it will help them as much as you. I would start by demanding that the Fort Hood traitor finally be brought to justice for the murder and wounding of your fellow soldiers.I wish you the the best, and being the best ( RANGER ) you will set the story right and come through this O.K., God Bless you and your family and Good Ole Doc Savage. Good Health, John Neillands VETERAN U.S.C.G.

  218. jeanne schneider says:

    Hard to express my joy upon hearing of your release! You are truly a hero

  219. Billy Riley says:

    This country has gone to hell. When our own military supports the enemy, why would anyone want to risk their life ? What a sad day for America.

  220. James P Puz says:

    Aside from the overwhelming joy of hearing about LT Michael's release, I believe those Army Prosecutor's should be held accountable for their blatant miscarriage of justice! Perhaps, they themselves should be tried and convicted and serve a long sentence at Ft. Leavenworth! Maybe five years is a fair assessment for their disgraceful actions!!! Something is seriously wrong with this whole picture!!!!!!!

  221. Mary Neubecker says:

    The miracle from God has happened for Lt. Behenna after five long years he will be released and with his family. Thank you Michael for your service and for reading all the letters sent to you. We spent these five years with you in our thoughts and prayers. I will miss writing to you.

  222. Mark Kapetansky says:

    God Bless Michael Behenna! Michael's picture is on my van, screaming to the world of the injustice against him. The horrific actions of American government against her own heroes cannot be forgotten, or forgiven.

  223. John Riggs says:

    I am ashamed of my country for its actions against Lieut. Behenna

  224. Louise Jestet says:

    I'am so Happy for Michael you both his girlfriend and entire family and friends. This is a true blessing, it should have never happened. Please give him my Thanks for everything he has done for protecting me and my family. As my children are Active Duty. I too know what each day of them being over there brings. I 'am just very greatful he is coming home in March as it is a great month . God Bless to you all.

  225. Bobby Wallace says:

    Thank you for protecting those who protect us. Shame on our leader and all those who follow his ways

  226. david shumate says:

    Michael Behenna served proudly with honor for his country. His prosecution is not only unjust but criminal. Preventing submission of evidence by the prosecution, supporting the Lieutenant's defense of self defense is at a minimum an act of contempt and an intentional malicious criminal act by the military prosecution Lieutenant Behenna thank you for your courageous service to our country.

  227. Brian Tull says:

    How does a soldier get a fair trial if he isn't judged by his peers? Those who found him guilty and never seen combat had no business determining his guilt or innocence.. that is a travesty in itself! Stay strong sir!

  228. Larry Watkins says:


  229. joan grainger says:

    thank goodness for men of this caliber to serve our country. It's a national disgrace for Lt. B. to ever go to jail. Michael Savage is a national treasure for our country, to keep the facts in front of the nation. We need to keep an eye on the Fort Hood shooter to realize how twisted the military has turned this country into a dangerous place. thank you for the space to comment. JG

  230. lou says:

    An absolute travesty. Would love to know if the parents are dems or republicans.

  231. Joe Mayer says:

    Obama, Bari Malik Shabazz is a Muslim, Eric Holder is a Muslim and a felon from his Columbia College days. They are behind the hating of all U.S. Military personnel and the recent loss of over 200 high level quality Officers who chose not to play the DNC power game. Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Identity Fraud, Murder, Sabotage Of UCMJ And The Constitution, Usurpation, Misprision Of Felony, Usurpation/Coup and a current dictatorship operating under DNC orders. Hillary has been involved also in Benghazi, Fast And Furious-another Black Hawk Down. Lt. Behenna now joins Darren Huff-Navy, CDR. Walt Fitzpatrick-Navy, Col. Wood-Army, Lt.Col. Lakin-Air Force, Harry Butler-Navy SEAL, all set up by DNC Operatives that are squatting in Hawaii as we now have them under investigation for threats against Patriots and media writers. Soon we will know how many more cowards are operating for DNC power takeovers. RNC and DNC members are fighting for their positions and paychecks and the silence is deafening in DC. You need to release Lt. Behenna and all the others that have been sorted out by Obama's faux POTUS Usurpation. Biden and Pelosi falsified Obama's 2008 papers since he is not qualified for POTUS as a "dual citizen" under Art.2 and other paragraph. He is a "natural born" by Malcolm X as his father and Elizabeth Ann Newman (bomber of Washington Navy Yard Computer building in 1969 in Weather Underground with Bill Ayers) as mother who was just taken off the FBI Most Wanted List and is being kept in disguise by Federal Agents and was seen traveling on Air Force One with Mr. Obama/Barry Soebarka/Barry Soetoro/Barrack Hussein Obama/Barrack Obama/ and we know Bari is using a Social Security number from an elderely man in Connecticut-check e-verify since he is the only person in the Federal Government payroll with a false SS number. Why is Lt. Behenna being made a Muslim Scape Goat for Muslim Obama and Muslim Felon Eric Holder? Obama's papers are being held at Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm in Seattle at a cost to taxpayer's of over $4 million dollars. Lt. Behenna has a citizenship not a dual citizenship as does Obama. When will Lt. Behenna be released and Obama prosecuted. We have attempted to reach Discovery on many DNC members including Obama and Hillary has threatened the judicial and their families and illegal "no standing" rules have been invented to block any attempt to reach Discovery on any criminal DNC member who is behind this and other cases and false imprisonments. When will our Constitution be reinstalled and released from this usurpation/coup? Release Lt. Behenna from this criminal Obama coup!

  232. Raven Roulette says:

    AMEN!! Thank You Michael B. For your service to our country and I am embarrassed and outraged that you and your family have been through this ordeal. You are a Brave hero and Patriot and we are so very proud of you . May God use you in Mighty ways . Beware of Domestic Jihadies wanting revenge now that you are high profile. We must stop using these "Wimpy Progressive" -left wing rules of engagement and fight to win

  233. Joe Ryan says:

    This is ridiculous and sounds like the Lieutenant was a scapegoat for many liberal thinkers!! Let this man go and right a pathetic wrong.

  234. ezra firestone says:

    it is a total disgrace that the prosecution is so biased against a decent man defending our country that they sent dr macDonell back to usa so he would not testify on behenna's behalf.do you seek justice? or are you hell bent on framing a good man and seek injustice.why should anyone volunteer for the military if military prosecutors puposely and with evil intent withhold evidence. if any one should get 25 years it should be the military prosecutor.for shame

  235. Jonthan Sanderson says:

    Mr Behenna should be released and given his rank back and pay him for all this waisted time This is a discrase to the millitary and this great servant to our country

  236. Bruce Curley says:

    Thank you Lt. Behenna for protecting my family and I. You should be immortalized by Greg Marra rather than assaulted by the perfumed military princes who never saw combat. Here is Greg's site: http://americanpatriotsinart.com/ I heard about your case on Michael Savage's radio show. It will be a grand day when you are free for doing your duty.

  237. Ysais Martinez says:

    FINALLY! An American hero is coming home! FINALLY this man will be reunited with his family! God bless you!!!!

  238. John and Ricki Fairbank says:

    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME HOME, dear honored and respected Michael. We have waited for far too long to hear this wonderful news and now the day is near. Thank you for your service, dear one, and now it is time to live forward. We are so grateful for our uniformed men and women who simply volunteer in service to make this a better, safer world for us all. YOU SERVED US WELL. Thank you from our hearts, Michael, and again, WELCOME HOME. God is great.

  239. Terry Summerlin says:

    God bless you for all you have done for this country. God has truly been with you and you will truly be blessed when you get home. Stay strong you are almost home!!!! The government should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to you, but the American people see you as a hero!!! God bless you.

  240. James Payton says:

    Release Him. Respectfully Submitted. James P.Payton Jr. Military/Police Veteran.

  241. Martin McDermott says:

    Heard your interview on the Michael Savage Show. Michael should receive a pardon not just a parole. The officers on the court marshal board should be investigated and reprimanded. The whole proceeding should be totally reversed. Martin McDermott

  242. 1SG Sullivan, Lisa says:

    Unbelievable that any American would allow this injustice to happen to an American soldier!! My heart breaks for this young man and his family. Thank goodness his mam is who she is and Micheal will have a chance at life again. Micheal, I believe you and and the loan survivor Marcus Litrell would have some interesting conversations about those who feel the need to protect terrorists and dictate how soldiers should conduct themselves in combat situations. God Bless you and your family!

  243. Don Morris says:

    Our family has prayed and stayed the course of positve aspirations for Michael and the entire Behenna family. We are redoubling our individual and collective contributions to the funds for a proud and historic reparations to Michael for the injustice that our nation disrespectfully meted out to one of her heroic warriors. Our heart's are overflowing with the joyful news. Hurray for America's finest.

  244. Damone says:

    Thanks for your service. Sorry this happened to you.

  245. Ron Kostreba says:

    You are a hero 1st lieutenant Michael Behanna. May the Lord Bless you. Ron Kostreba

  246. Jeff Coggins says:

    So much I would like to add ... God Speed on your return and freedom.

  247. debbie degraaf says:

    I know God has heard his people crying for Michael and this awful time in prison.. Thank God for him now going home to his family. Thank you for your service Michael and for your lovely parents that never gave up.

  248. Scott kruise says:


  249. Mrs. Vicki Huber says:

    Thank God For freeing your son. And thank God Michael had such a wonderful persevering Mom and family. There would be no acceptable outcome other than his freedom. I am so glad for you all. Sincerlely, Mrs. Vicki Huber A mother of a 28 year old son

  250. Richard says:

    Michael, I am a regular listener...don't always agree, but I listen. Thank you for your contribution to making a difference.... Richard Sykes

  251. Julia Smith says:

    Thank You for defending our liberty, our freedoms and our country. God bless you as you move forward. I am so very sorry for your despicable treatment. I am so very sorry for the downward spiral which I have seen our country wallow into. Please know that each of you vets have a special place in my heart and my prayers. Julie Smith

  252. Tyler says:

    God bless you Lieutenant. Justice will be served. Keep God alive in your heart and I'll be praying for you. Oorahh

  253. Susan Gruener says:

    Dear Michael and family, I just heard the news you have been released on parole, and have just read about your story. I am appalled this ever happened to you. It was such a miscarriage of justice. You are an American hero! Never forget that. I will be praying you can go on to live the life God has intended for you. I will also pray this never happens again to any man or woman in the Armed Services of the United States. With a grateful heart, Susan Gruener

  254. Maura kelley says:

    Protect our service men who are protecting us and our freedoms!!!

  255. Mac Hayes says:

    Considering that the Army had issued a kill/capture order for Mansur, I can't believe that the prosecution would try so hard to convict a soldier for essentially carrying out that order. The prosecutors and judges involved should be hanging their heads in shame.

  256. rsobispo says:

    Why the military prosecutors and the military judge seem to deny justice to a living hero, is beyond me. I would not be surprised to know that this is in the name of political correctness championed by the anti-war democrats and their leader, BO

  257. Claudia says:

    We pray in the name of God to release Lt. Behenna from prison for his heroic action. Always victory!!!!

  258. Larry Tanzie says:

    Congratulations!!! Justice has finally been served. Although a little late. Our prayers still go out to you and your family. Larry Tanzie GS14, FAA

  259. Belinda says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

  260. Laura Cartwright says:

    Free michael

  261. Lance says:

    How can I help?

  262. dbrandonw says:

    Mr. Katongole, we appreciate your efforts to visit Michael. Military prison rules (of which there are many) do not allow visitation by anyone that Michael didn't know before he was convicted, and even then those people he knew must be put on an approved visitor list. In addition, Michael can not call anyone that is not on his approved list (and he had to have known them prior to his conviction.)

  263. Joshua Shepard says:

    One defends the Constitution and gets thrown in prison, the other breaks the Constitution and claims "I can do whatever I want". He is not imprison. Who could these two men possibly be? If we gotta send the 101st Airborne in an attack on Ft. Leavenworth to bail him out of jail, then lets do so!

  264. frank katongole says:

    Am here to write to say Thank You Lord for what you have done for the HERO MR MIKE BEHENNA,,this morning I was checking ma emails and came across the good news of "parole granted",,, Am just speechless right now and I dont know what to write but tho thank everyone out there who have supported mike,,,this is for mike,,"we cant wait to see you!! :-) :-)" Again am wondering how one can visit mike at Leavenworth,,,I have been there to visit mike and I was told that I wasnt or the guest or visiting appointment,,,I have tried to get to the proper channels and I have failed,,,I therefore ask for any help send the that form that I need to fill and visit my lieutenant,,,my address is 60 Lagrange st west Roxbury ma apt 2,,,frank katongole is my name Thanks a bunch!! BLESSSSSSS :-) :-) :-)

  265. Nate Moore says:

    Michael, This intentional miscarriage of justice angers me greatly. I'm glad to learn you will be getting out, and I pray your good name and reputation is restored officially. But if not, I will venture to say that you will go onto great things. Semper Fi! Nate

  266. Ed Slook says:

    Dear Lieutenant Michael Behenna, please accept this donation as an apology on behalf of a grateful American people.

  267. E.Eliveld says:

    Welcome home, sir!

  268. rob says:

    System is f'd when a soldier's family can be happy with parole when he shouldn't have seen a single day of jail time. All involved in the prosecution of this case, knowing that one of their own "expert witnesses" would have supported the Ranger's version of events & thus his actions, should be at a minimum disbarred. I personally think prosecutors and ALL on that side of the aisle that had knowledge of the testimony that their own expert witness would have given should be dragged to the public square and executed for their betrayal, but I guess we're not at that point yet. "Lower courts eventually said since Behenna was holding the terror suspect at gunpoint, he gave up the right to defend himself, no matter what the suspect did." Who the f'k are these judges on this lower court? He gave up the right to defend himself, no matter what the suspect did huh? Lower court judges, welcome to the public square; each of you will be presented with a copy of the US Constitution, and executed. Oh yeah, forgot, we're not there yet.

  269. Joshua leasure says:

    Wow i cant believe something like this could happen to United States Army officer for just doing his job protecting all of us and his troops.

  270. Peggy Stoler says:

    OMG, I can't believe what I'm reading. I have followed Michael's case for so long, and my heart has ached for him and his parents. I am elated. I am no one to you, but I have prayed for this day. I am just an American who is so beholden to Michael for his service on my behalf - just a fellow American. As a Mother of two sons, I cannot imagine the pain you have endured. March 14th cannot come fast enough.

  271. walter S Fuhrmann says:

    What a dishonor to a true American hero I am a wounded vet from Vietnam and think "AND" know this is wrong. since when do American soldiers get punished for killing terrorist, we demand justice for 1ST LT Michael Behenna (SIR!!)

  272. BUD says:

    Was his gun already out and why"? What did the interpreter say happened?

  273. Dave Finley says:

    Why are you kissing up to terrorists who want us all dead, and treating our own military like crap? Makes you look like the enemy within. Something totally suspicious here.

  274. Sharon Brent says:

    I have prayed for you and your family. Your release is an answer to part of them. Recompense for your disgusting treatment will be forthcoming. Thank you Jesus. Hope to do more in near future.

  275. Bobbi says:

    So glad you are home. You should never have been convicted. God bless you. Those that have conspired against you will go through their karmic retribution.

  276. Nira Ahlf says:

    Behenna. He should not serve any time in jail. Give him his freedom.

  277. Joe says:

    Thank you for your service and for being a true American and for doing the job you were asked to do.

  278. Genevieve Pugh says:

    I am praying for you release next month☺️ I have two sons that are soldiers, one of my fear is what happen to you! I worry day and night when they are deployed. I don't understand how our leaders ask you to put your life on the line than when you protect yourself they punish you. You are a good man who's country betrayed him.

  279. John Aragon says:

    What it must take for the rest of our beloved country that our brothers are Heros then we will continue for their right to disagree...

  280. Jeff Smith says:

    posted your site on FaceBook.

  281. Scott Holland says:

    This looks like political persecution. Lieutenant Behenna should be released immediately with full back pay. We need to understand that the United States is now being lead by career politicians who serve the NWO. They don't give a rats rear end about the people. The time has come in 2014 to throw out the Republican corporatists and the Democrat statists. Until we all start getting this enmasse, our country will continue to disintigrate. Clean House!

  282. Roman Watson says:

    That's a Lt I would follow.

  283. Rodney Larkey says:

    Lt Behenna deserves better, what is with our military? Those of us that served proudly, seem to be America's enemy. What's up with our country?

  284. James Farmer says:

    Shame on this country for allowing this to happen to one of our own!!! This man was hired to defend his country, and when it came right down to the job he was highly trained to do, he is now in prison!!! What the hell are people thinking, this man come from a line of people that have served well, and I can't imagine what or how this could happen!! FREE THIS MAN!!! For God Sake FREE THIS MAN!!!

  285. tom wold says:

    This sickening story is worth crying over. This is not America, with this type of military commanders and government that does this to there service people. LT Behenna, deserves a medal for defending himself and these retarded scum bags in Washington. This prosecuter and the military panel of seven, need to be exposed to the public. I hope you keep this story alive for all to read god Bless America and LT Behenna.

  286. Garth Wilson says:

    Please clear the good name of Lt. Behenna.

  287. SFC Achee, Bryan says:

    I am a US Army Ranger Platoon Sergeant. Currently I have served this Country in both Iraq, and Afghanistan. This story is one that I believe hits center mass for many how have served and continue to serve. I will keep this short but not so sweet. If you ask any Soldier, Leader, and or any person that can relate. 1LT Behenna, who so proudly made the continuous decision to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. To many times Soldiers put there lives on the line to gain as much intelligence that they can from an suspected terrorist. This act of intelligence gathering not only puts 1LT Behenna's life in danger, but the life of their Soldiers as well. In the event that something goes wrong, to accuse the commander on the ground for a decision that was made while under enemy contact, is a disgrace in my opinion. 1LT Behenna made an in the moment decision which probably saved the lives of many. To accuse this Officer of such heinous crime is a disgrace. This Army Ranger should be commended for his actions. Not condemned. I, as a Soldier who can relate am planning to spread the word, to the masses. He should be honored for his courage and service to this Country. SFC Achee, Bryan Platoon Sergeant "Rangers Lead the Way"

  288. John W Hahn says:

    A terrible miscarriage of justice ! Michael is a hero , not a criminal !

  289. David J. Doiron, JD says:

    The old Pogo cartoon strip summarizes our situation best: "We have met the enemy . . . and it is us (our own government)."

  290. matt penney says:

    the current r.o.e. is the sole reason for our extended wars.. if we must go to war. let us use the ww11 r.o.e. at least the blood shed would be less. and the war would end quicker. letting non combat experienced lawyers decide how to fight our wars, is a huge mistake. 1'st lieutenant Michael behenna is a American hero. release him , and have the commander in chief offer a personal apology. anything less is not American.

  291. PATRICK WARD says:

    I have lost faith with President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder & the Military Command Officers after Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS, Illegal Immigration Amnesty and their Fraudulent, corrupt agenda. This Officer was NOT provided a Fair Trial nor should he have even been charged. More care is given to Terrorists (Maj. Hasan Nidal @ Ft. Hood) than his victims. Its a shame there is No Honor in the Military or Civilian Authority due to corrupt Anti-American policies.

  292. Steve Potts says:

    Please give this brave soldier a fair and honest trial. Thank you .

  293. Bill Henry says:

    Veteran in your court

  294. Agnes Jiles says:

    This is truly an injustice to this young man. It seems our judicial system has become twisted and corrupt in who they protect. Why would any young man or woman today want to be part of the military system. They put themselves on the front lines and the enemy gets protected.

  295. Mike Hays says:

    We need to stop the politicians in Washington from making irrational rules of engagement for our people who serve and risk everything. Most of those making the rules have never served in uniform, however enjoy the fruits of freedom, secured and maintained by those who do.

  296. Chap. Desiree & Presidential Prayer Team 4 Kids Brooklyn, NY says:

    What an amazing family! Lt. Behenna should have received a medal of honor for such bravery. Your Mom is our hero too! We love you all!!!

  297. Diana Theall says:

    I am so angry my blood is boiling! I'm sick and tired of anyone who has NEVER walked a single mile in one of our military service members boots! They have no idea what is like to defend our country! This is a huge miscarriage of justice and I find it so hard to believe this happens in our country! The judges who found him guilty and sentenced him should be forced to serve ONE DAY in his shoes in the war zone! They wouldn't survive 5 minutes! Stop this nonsense and release this honorable man and true soldier and give him the freedom he not only fought for himself but for you!!! He earned it and he deserves along with a hell of alot more of our gratitude and thanks! They should kiss his feet and be thankful we have strong men like him that have the courage and guts to do what it takes for us to remain the home of the free and THE BRAVE!

  298. Jean Voigts says:

    2/14/14 I was listening to "Michael Savage" talk radio show and he gave out "Defend Michael" website. This whole situation is despicable against our warriors and heros. Lt. Michael Behenna is a hero and our government are the lowest of snakes. I am so sorry what has happened to Michael. I will help him in any way I can. I also know that warrior Lorance is in prison also. These are works of the devil. The ROE's in the military now are unjust and unConstitutional. "Michael Savage" has just stated that "Michael Behenna" has been/or is being released from Leavenworth! I will do what I can to help him get his life back in order and will pray for him that God will give him peace, strength and regain all of what he has lost. God bless you Michael Behenna. We love you and thank you for your brave service. Praying you get your life back. These things should not be, but look at what is in our White House! God be with you, Sincerely, Jean Voigts; Nevada

  299. Rick Stakel says:

    Welcome home soldier! Despite the politics behind everything as well as the media's extremely left sloping perception of soldiers and their continued sacrifices for freedom, all if America is proud of you sir. I am an elementary school teacher in Northern Virginia (30 miles from DC), and I could not be more proud of you, the character you have demonstrated through this terrible ordeal. Your parents should also be thanked for instilling their values and raising such a great American. Thanks Michael! And welcome home!

  300. Michael says:

    Hello, what an unbelievable story. I hope hope Michaels name is cleared of any wrong doing. He is an American Hero. Michael Savinovich

  301. Chap. Desiree & Presidential Prayer Team 4 Kids Brooklyn, NY says:

    Dear Michael & Family, The NEWS we heard today makes this the BEST Valentine's Day ever! The Presidential Prayer Team 4 Kids of Brooklyn, NY are rejoicing with all Americans. God is so faithful and so is your MOM! We will continue to praise the Lord from now until you are completely home, safe and sound. As a 9/11 state the PPT4Kids understand many Americans went back to sleep shortly after the greatest attack on American soil. We could not. We remain vigilant in prayer and sometimes fasting to see God in America again. Today we say without a doubt, God is here and we thank him for answering our prayers which your family has believing. We pray God will refresh you and fill you anew with the power of the Holy Spirit. This next season of your life shall be greater than the beginning of your life. We are so proud of you and all our men and women in uniform. We DO NOT take our FREEDOM for granted because we see you have paid dearly in defending Americans. There are not enough words to say, how much we love you. Godspeed.

  302. Wm Doug Wright says:

    Dear Michael. I'm ex USNR E-3. & 40yr AmericanTibetanBuddhist. I'd like to offer you (& your family) Few days stay at a place I volunteer at RatnaLing .org. I'll what I can afford. This is for your Healing, no religion but excellent food & Accomodations. Let me know if interested. Im also TParty patriot, locally only I don't trust Polotics period. Ill pray the next 4 days while our comm. chants ancient prayers for world peace&Parents (via LongChenpaPrayers). My Lama always celebrates 4thJuly by reminding my fellow Musheads how Fragile our Freedom is at this Time in US. Doug Wright

  303. T fadley says:

    The military panel of seven officers were obviously unqualified. The Clinton administration began the dumbing-down of the military in the 90's by lowering promotional requirements for certain ethnic groups and women . Due to this the most qualified did not usually get promoted. I was a reservist at that time and saw it with my own eyes. The Abugrab prison debacle would not have happened if the officer in charge was capable of such a command. No charges were brought against her and she was transferred.

  304. Member 1st Marines Exp. Force says:

    God bless all those who have fought, all those who have served, and will fight n serve this once great nation, and God bless you Michael, your loved ones included. As if your family had not suffered enough praying you come home safe. I salute you my brother, you are among the most honorable of souls. I remind all who may read this, to please not forget this hero? Michael is the extreme example of what is so wrong with our government as of late, but there are many who have likewise served, and then been discarded by his (inferiors) up and down his chain. Micheals sentence is not over, he has years of personnel battles to fight, only he will be further denied his due by the VA etc. I know! The details of his service are not unique, niether is how dishonorable he has been treated, by his Country. The army may have tried to disgrace him, but they only do so to them self, and the country they profit off of. Finally with help from Denis Miller, Doc. Savage and those patriots who are supportive of the fight to save our nation and it's honorable heros, from cowards and other enemy's we, as a united people, may one day exersize our spine, and our God given will to be free and stand up as one people, to defend against this type of tyrant mobsters who attack our Nations Greatest Asset, our Heros like Michael. Today, is the first time I've heard about Michael, and I listen to talk radio like Dennis Miller daily, so for not helping sooner, I beg your forgiveness Michael? Please forgive me? I promise that I will take some action each and every day, from now till your set free, to remind all in my circle of influence, of your story, and will do all I can, to clog the base and high way 45 with others who thank you for your honorable service. I will see you free soon brother. God bless LT.

  305. Robert Frazier says:

    Fight the good fight. This is just the beginning and I pray your victorious fight will benefit others caught in similar injustices. I am aware of other soldiers in our military fighting injustice convictions like this. "Our God Reigns"~~!

  306. Cy Trevor says:

    A good day! Thank you for your service, Michael. Godspeed. Everyone, please make a donation and get family and friends to help - post on Facebook and Twitter. Let's work to clear Michael's name. God Bless America!

  307. Ralph Smith says:

    Pray that this great american will be released soon. Please let me know how I can Donate.

  308. Gary says:

    My son attends UCO! We will support Michael!

  309. Dennis Heritage says:

    I heard of Lt. Behenna on a radio program. I had just returned from a dinner where I'd spent $25 & felt that it was my duty to donate at least that much to his "new start" fund. I like to think that I returned to this good man one hour of his life, that he sacrificed on my behalf. Thank you, Lt. Behenna.

  310. Sharon Needham says:

    This story is horrifying. It read like something out of a Banana Republic. This should have never happened in the United States of America. Obviously, most of this happened under a Democrat President and Administration. It began under a Republican. All are to blame. To remove a valid witness for the defense is unconscionable. Heart Breaking.!

  311. Jane Tarpley says:

    I am outraged about what happened to this American hero. My nephew was killed in Iraq fighting for our country just as Michael was. I will have him and his family in my prayers. I do hope he can recover from such an injustice and will have the wonderful life that he deserves.

  312. mike gem says:

    We are in reno, nv. please let us know if we can help. We have a small company and would like to see if we have a place for michael. You have our support and follow you through Savage...i do like that old time conservative new york guy!!

  313. Bill says:

    Lt Behenna, Congratulations on your coming release. The injustice you have suffered is beyond comprehension. YOU ARE an American hero and you have the respect of all of us that you served. Best wishes to you and your family and thank you for defending freedom. Bill Leavenworth, Ks.

  314. Howard Clarke (USAF Maj Ret) says:

    I just heard Michael's mom being interviewed on The Savage Nation (Michael Savage) and I am donating money to Michael's fund to help get him on his feet. Mikey, I'm sorry you went through this. God bless you and your family.

  315. richard says:

    I am a Micheal Savage listener

  316. Jim Thomas says:

    Good luck Michael and thank you for your service. Best Regards, Jim Thomas

  317. Clare says:

    Dearest family, Micheal Savage just announced this on his radio talk show.....I had an intake of breath in such grateful happiness. Thanks be to God. I will pray for reparation to be made for this injustice. Clare from Seattle

  318. Philip Paz says:

    This is such a travesty of justice. Thank God Michael has been paroled and is going home to be with his family.

  319. MaryJean Cromartie says:

    I am so happy for your son. Our family is currently waging a battle for our son, former Cadet Raymond Trent Cromartie. My son's story was featured in a Wall Street Journal July 26, 2013 article (A Strange Sort of Justice at West Point) written by James Taranto. I feel your pain, because for the past 2.5 years everyday has been a struggle for our entire family. Our son was falsely accused and then railroaded by LTG David Huntoon. Huntoon was fired this past year for misconduct unrelated to my son's case. My son is not in jail, but he was left with no career, no benefits, a felony conviction and a general discharge. He is currently packing boxes 10 hours a day in a warehouse and hoping/praying someone listens to our pleas for help. Congratulations once again, this gave us hope.

  320. SGT Gregg Hierholzer says:

    I'm glad to see him out on parole. What a F'd up deal he got. I have had dealings with JAG in the past sometimes good sometimes bad. Wish Michael all the best with the family ranch and going back to school. SGT H.

  321. Todd Molkner says:

    Michael is going to be FREE!!! I already notified my motorcycle club, "Sabra," and if appropriate will work on being there to cheer Michael on, when he finally gets out on March 14, 2014, (which happens to be my father's 78th birthday. What a great Valentine...I just found out and could not be more thrilled for you, his family and all of my fellow supporters. This news may not make a lot of headlines, but it is in my head and heart. Thank G-d he Michael, our hero, will feel the sun on his face, again, as a free man in our free land! CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL, Todd

  322. Rebecca Kramer says:

    Our prayers and letters to Congress have been answered. We now need a pardon for Michael. I was so elated that he was coming home. I will still continue to pray for him and his family. Our country to going to ---- and back. Michael was only doing what he was trained to do.

  323. Ellen Dorsey says:

    So very thankful . May God bless you and keep you and may your family be totally restored. With our love and prayers, and may this month pass quickly. We love you

  324. Rebecca good says:

    This is outrageous. He did his job! Do we imprison all soldiers for protecting our country and themselves?

  325. Betty Swartz says:

    What has the government turned into? This young man has served his country, and this is how we repay him. This is a disgrace! I say lets put this trial on T.V and let America view it. I'll be the first on at his parade. This is a mistral and something needs to be done Now for this solider. He has fought for me and I intend to fight for him. Mrs. Betty Swartz

  326. VERN IRWIN says:

    I blame ALL of 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna's problems in this case on the President and his Department of Justice, (Howdey) Eric Holder who is a puppet of Obama. It is bad enough that our fighting men and women have Muslim enemies in Iraq and Afganahastan but they ALSO have Muslim enemies in the White House. Vern Irwin 69 Year old Vietnam Vet.

  327. John Burkhardt says:

    Haven't we learned our lesson yet, Do we have to be reminded of Vietnam and Lt Calley? If this was self defense and he was an enemy combatant not in uniform, is he not a spy? Do we have to stand trial for each enemy we kill? John Burkhardt FMR SSGT USAF Cold War Veteran

  328. Jennifer L. Green says:

    What is the USA coming to. Arresting men and women who are only doing there jobs. Maybe we need to start looking at or government officials.

  329. Elizabeth DeFranco says:

    Thank God that this courageous American Military Warrior Hero will finally be free to go home to his family & loved ones! However, we cannot simply cede the field of battle, we must continue to fight to completely clear LT Behenna's name & restore his honor! The outrageous travesty of justice that was allowed to disrupt this young man's military career must be rectified & his good name restored to him!

  330. William E Barnes says:

    I am so glad to be a part of this. Prayers answered. I cried when I read this. Michaels story is chilling to every vereran.

  331. A.L. Roberts says:

    Michael, Congratulations! I wish you and your entire family peace. May god bless all of you.

  332. John Burger says:

    I am thrilled to hear of Michael's release. Psalm 9:9 says, "The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble." Blessings to you the Behenna family.

  333. Mark Brown says:

    Hallelujah! God is GOOD! I have been praying daily for Michael and his family ever since I first heard about this 5 or so years ago. I know he has had a long and arduous trip, his government and his beloved Army let him down. It is such a shame to see the career of a Ranger office ruined by the Army he faithfully served. Rangers Lead The Way! And Michael has lead the way in his battle for freedom. I hope a sense of fair play hits the defense department and Michael is granted a full pardon, that would only be fair. I have read many accounts of the action that led to Michael's arrest and conviction on murder charges. These charges were levied and adjudicated by military powers that know nothing of combat and the things that happen in a stressful, life or death combat event. Many of us know what that can be like from Vietnam to Afghanistan of today and everything in between. War is not fair but we have the right to a military and a government that has the back of each and every one of us that have laid down our lives for our country. Praise God that he is out. I can only pray that the military judiciary continue to review his case and make the just and correct decision. Praise God Michael, Welcome Home brother. Thank you for your service to an ungrateful nation. I for one appreciate your service and the service of all men & women that have donned the uniform of the United States Military from 1776 up to and including today and for the future as well. Once again, Welcome Home Lt Mike. Welcome Home!

  334. Richard St. Romain says:

    I had to read your message of FREEDOM for my hero Michael several times, before I could begin to BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! I want to always remember & pay tribute to GREAT AMERICANS like Lt. Michael Behenna! PLEASE, consider allowing the Patriot Guard Riders to escort this great American FROM PRISON TO HIS HOME!!! Be sure, PGR will NOT be the focus of attention. It's NOT about us on any mission when escorting an American soldier to his grave, sending off or welcoming home our military. IT'S ABOUT AMERICAN CITIZENS & RETIRED MILITARY PGR MEMBERS HONORING THOSE WHO KEEP AMERICA SAFE & ALIVE! Tell your son I am humbled by his service & COURAGE. I'm elevated by the hope he provides for us to believe that America will remain the great country we all work & sacrifice for. Richard St. Romain Raceland, La.

  335. Bob and Barbara says:

    We are thrilled to hear that parole has been granted and Michael will soon be home. I'm an Oklahoman, too, with 2 nieces in Edmond. I know that Oklahomans will do the right thing and welcome this hero on his return! We must rid ourselves of this administration and thus the hatred of all things military so that heroes like Michael can adequately defend us. Michael, my husband and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service. We are proud of you and those like you who give so much on our behalf every day. Never forget that there is a very grateful America in addition to those who are currently in power, and who are bringing us down as fast as they can. Take care, and God Bless.

  336. meloniethomashunis says:

    Praise God that goodness he is coming home.I pray he has a great life from here on,thank you for your service.

  337. ALAN CARTER, SR. says:


  338. Danita Kilcullen says:

    Michael: Can't wait until you are free, at last. Below is the signature that I have used for the past years. Below that one is my new signature, which I changed immediately upon hearing the good news. We want you to come to our Tea Party once you've settle in and breathed the good air for awhile. God bless you from all of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale. Danita Kilcullen Defend Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna www.DefendMichael.com Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna , FREE NEXT MONTH!! Thank you, Lord.

  339. John Keegan says:

    This is disgraceful. Here is a young man who was serving his country. Our government needs to follow the law and not hold back evidence.

  340. Bradley Sanford says:

    Our prayers and efforts have worked! LT. Behenna is going home. Now we have to double our efforts and insure he receives a full pardon. Mike needs to know that the American people that I deal with are 100% behind him. May God Bless his family for never giving up fighting a perverted system we now have in place that used to be called the UCMJ. When I was a Marine in Nam, this never would have occurred. Facts our facts. The new Military is all about politics and perception. Congrates Mike!

  341. Ricki says:

    Congratulations Michael and family!! While the right outcome would have been full exoneration, I am so thankful to know Michael will be home soon. Michael, I met your amazing family during the Freedom Ride and have prayed and followed your story since the beginning. This has been a long time coming!! Congratulations!!!

  342. jan says:

    What our country is doing to our military is deplorable. This young man was following orders as he was told to do, he ended up in a fight for his life, did you expect him to let himself die for a terrorist. You are all more concerned with keeping the Fake Pontus happy than you are with standing up for this country. We now have terrorists flown into the USA by political allies & NOone does anything. You all hide the murders of NAVY SEALS, and no one does anything about it.Let this Man go home. God is watching you, as is the rest of the country...

  343. Lou Arcangelo says:

    Never give(gave) up, never quit...the strongest steel forged by the hottest fire. Good luck and God has blessed you Michael

  344. Joe Ski says:

    At last the right thing has been done. Good luck to the whole Behenna family and may you live in peace now!

  345. Angela Lash says:

    My heart breaks for this fine young American warrior and his family. Michael, you were never forgotten, nor was your sacrifice. The injustice you suffered at the hands of the political faction of the military is unforgivable. You are a hero to untold Americans.

  346. Marvin Lyle says:

    Free at last! Thank the Lord for granting Michael's release. All of you are in our prayers.

  347. Kevin says:

    Thank God justice (of the true God,not of man)has been realized and Michael is coming home!!!I have been following this since the beginning,and if not for Michael Savage,I would have never even known of this atrocity,this disgusting display of injustice of our defunct system of so-called freedom that is the norm in our Goldman Sachs-controlled world...Hey Michael,get a motorcycle and come ride with me and a coupla hundred of my buddies in mid-Tn.real soon,that is,if this Ice Age ends!!!02/13/14

  348. Terry Bowler says:

    First let me start by saying Congratulations! As an Edmond native I've been following this story for a very long time. I gave written our senators & congressman but never received an answer. I guess they were too chicken to take a stand. Freedom is never truly free. - many fine young men like Michael accept that and defend the USA. Our ROE's are defined & often ignored by Washington all too often political correctness shadows the real truth. I pray that Michael will return to Edmond and move on with his life. A terrible injustice was done. I can't imagine the agonizing nights that you all have been through but at least it is finally coming to an end. Terry A. Bowler USAF, Retired

  349. kris says:

    Just heard the good news last night. Well done to you all for never, ever, giving up hope. All the best on your new life. :)

  350. Shirleyann kaapro says:

    I have been praying for michael may you find peace. Thank God your getting out America should be ashamed.

  351. Dianne says:

    Somebody needs to do something for this solider , I don't understand the problem, maybe somebody needs to go and look at the transcripts from the trial and talk to the people that stood for this solider , because it sounds like dirty politics to me. A COVERUP SO SOMEONE COULD MAKE A NAME FOR HIMSELF, NOT GOOD. GET RID OF CROOKED LAWYERS

  352. Karen says:

    To whom this concerns I am outraged he is even on trial as he was fighting war and in war you protect yourself and this is what he was doing for himself and men. This man should be given a metal and these charges dropped as he is a hero doing what is right in war. Our soldiers have been waging war in the Middle East too long and need to come home.

  353. King Miller says:

    Congrats on earning parole, thank you for your time serving this country. Good luck with your journey and reuiniting with your family.

  354. John Barone says:

    Welcome home, LT Behenna! One the greatest wrongs in US history has finally been righted. We appreciate your service to this country.

  355. Wayne Jett says:

    Michael, I'm glad to learn of your parole, and thank you for your service to your country. Welcome home and I wish you peace and prosperity with your family and friends.

  356. Don Lord says:

    Thank you, LORD Almighty, that Michael is coming home! Our house prays for you all as he heads home. What a great day that this injustice is rectified. Now to get his record expunged.

  357. RICHARD FREER says:


  358. Xiomara Gatewood says:

    Thank God Michael is coming home, I'm a mother of a new National Guard enlistee & pray that our family or my child have to endure such horrible ordeal, may God bless the Behenna family & our soldiers.

  359. Jim Wainscoat and family says:

    Thank you Military Parole Board. I know it was not an easy decision with all the pressures of political correctness, and the new Army mentality of teaching a lesson to a man who choose his men over micromanagement. This so that others who follow, will obey a direct order, even if it means your men may die needlessly. But you did your duty with courage and integrity, and for that we all thank you. You will one day be extremely proud of the man you dealt justice to.

  360. Gary says:

    I just heard the news! I felt a sense of relief come over me and I don’t even know you Michael, but have been following you and your families fight for a couple years now. We all write a story in this lifetime, some of what is written is not of our doing, it is then and how we handle those moments that show a person’s true character. Michael always hold your head high! The Behenna family should stand proud of their son! So so glad you are going home…

  361. Jim Wainscoat and family says:

    The happiness that comes through your words of thankfulness for your son's freedom, has overflowed into our hearts. We rejoice with you and all who have supported you. What wonderful new indeed.

  362. Mary Hendrickson says:

    God's justice has prevailed! Congratulations Scott and Vicky for your perseverance and love. Can't wait to see you all at Peace. What an awesome God we have.

  363. Debi Bohannan says:

    Thank God and all who stood firm for Michael's release. I'm thrilled for my precious friend, Vicki, and thankful for the network of supporters I've met since this ordeal began. They are the best of the best!! This has certainly exposed the cancerous nature of 'progressive' policies imposed on our military. We have our work cut out for us, cleaning up the mess.

  364. Paula Rhodes says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy!!! God has answered our prayers. Where do we find the names of other brave military members who are in prison for defending America? We need to help them now.

  365. Jeff Belinski says:

    What amazing news. A total injustice ends and a hero is returned to his family! I am so happy.

  366. Paula KOHLHAAS miller says:

    God never abandons us and has given to Michael his well deserved freedom. Though I don't know you , I owe you. You stood firm for my country but even so for my nephew SGT ADAM JOB KOHLHAAS. I will forever be thankful to you for knowing that you loved my Adam as a brother. You did what any soldier would do. You never left his side. You fought for justice and freedom tho losing yours. I have fervently prayed for you, your family and yes, those who have betrayed us. No one can even imagine what you or your family have endured. I have suffered my loss and will for my lifetime. I thank you, my HERO! WELCOME HOME!

  367. Gregory Roosevelt says:

    This is absolutely wonderful news. I have followed your case from the beginning and have written to Congressmen and Senators on your behalf. Finally, light at the end of the tunnel.Welcome home.

  368. Teri says:

    I'm so glad you have been freed and are going to be back with your family. Thank you for fighting for my freedoms. You are a brave man

  369. Gail Soong says:

    Unbelievable! Free that hero!!

  370. Katie says:

    I have never met Michael, but I think of him and all our military men and women my children. I will fight for them with every breath I have. I have watched the ups and downs of the case, watched many amazing people..from troop support leaders to congressmen and media members, spread the word and fight for Michael. I had tears of joy this morning when I heard the news. I am so, so happy.

  371. Gold Star Mother Jenifer Gorman says:

    Let him go!!!! He did nothing wrong!!! Your rules of engagement are beyond ignorant!! He defended himself against a murderer and he goes to jail!? Our commander and cheese is a joke and so odour government! This is a perfect example! If this were my son you all would be in trouble.

  372. Chris Park says:

    Release him immediately .. He did no wrong, anything that has to do with Al Qaeda Should be killed they should have no rights. They deserve no fair treatment, Nothing humane just the way they like to do to others they should be treated.. Typical political move to jail this soldier just to make an example.

  373. Steve says:


  374. joe dipietro badjoe 242muleskinners says:

    we always put your updates in our paper joe dipietro

  375. joe dipietro badjoe 242muleskinners says:

    Scott and Vicky when Carol called me with the news I was in Boston I had to pull the truck over because I could not stop the tears from flowing. I have never met you but Michael is a true American Hero and I wrote that in our small paper so please keep sending us updates to let us know how Mike is doing. He is destined for greatness. badjoe242muleskinners ct cruise news

  376. Mike Pasciak says:

    Wow, what a ride! Thank God Michael is coming home. Congratulations to you all!

  377. Sheryl Yates says:

    WOW!!!!! "for such a time as this". Good Luck, Michael.

  378. Chris America says:


  379. Cheryl Pryor says:

    This is the best news I have heard in such a long time! God Bless you and your family and WELCOME HOME MICHAEL! And Please know there are thousands of Army Moms out here that never forgot about you as you could have been my son. God Speed!

  380. Jacqueline Gibb says:

    I was so happy about the news... Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  381. Jacqueline Gibb says:

    Are thoughts and prayers are with you as we have heard the news of being freed. Thank you for your service to our country Michael.

  382. Tom King says:

    I am very interested in knowing the details of the time and plans for his release. I strongly believe that he will have many who have followed this travesty who would like to greet him and let him know that he is a hero.

  383. Brian Chandler says:

    I'm so glad he's coming back. I live in Broken Arrow, OK, so it hits home. I hope you (family) would allow me to visit one day and welcome Michael also. I served as a medic with 3rd ID in Iraq, so I'm familiar with the loss of friends. I'm very happy to see someone had common sense and hopefully dismiss the charges. Thank you for your service. Doc Chandler.

  384. Marco says:

    Michael , Fantastic News! I am so happy for you and your family. You have stayed strong , please continue too, have a great life.

  385. Cheryl Carty says:

    I'm so glad and relieved you are being released and going home! You are my and everyone else's hero and you should have never been placed in prison.

  386. Mark Burington says:

    The news that Michael will finally be a free man again is fantastic and way over due. I am so happy for him and his family that most of this tragic incarceration and waste of a brave veterans life is almost over. Sometimes the good guys DO win.

  387. Lucia Parmenter says:

    So happy and thankful that Michael is being released. How awesome. An answer to so many peoples prayers!! Hearing this news made my day!

  388. Daniel says:

    Welcome home to an American HERO!

  389. Sheryle Bauer says:

    Out standing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news of the year, so far!!!!!

  390. Linda Luzitano says:

    This has taken way too long. I'm so excited to hear he will be home soon. I hope you make a movie of this, more people need to know about this. Linda

  391. judy heppler says:

    so glad that all prayers have been answered. I hope Michael gets all the love and support from everyone he comes in contact with. He should get a Hero's welcome home parade like all of our other returning great soldier heros

  392. Ken DeFelice says:

    Thank God that Michael is being released. What the Army should have done was to give him a medal and a promotion instead of charging him with a crime, murder no less in a combat zone in killing an enemy who was trying to kill him. The current Armed Forces under the current Commander in Chief is a shadow of its former self. In the past they would have never charged him or withheld evidence of his innocence.. I hope those prosecutors are having a hard time looking in a mirror and seeing the cowards that they are...

  393. Teresa Casteel says:

    Praise God!

  394. Carolyn Minyen says:

    Thank You GOD, Thank You GOD. Thats all I can think to say. Except, WELCOME HOME IN MARCH.

  395. Frank C. Stolz, Maj. USMC Ret. says:

    Michael: Many of us prayed for your release, and as you are most likely aware we had a couple of our Marines in similar situations. As you know with this Marxist regime in power our senior military leadership have turned into leftist appeasers if not followers, and so we try to fight for them all. Sgt. Hutchins's is being re-tried! But this is about you and our joy at your pending release. I don't care what some senior military weenies and their UN kowtowing lawyers might think or believe. But to me you are and will remain this older retired Marine's Hero. R/s- Frank Stolz

  396. Day says:

    Outstanding news

  397. Don Nesbitt says:

    WOW!! I must be honest: this is too good to be true! I never thought I'd see any justice come out of this situation; but Michael coming home for real. I've been keeping my eye on this for the 5 years and just disgusted and angry with our PC insane, pro-Muslim Government and Military the entire time. They now allow Muslims to wear beards and Muslim head gear in the United States Navy, even though NO other religion or culture gets special treatment and a right to dress and look completely out of uniform with the others. I want to see a picture of Michael home and eating his favorite meal, and getting A HERO'S WELCOME AS HE ARRIVES !!!!!!!!! A HERO'S HOMECOMING regardless of the attempt of the Government to dishonor him. Anyhow, Very Good News.

  398. roy says:

    Thank God you're going home. this is great new news. if I can help in any way please let me know God bless you stay well Michael

  399. David Akin says:

    To the parents of LT Behenna. I am very happily surprised to hear that your son is coming home from a sentence he never deserved. I supported him, probably could have done better, but I wore the plastic armband and would tell anyone who would listen of this judicial travesty. Good luck, Godspeed and may you have many years with your son in happiness and love. David Akin 101st Airborne Persian Gulf War

  400. Cathy F. says:

    Thank God that Michael is coming home! I wrote him while he was in prison but lost touch. What a joyful day that will be! I hope that those responsible in the military are punished for this miscarriage of justice.

  401. Donna Smith says:

    This is a disgrace. This poor soldier who has defended all of us, is being punished unjustly. Hard to believe we live in "The UNITED States of America! God bless him.

  402. Sylvia Koetz says:

    Thank The Lord for giving this young man back his freedom, Prayers are indeed answered , short of a miracle! Michael I hope you enjoy your freedom and THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY!!

  403. larri fancher says:

    Great news Paroled! I have been praying for you! God bless you micheal!

  404. Connie Stanson says:

    Praise GOD !!! I am so happy for Michael and his Family. I share the tears of joy. GOD Bless Everyone who helped get him home. I pray GOD will give Michael, peace of mind now.

  405. J.R. Gonzalez says:

    Thank God, Michael is coming home! God answered our prayers! A hero is returning home to his fiance, his mom and dad, his friends. {Praise God!

  406. annetta davis parker says:

    Thank God our Micheals are coming home for the freedom for which they fought!!!!!!

  407. Matt McHugh says:

    I am so happy to see that the parole board made the right decision! Michael deserves the freedom he fought to provide us. I hope to see future updates from Michael on his successes after his official release. Good luck And God bless Michael! Sincerely, Matt McHugh

  408. Greg says:

    Our prayers have been finally answered. May you now get some peace. God bless the Behenna family and God bless Michael Behenna for his service.

  409. Anthony says:


  410. Pete B says:

    So glad to hear he is going home. It does not surprise me that our government turned their backs on military brothers and sisters. He needs to right a book and disclose everything but I am sure they will try to stop that also.

  411. Laura Tiller says:

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Finally! So happy for him and his family. I'm a straight shooter and to the point and one of my favorite quotes by Thomas Paine is, "The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph!" What triumph there is to be celebrated for him and his family! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICES AND, MOST OF ALL, YOUR BRAVERY AND SERVICE! We support you 100% and wish you the best for the future! Stories like this make me realize just how darn lucky I am. Living in the Hampton Roads, VA area all of my life, I have come to realize just how much our economy here is supported by our military and their families. Regardless of the opinions of some, we all appreciate jet noise from Oceana and it's a true reminder to say a prayer for all our military and their families when a jet flies overhead. I am passing that onto my daughter every time she sees one and teaching her just how important patriotism is and just how much our support is needed and appreciated. More so, we appreciate the service by our military! Thank you again, Michael! Thank you, again...and again...and again! Godspeed! Laura (& Olivia) Tiller

  412. Carla Conway says:

    "Common sense" tells me the world is a safer place without Mansur in it. Thank you Michael!

  413. pat sabga says:

    Can't moderate the truth.

  414. Mrs. Duval says:

    All I can do today since hearing the news that Michael is to be set free is to cry tears of joy & praise Jesus for answered prayers!!!!!!!!! It's over. It's finally over!!! Thank you pastors & other believers at Crestwood Vineyard in OKC for praying in agreement with me at church for favor for Michael during & after the hearing, & for praying for his freedom. Prayer indeed moves mountains. This was God!!!! This was God's love in action for Michael Behenna & his family & his fiancée Shannon who has waited 5 years for him that he can now finally come home to marry!!! Thank You Father God!!!!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!!!!! Thank You Holy Spirit!!!!!!! Vicki, update us when you can so we'll know where to send the welcome home presents!!! Thank You wonderful Father God for setting captives free!!! Your love for all of us Jesus...it's amazing. Thanking & praising You alone for answered prayers!!! Only March 14th when Michael finally comes home to Oklahoma will be able to top our celebration of the joyous news we all got today for the entire Behenna family. Thank You so much God. You are good. What pure joy to be able to celebrate this news with the Behenna family.

  415. pat sabga says:

    the military judge should be fired and made to serve the same sentence he mandated for Lt. Behenna. And the same goes for the prosecutors. If you are supposed to be judged by your peers, these jurors were not qualified as none of them had combat experience. Another military travesty heaped on our soldiers. All the wrong people are continually in charge. Ugh!

  416. Jacqueline Daigle says:

    I just read the news! This is so wonderful for Michael and your family. And it is about time. Thanks to God and prayers and all the ways of our support. I will keep praying for those that still need help.

  417. Carla Conway says:

    I don't even know you personally, but I cried tears of joy when I heard you were granted parole. My hero has been released! Praise be to God! Love, Carla

  418. Jaap Vermeer MDE says:

    Good news after so much years,also for your family.Take care brave soldier,you are in our thoughts. greatings from Holland, Jaap Vermeer MDE

  419. Mary Emerson says:

    I say Praise God ! This great miscarriage of justice has finally come to an end ! I pray that our next president gives him a full pardon ... I will continue to keep Micheal in my prayers !

  420. LtCol (ret) Ed Kennedy says:

    Michael Behenna's treatment is a blight on our military's history. Prosecutorial misconduct and abusive leaders in the whole system of his trial and imprisonment bring shame to those who have served honorably. Thank God that he is now being released. Political correctness has gone amuck in the armed forces and Michael is one of a number of those subjected to it.

  421. kathy pfauth says:

    We prayed so much for him and told his story. THANK YOU MICHAEL FOR YOUR SERVI!!! Sorry for your ordeal! YOU ARE OUR HERO!!!!

  422. Delo says:

    Words cannot describe how happy and relieved I am for Michael and you and all the friends and supporters that prayed and believed in him. I first saw this happy announcement on Facebook with Allen West and then came to my email and saw the news! I am elated!!! He is free and you have your precious son back! May God continue to bless and protect you Michael, and your family and loved ones. May all Blessings come your way! I'm doin' my happy dance for you!!!

  423. Barbara Moore says:

    Praise God! Micheal's coming home! Soooooooooo happy for all of you, Vicki! God bless you all, Barbara Moore, City on a Hill Radio Show in Alabama

  424. Jerry Ashe says:

    THat is the most AWESOME news I have heard in a LONG TIME. Thank You for the update and GOOD LUCK to Michael.

  425. Margaret says:

    Congratulations Michael! Wish you all the happiness you deserve. Margaret (a soldier's mum).

  426. Sharon says:

    Michael and family, I am so happy to hear the news of your parole. I have followed your story for a couple of years now when I came upon your story learning about Leavenworth Prison where my brother is serving time in the camp. I would like to say I did much to provide notes or letters and funds for you but I cant. I have been tied up working on getting my brother out. I will say I have prayed to our Lord for your peace. I know my brother can relate to you as quoted in the message that was sent out about the good news of your parole "To survive that requires strength that comes from deep inside." That strength comes from being in relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ which sustains my brother through this time as well. Oh the peace that has been given to all of you... may it continue. It is never our understanding but His will to be done. Michael, thank you for the courage to have served our country. God bless!!

  427. Rusty says:

    I am sooooo excited to see that this Hero is finally able to come home. May God bless him so that he can continue to bless others.

  428. Marilyn Pearl says:

    He should have a hero's welcome. Can not believe this happened to such a great man. Life has been very unfair to him. I hope he can overcome the unjustice that has been served to him. I am happy he has a strong and great family for his support. I have lived in the Middle East years back and know the Middle East attitude, and I can assure you no one was crying the loss of Ali Mansur in Iraq. What was the milatary court trying to prove?

  429. Oscar Amor says:

    Thanks God for justice at last. Where there is faith, There is love where there is love,God is there and where is God nothing to to be afraid about

  430. Malinda says:

    I am so happy he is coming home!!!!!! Finally ;_)

  431. Melissa S says:

    So thankful that he is being released soon!! It can't be soon enough. I'm SOOOO happy for you all and him. May God bless you all and keep you:D!!!!!!

  432. Lily says:

    Parole has been granted! What great news. Please continue to update the website so that we can see how Michael is doing.

  433. Pam Kuhn says:

    The e-mail I received from you today regarding Michael's parole on March 14 is the BEST email I've received in a long time!!! I am so happy for all of you!!! Praise God!!! Pam

  434. Jan Weston says:

    Michael, I have prayed for you every single day this horrible nightmare bagan! I will continue to keep you in my prayers! You are a hero and a precious young man with so much to offer. Stay strong. God has a plan for your future! We are rejoicing with you!

  435. COL. John Fust USA RET. says:

    Absolutely, praise God, and if we need a "sign" it's this wonderful news. Rangers Lead The Way, and now Michael and all his family can have a new beginning. Another manifestation that prayers do work. Michael, stay in God's favor. Jack Fust

  436. Kieran Droney says:

    Congratulations on getting parole!

  437. Deborah Stroud says:

    Hallelujah finally! This young man and his family has been in the back of mind ever since I heard his mother's plea on Michael's Savage radio show several years back. I can't tell you how happy I am for he and his family to get their loved one back. Thank God Almighty! work alongside prayers do work!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Tarboro NC

  438. B.J. Jackson says:

    Just read about the Good News!!! Praise God for Michael's release. God Bless you all. You have been on my prayer list since day 1. Congrats. B.J. Tn.

  439. Angela says:

    Praise God!!! My family and I have been praying this young man and his family!!! Great news!

  440. Carolyn Fox says:

    I just got the wonderful news that Michael is being released. Thank God for that. I am so happy for him and his whole family, especially his Mom Vicki who has stayed strong and has never given up on her quest for his freedom. To all of you, I rejoice. Better days are coming.

  441. Susan Cox says:

    Words cannot describe how thrilled I am to learn that Michael will be paroled on March14th! Scott and Vicki, God bless you for your persistence! Michael, blessings as you begin a new chapter in your life!

  442. Melissa Lawson says:

    I just saw a news story that Mr. Behanna was being released tomorrow. I did not know about the story initially so I found this website. This is an absolute travesty for any person that has voluntarily gone into the military to protect and serve the United States of America. It seems as a country we are spending more time, money, and resources to fight for the rights of the bad guys. I am so happy to hear that this young man is going to be able to get out of prison and hopefully with his family will be able to resume some normalcy. I encourage you to rely on your faith in Jesus Christ to get you though the tough times to come.

  443. Amanda says:

    Is it true? Michael won his parole and will be home March 14th?? Praise God!

  444. Bonnie Taylor says:

    Praise God!!!! I am so happy for you! Finally!!!! Justice!

  445. James Wainscoat says:

    The yellow & black Ranger Tab is not a unit. It signifies that the individual wearing it, was Ranger trained. Most elite units send their officers to Ranger School, if they have not already gone. Once trained, they walk and talk like any other ranger; whether a member of a Ranger unit or not. 1st Lt. Behenna fought with the 101st Airborne/air-Assault Division. 1st Lt. Behenna is a shining example of the 3rd stanza of the Ranger Creed. 3rd STANZA of the Ranger Creed. "Never shall I fail my comrades. I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong and morally straight, and I will shoulder more than my share of the task whatever it may be, one-hundred-percent and then some."

  446. Karen Sensenig says:

    There is absolutely no reason that this Patriot should be in prison!

  447. Rob says:

    Don't remember the "Rangers" operating in Iraq? Keep your head up and remember the 3rd stantza.

  448. Megan Goats says:

    Those who stand for truth must get the courage to fight back! Keep the faith and NEVER give up!

  449. Don L. Raymer says:

    This is indicative of every thing I've seen with anyone connected with the military and this administration. How BSO has not been impeached is defying all common sense !!!

  450. Mary Flowers says:

    We need to pray and write our member of Congress.

  451. Mrs. Duval says:

    Prayers forJesus' love and care for us all, especially Michael's family & fiancée, to be displayed with an end to the pain of this long awaited homecoming. In Jesus' name, please bring Michael Behenna home Father God.

  452. Ellen Dorsey says:

    Have been and I am still praying for Michael's speedy release. It is time for his return to his family. I so regret that he has had to serve any time in prison. Thank you, Michael for fighting for our freedom.

  453. James Paul Wainscoat says:

    DUE PROCESS? by Scoat I was faced by odds that left me little choice, To turn my back, in that I could not rejoice. Then it was that I saw clearly the way, It was life or death that before me lay. I gave evil a fighting chance, But it chose death, and went for the lance. Trained to defend to the death I stood, The Lord delivered me, then I understood. That in every deliverance there must be sacrifice, So I took on the burden of doing what was right. My men would be safe, the village secured, Hopefully my courage, and integrity would be insured. My men stood my me till one broke ranks, And the furor that followed truly stank. With hidden evidence, bought testimony, and promise of rank, The politically correct outcome was in the tank. Found guilty as charged said the Jury of sneers, I faced the loss of everything, plus thirty years. Five years have past since I breathed free air, Still I found a haven within, somewhere. Like a ghostly movie rerun each night, I see those who love me fighting the good fight. Now all that can be done, to make things right, Is for a Hearing to hear, what has been truly my plight. Now holding my breath, waiting for the shoe to drop, I find it hard to believe the injustice will stop.

  454. Amanda says:

    Any word from the parole board?

  455. Mike Harrigan says:

    I was wondering what type of check or money order is accepted by the accounting office at this place(Ft.Leavenworth)where the Lt.is being held.I would like to send him some money to put on the books for him but am not sure of the proper protocol involved at Ft.Leavenworth.If you could please send me the information on acceptable method of payment(pay-pal,Visa,Check,Bank money order,etc.)and the proper way to fill out the payment to Michael,and the address To send it to him,I would greatly appreciate it. I think he and most all of his comrades who have been imprisoned for not conducting a War in the proper civilian/PC manner,with ROE's that put our troops in harms way,should be released immediately .

  456. Mark singer says:

    Going to listen to interview today with steve Kate's. Joined the donation team last month. Mark

  457. James Wainscoat says:


  458. Mary Neubecker says:

    We have traveled along with Michael Behenna in spirit and prayers for five years sending letters and cards. It has been for me times of reflection and now hope that in this year Michael will be released and reunited with his family.

  459. Tammi Sutherland says:

    This is a total miscarriage of justice! How can we expect our men and women to serve their country in this capacity when their country is not there for them? He deserves, at the very least, a new trial where all evidence is presented.

  460. Hillevi Peterson-Hirsch says:

    I just wanted your family to know that I am still praying for Michael. I have linking information on my Facebook page. True honor = true hope. Never give up.

  461. joe lipton says:

    this is a travesty! please free this man,and send our boys home.

  462. Dalton Dodd says:

    Today is 16 Jan 14. What was the outcome of the parole hearing on the 9th? We're waiting for news.

  463. Terry Hall says:

    Praying for a positive answer for you and your family, it is much deserved. I still look back at the first time I read about Michael's situation and do not understand how America can take away so much when so much has been given. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  464. velma dell bel says:

    Thank you Lt. Michael Behenna for your service may God bless you and your family as for me and my house we will be praying for ya'll!

  465. Amanda says:

    Good editorial on Michael in today's Oklahoman. http://newsok.com/oklahoma-soldier-michael-behenna-has-paid-for-his-war-crime/article/3923825

  466. Tracy Carlson says:

    What has become of our country? How could we not care for our own? I may not know all the facts, however he was serving Our country and risking his life to protect us. I can't understand why killing an Al Qaeda member would cause him to be in prisoned? Didn't they attack us and kill well over 3,000 people? Now our government wants to protect them! This is not justice, he should be set free and given a medal for his sacrifice to our Country. This is disgraceful!!! I am sure if any member of Al Qaeda had the chance they would have killed him. Free this American hero!

  467. Rebecca Kramer says:

    I am appalled that our government has done this to one of our soldiers who was trained to fight for our country. You don't deserve this. You did the right thing so keep fighting for your release. My prayers go out to you and your family..

  468. Rebecca Kramer says:

    I sent a contribution and wrote a short note. I am appalled that our government has done this to one of our soldiers who is fighting for us. My husband passed 2 years ago, retired after 27 years Col Air Force. His career started in Korea. If he was here he would tell you that you did the right thing and to keep fighting for your release. My prayers go out to you and God Bless America.

  469. velma dell bel says:

    Thank You Lt.Michael Behenna for Your service may God bless You and Your Family.

  470. David M. Bel says:

    The prosecutors need to be convicted for pursuing this unfair trial.

  471. James F. O'Donnell says:

    I have been following Michael's situation for over one year and I have sent him notes and cards of encouragement on several occasions. My inquiry is a follow up to the parole hearing he was to have last week. Did the hearing take place? Please keep us up to date as we continue to pray for Michael's well being and that of his family. Thank You sincerely, James F. O'Donnell of Oakton Virginia 22124

  472. Luis E. Lalama says:

    there's no question that the military is under pressure to satisfy someone very high in the administration so not to offend anyone

  473. Robert Mead says:

    I have been trying for the last month to prod McCain and Flake to do something to encourage McHugh to consider his lack of Military experience to decide such a delicate case. Sadly, I have been received with negative or lack of action. However, with latest book by Bill Gates stating the negative attitude towards the surge, I have further voiced my displeasure to my two Senators. I am disgusted with this Administrations rules of engagement. Looks like another Vietnam. This is BS = Barack Sucks Veteran Sgt. Robert Mead USAF Electronic Security Command

  474. Margarita Paz says:

    Thank you for your service, You have my support.

  475. lt/col John P. Stroup Sr. says:

    Dear Major Donahue, Having heard the story of Lt.Brehenna thru your mailing, my family and I are outraged and embarrassed by the country that we have served. I am sending a small offering by uspo to aid in his vindication in the courts. Please send a duplicate of the Brehenna letter to Mr. Thomas Hamilton, 110 W. Westmore, Farmington, MO 63640. Also, please send same to Mr. George Price, 5000 Sherwood Drive, Midland, Tx 79707. I will alert them to this subject. Thank you for your devotion to justice! JPS

  476. Dixie Wood says:

    Lt.Michael Behenna indeed should be freed. Another example of gross miscarriage of justice against one of our American heroes.

  477. Dixie Wood says:

    I do demand justice for yet another true American Hero!!!!!

  478. Sandy Buchanan says:

    I did write to Lt. Behenna at Christmas. I read his response on line, which to me, he sounded so much like the Apostle Paul when he was imprisoned. I pray for Michael daily and wonder what the outcome of the January 9th hearing was. I have not heard.

  479. Richard St. Romain says:

    My son has served 3 tours in the hell holes of Afghanistan & Iraq. I have escorted young American men & women to their graves with Patriot Guard Riders for 7 years. I am disgusted that the American political, military leadership & American CITIZENS, are so disconnected from the hell these young men & women endure. They seem to constantly SEARCH for opportunities to punish our heroic VOLUNTEERS & IGNORE, the realities of brutal wars with brutal Middle Ages sub cultures. I wish I could volunteer to serve months at a time for Michael so he could spend that a few months with his family. Maybe other Americans could volunteer also, so Michael would NEVER have to go back to prison. We love you Michael! We think of you, we pray for you often during our days & weeks. Dick St. Romain, Patriot Guard Rider, Father of Army Nat. Guard Soldier

  480. Mrs. Duval says:

    Prayerfully awaiting good news with a hopeful heart & faith that God will see to it that Micheal finally comes home.

  481. Susan Cox says:

    Praying that Michael is granted parole!

  482. Marie says:

    Michael was in my thoughts yesterday. Today he is, too. And tomorrow. Always Remember how I felt when watching Jon Hammar chained in his cell in Matamoros. Clemency Freed him in December. May the Board Show Same Leniency of Heart that will elevate them in themselves as each time as Clemency is granted graciously, independently of personal opinions.

  483. Steve Wolf says:

    Big time thoughts and prayers are with Michael on his day of justice!!! Been spreading the word and we shall see our patriot adjudicated!! God bless Michael and all his compatriots being wrongly accused.

  484. Michael Carnes says:

    I can only hope that LT. Behenna can be released and the record be wiped clean with a honorable discharge. What people tend to forget, war is war. Political correctness does not belong on the battlefield. A war with such can never be won. Impressive accomplishments the LT. had made while in service in which many could not achieve.

  485. Tom Landry says:

    This is a good example of how the powers that be are trying to protect and empower Muslim extremists. This is so absurd I'm wondering if this article is fake.

  486. Barbara says:

    Dear Michael, Our family prays that the Lord will lift you up, strengthen you, and bless you with wisdom. You have already received the good news.

  487. flora sagely says:

    he should not have to serve any prison time for serving his country and in time of war ..he was defending us ....America ...we r free here at home because of him and others like him ....

  488. Eileen Truman says:

    Please look into this case! This man needs to be free. He is a true american hero...

  489. Regina Waters says:

    This is a slap in the face to all men & women that serve this great country of ours!!!

  490. Christine Hunter says:

    This is terrible,what an injustice to Lt. Behenna His family and all of us US citizens. It sounded like self defense to me. Let this man return home to his family!!!!

  491. malinda says:

    praying!!!!!!!! tomorrow is The DAY!!!!!!

  492. Ryan Sevin says:

    From what i've read about the incident. 1LT Michael Brhenna should get a new trial or be released. Released would be better, with honors, for killing an Al Qaeda operative.

  493. Valorie Everett says:

    How can our soldiers have any confidence in fighting if the USAF doesn't have their backs. As a jury member here - my biggest questions would be - Why did Army Intelligence request this terrorist release after the IED attack? Why would they deny the Dr's testimony? Who are they protecting or what are they hiding? You can reach your senators at this website -it's easy - lets make a stand for our soldiers who always have our backs! http://www.senate.gov/

  494. Al Kealoha says:

    Aloha Michael, My brother in combat and defender of our Constitution. I've been hoping for justice to be served in your case and wish this coming 'parole hearing' (hell brother..the term alone is repugnant when it come to your service) finally has the right stuff to do the right thing! All of us, those who serve and those who have served our country are with you on this Michael! Keep your mind and we will soon see you posting photos with your wonderfully, loving, tenacious family. Al Kealoha 1/27 Wolfhounds 155 Assault Helicopter Co. 101 Airborne Division 1967/1968 Vietnam

  495. Jim Hoffman says:

    We need more true American fighters like Mike.

  496. shelley lewis says:

    I am not financially able to contribute but I continue to pray for your release. This is a horrible injustice. Being a veteran myself I cannot even begin to imagine how you must feel betrayed. May God hold you in the palm of his hand. May you find the blessings in each day and continue to grow in your faith.

  497. Jack Lechalk says:

    As an ex-Air Force Security Policeman (RSVN), my Heart goes out to Michael and you: the Family. Having read this transcript, it seems apparent that the Military and perhaps Politics have played their cards to make an example of Michael, as well as, coverup some political maneuvering to placate someone somewhere in country, and they needed justification to correct some agreement made upon the Mansur's sudden unexplicable release. By Michael defending himself, it was an action stepping on someone's political toes. I'm sorry to say that it's an ongoing fact that today's veterans are getting truly stepped on by the very government they have served and risked their lives for, especially the current one. Wishing there was something I could do, my only help can and is prayer for your whole family, and that Michael will be released shortly. Until Americans wake up and we put people in office who can measure up to our forefathers, I'm afraid many more veterans and citizens of America will suffer as well. God Bless you and give you Courage to keep standing tall.

  498. Lynda Peck says:

    Michael is a hero not a criminal. We must ask ourselves why does our government want to protect the muslim terrorist?

  499. Linda Luzitano says:

    This has gone on way too long. It's time to free our patriot, he has done nothing wrong. I'm so disappointed with what is going on in this country. Sincerely Linda

  500. Donna Tkach says:

    I will be praying that Lt.Michael Behenna is released and given his full military honor. How can we send our men into battle and then send them to prison for killing the enemy in self defense. This is a severe miscarriage of justice. the prosecution attorneys should be disbarred for withholding evidence. Release Lt. Michael. Prayerfully, Donna Tkach

  501. Bruno F. Cilione says:

    Dear Michael, We are praying for you in the right & good outcome of your parole hearing. We will remind others of the hearing. Bruno & Rosa

  502. tom lannan says:

    "We want our country to love us as much as we love our country!" [Rambo 2] We do these things because we love our country, and we do them at 18 or 20 years old when we are not perfectly formed but must make decisions 10 and 15 years above our ability to do so. "We do the best we can!" Unconditional love for our country, show it to us!

  503. Leonard W. Silva says:

    Lt. Behenna, thank GOD for men like you. Your peril is close to my heart. I Pray for you, and a proper outcome on the 9th. Keep your head high, you have done no wrong accept being brought to an unjust trial by non combat, unqualified officers, to make such judgements. Sgt. L.W. Silva Jr. U.S.ARMY THIRD ARMORED DIV. 62-65

  504. Angie says:

    It's an absolute travesty when our men and go to war and do what they are supposed to do and then can't rely on their own government to back them up. Shame on our government for soooo many things.

  505. butch says:

    May 16 2014 shurley will help this kind of dog squeeze. from bad government

  506. Keith Bodine says:

    Why is it in every war we are In the government has to find a patsy, and declare him guilty of murder, for doing his job? Is it to impress the enemies government that we are a fair and just country when it comes to killing's that aren't on the battlefield? As a Vietnam combat veteran, the entire country we are in "IS" a battlefield. I was a helicopter door gunner, and I saw all kinds of atrocity's comitted by the Vietnamese government. From being thrown out of the helicopter, to being shot in the head by their own soldiers during questioning on the chopper. I never saw one instance of abuse by any American soldier. The arrest and conviction Lt. Behenna is a farce. Why would a man who is probably in the Army for a career, want to jeprodise that career by commenting a murder? It just doesn't seem to add up. This case needs to be reviewed by an unbias court. I pray Lt. Behenna will get justice while fighting this injustice.

  507. Tom Lamb says:

    Take my time served (8 years and 1 month), my rank (AD1/E-6)my 2 honorable discharges and send them to Al-qaeda and let them make their next bomb with that mix. Why is this boy in jail????? This hurts my heart. How have we gotten so stupid??

  508. Joyce M Thomas says:

    I just received your letter which contained an excerpt from Michaels letter, with a dream. You asked for a prayer, and that you have. Michael will continue to be in my prayers, and I will confirm for you, this will be the last hearing required. He will be coming home. Faith can move mountains, and I do believe the Lord has heard our prayers, and the mountain has budged. Continued prayers for you all. Sincerely; Joyce M Thomas

  509. roger says:

    God Bless Michael, I do understand your horrible situation, & horrible politics are controlling our lives. I am supporting you, & work as well You can at ft. leavenworth, & read the bible, & our LORD will prevail all & rapture very soon ! I have deeply researched of the john hagee's, 4 blood moons, years of jubilee's, EZ: 38-39, even rabbi's from jerusalem agree, & several other reasoning's ! Many prophecy's are been fulfilled, & our 2nd Coming will happen some day....God Bless You & Your family again Michael.

  510. alfonso j lambiase says:


  511. Jerry Mainer says:

    Man sent to jail by people that's never in combat. No lawyer sitting at a desk all their life can't understand what's it like in combat.

  512. Sue Brockway says:

    So sick of our government not protecting our own. We need to VOTE THEM ALL OUT. Enough is enough! Let him out.

  513. Ted says:

    Stay the Course,,,best wishes to you Ted (ret. USA)

  514. bob Holdsworth says:

    Michael needs to be released, compensated for his time incarcerated, apologized to by his Commander-in-Chief, honorably discharged at rank and the prosecution attorneys who withheld evidence dis-barred.

  515. Linda Sulton, says:

    My prayers are with Michael on Jan. 9, 2014. He will be released to his family. I have always known he will be free one day. To his great family, stay stong. I pray that God will continue to bless all of you.

  516. Patricia Gwen says:

    I praY to God that they get people on the panel that know what this country had done to Michael. Free him, I would stand behind him to defend me and my families.

  517. Luis E. Lalama says:

    It's obvious and apparent to me that those officer in the jury with no combat service experience had no idea of what it is to make a split second decision that may cost your life or the life of your soldiers, putting aside the fact that the deceased was a terrorist, it's obvious that the prosecutor withheld essential information giving by they own expert witness Dr MacDonnell, I am convinced the prosecutor has been forced to obtain a guilty verdict in order not to offend anyone, (you all know what I mean)

  518. Bob Rohrer says:

    Like Marine Larry Hutchins, this case is another travesty of justice. We can no longer even identify the enemy. We send our forces to fight them in far away lands and then elect and appoint them here at home to attack the very warriors they sent out in the first place. If America continues to put up with this political treason we are done as the free society we once were!

  519. Patricia Gwen says:

    Free Michael, he did what he had to do to defend his troop and America. We don't have enough of him! With the Army panel who has never serve or fought for our country would never ever seen the picture. I don't understand why they were involved. U need experience soldiers to serve the panels and this would never has happened to Michael. I'm ashamed of military court system who did not looked beyond situation OR HAVE EXPERIENCR FIGHTING SOLDERS. If America can free the terrorists. and let them in our country are greater risk to our country. America need to focus on them and less worries on Michael who not guilty!! He would/will serve our country he loves. FREE MICHAEL.

  520. Roseanne Pellegrini says:

    Hi, I'm so glad you wrote. I was just thinking about your son the other day and wondering how all was going. I love that passage he wrote that you shared with me. I'm starting to understand exactly how he must feel when he says how he realizes now what the important things in life are. Many people I know are starting to feel the same way because of all the injustice in the world. The need to be away from it and enjoy the spirit of life that we were put here to experience, surpasses anything else. Thank you for writing and yes, I will say a prayer. Send my love and keep in touch. Love and understanding, Roseanne

  521. Richard Wyeroski says:

    Please do the right thing and free this man. It is obvious to the average person that something is seriously wrong here. Michael is innocent and our country can not afford to lose people like him. Thank You Richard Wyeroski

  522. Mary Emerson says:

    Hello Micheal , First I would like to thank you for your service to my country. Know that I am praying for God's will to be done in your case . Keep your spirits high , though I know that must be difficult ... All true Americans stand with you, as you continue to fight against the injustice of your incarceration... I pray God will intervene in your plight . I salute you sir !

  523. Mary Morphis says:

    I pray that they will release Michael on this hearing. He should never have had to spend even one day in prison for defending our Country! I thank him for his service!

  524. alice hall says:

    This is an outrage! We get involved in a war and our soldiers can't defend themselves against the enemy!My heart goes out to your son and I will pray for justice for him and that he will soon be released from prison, where he shouldn't even be!

  525. Dorothy Healy says:

    I consider Michael a GREAT hero. I have written to my elected officials one of whom is Sen. Jack Reed. I will write again. I have never written to Michael, but I will now. I have followed this from the beginning. I cannot imagine your pain. My son is enlisted Army.

  526. Roy Banes says:

    This officer should never have been tried for the crime of murder. This is a travesty of prosecutorial malflelcence. The lefties have now infiltrated our military and we must stop this sort of leftist action. Free this Lt. And return him back to his rightful place in command.

  527. Gary Frazier says:

    I find it reprehensible that 1st Lt. Michael Behenna has been in prison - AT ALL. Further, I see it as a miscarriage of justice that he is trained to protect Americans and, when he did this, he was brought up on charges, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison. If you ask me, he deserves a Medal of Honor, NOT A PRISON CELL!! As an American citizen, I demand this miscarriage of justice be rectified! If the president were really an American, he would have stepped in, by now. I, being an American, whose birth certificate has never been hidden, demand justice!

  528. Keith Dugas says:

    I am hoping all goes well for the hearing. Prayers are with you.

  529. Betty says:

    this is a shame our military is treated like trash on the street. I pray one day you will need one of these you have done this to and he/she will turn their back on you. we want justice for our military. stop bowing to the muslims. they are after one thing to rule the world. and you are helping them.when did it become law to kill our own and save a terrorist?I get so up set with these nuts in the white house. pray I live to see the day that every military person turns their back on them all. and all that ammo and guns you have stocked piled want save your sorry back sides.

  530. Michael Morrison says:

    Lt. I would never walk behind you, or beside you. I would always walk in front of you. Good luck Sir. Hoo Rah, Semper Fi.

  531. Sharon Skomo says:

    I stand in agreement with all those trusting God for His direct intervention, and praying for Michael. During the time Michael has been serving his sentence, the military is slowly discovering it is headed in the wrong direction. The more this happens the more people are getting the clearer picture of Michael's political railroading. Each day, it gets clearer, and the military looks more foolish. They've held the line to save face, but they've lost all options including regrouping. Their prosecution legal team has lost all credibility. Let Michael go. Now. If they don't the embarrassment will get worse. They all belong on the Brady list.

  532. David A. McKimmey says:

    Release this soldier.

  533. claudette Garapic says:

    Please release this American from prison.

  534. Thomas Rehder says:

    He needs to be released..i would have done the same thing as he would have..He is a hero and a fine one..what is this country coming to when good men and woman serve this country they do there job. this sickens me just knowing you almost can't trust the goverment anymore

  535. Finek Branko says:

    Any one who kills a enemy of this nation should be honored not in prisoned .

  536. Rachelle Mand says:

    When are we going to learn how to fight our enemies and how to win a war? Our young men and women are sent to be killed for no reason because they are not able to have a real fight. G-d forbid if we have a decisive win, we might hurt the enemies feeling and that we can not allow.

  537. sandy weston says:

    This soldier was acting on behalf of his comrades. I demand justice for this young man.

  538. Lona Pflum says:

    Please parole Lt. Behenna!

  539. Jean Michaud says:

    Craziest thing I have ever heard. Shame on the justice system!

  540. Lacy says:

    I tend not to comment, however after reading a lot of remarks here DefendMichael.com. I do have a few questions for yyou if you do not mind. Could it be simply me or does it seem like some of the responses look as if they are left by brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are writing on other social sites, I would like to keep up with you. Could you list of every one of all your social community pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  541. James Wainscoat says:

    Christmas day is over, and most of us have spent the day with family and friends, sharing the joys and blessings that the Christmas season brings. We now have many more memories to comforts us in the days ahead; but what about those who suffer for righteousness, those who are still being punished for having done the right thing? It's also been a time of gift giving. 1st Lt. Behenna's life long gift to his platoon, was to free them from the consequences of going against political correctness, and thereby become co-conspirators in a trumped-up charge. He also gave the life long gift of future Christmases with family and friends, as well as the gift of life by sparing his Platoon, and the village from any further harm from a known terrorist. The Lt. could have executed (murdered) Ali Monsur in many ways, and no one would have been the wiser. Yet being a conscientious warrior, he chose to allow Mansur the opportunity to give up the information necessary to protect the lives of all concerned or show his true colors, motivated by his distorted religious views, and martyr himself in an attempt to take the Lt. with him. No shot to the back of the head, no firing squad, no just disappearing without a trace; just one on one; the Lieutenant and the Terrorist. This took place in no-man's land, a virtual wasteland of any rule of law, this was the old West when the fastest gun ruled. Mansur, dressed and trained for hand to hand combat, and the Lt. in his bulky full-field gear, only able to maintain the arrest of Mansure with his hand gun. Mansur was still under arrest, manacled until just before the incident, demonstrating the fairness in offering Mansur the opportunity to choose his end; cooperate or attack. Mansur was not defending himself against an attempt on his life by the Lt. an innocent man would have tried to prolong his life as much as possible, not provoke a hand gun response. If Mansur had been successful in getting the Lt.'s hand gun, he would not have saved his life; only provoked his so called martyr's death at the hands of the Lt.'s fellow warriors, just out of view of the culvert. Mansur chose the only alternative other than giving up the information necessary to save lives, just continue to refuse to give up the information, or return home under the cloud of suspicion that he had informed on the local Al-Qaeda cell, and that was martyrdom to a devilish cause, hoping to take as many with him as possible. In so doing, the American warrior trumped Mansur's attempt to disarm and kill him. For this act of heroism, 1st Lt. Behenna now sits in a cell at Forth Leavenworth, awaiting the decision of regaining his freedom by those who in all likelihood, haven't a clue as to the instantaneous and mortal finality of the life and death decisions that must be made by a Platoon leader, in order to fulfill his oath of responsibility to his men and the mission. There is no time for a panel discussion of what is necessary to comply with the latest political correctness or all the "What if's" that might have produced a different out come. In such situations, how a warrior integrates his training, his physical and mental abilities, motivated by whatever courage and love of his men and country he may have; this will determine his reflect response to such momentary windows of opportunity in combat situations. 1st Lt. Behenna was well trained, with a heart strong in courage and love for his men, the village and the mission. God bless you 1st Lt. Behenna during this season of good will and peace of mind, now and for the rest of your life. Thank you for your faithful and courageous service for your fellow Americans.

  542. eddie & catherine white says:

    We pray for this young soldier and pray that the Lord will intervene in his situation to change it so justice is done on his behalf and he gets released. he is unjustly penalized for doing his job as a soldier. God bless him and may he have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as only God can give him as the Lord brings good out of this wrongful action toward him and his family. We love him.

  543. Lisa says:

    This is ludicrous !!!

  544. Paul Caltabiano says:

    Mike, we haven't forgotten you!

  545. Harold provins says:

    What are you guys going crazy,get that man out of jail he is innocent.

  546. Kay Wilson says:

    For all the fine people who are asking what to do for Michael, could the website be updated to let them know they can still write a letter to: PAROLE DIVISION ~ US DISCIPLINARY BARRACKS? I'm sorry I don't have the address ~

  547. Ed Ulmer says:

    Please what I can do to help Lt Behenna and the Leavenworth Ten.

  548. Sgt Adam Nelson says:

    Let the sir go.

  549. MovieStarPlanet says:

    I ѕeldom comment, but i did some searching and wound up here Michael Savage Interѵiews Michael

  550. Patty Corbat says:

    Michael is a hero to the thousands who still believe in America. God help those who have sentenced him to prison and have steadfastly denied him freedom.

  551. pauline gonzalez says:

    This young man should be given a medal instead of a jail sentence. God bless him and God bless America and Merry Christmas to all.



  553. Mary Steffens says:

    My friend in Florida has give a lot of money to Maj. Bill Donahue too help please call 239 694 1016. Like to know if this .man is real.thanks

  554. Helen White says:

    I don't understand why our country sends our brave young men to fight for our country and has now put one in prison for killing someone that hates all Americans and would have killed him. My prayers go out to you and your family. Our congressmen and women should do something to free him.

  555. Margaret says:

    As a mother of a british soldier, my heart goes out to this poor man and his loved ones. I wish you all the luck in your fight for justice.

  556. James Wainscoat says:

    As Michael nears the full Army Clemency and Parole Board hearing at any time now, we have to be ready for a denial by the Board. It doesn't matter that Michael has been a model inmate, and has a history of honor, bravery and fidelity to the protection and security of his fellow citizens, those in his command, and those he was responsible for in country, which was his mission. The powers that be have demonstrated an arrogance and false superiority as they review Michael's miscarriage of justice. So as much as we all want to believe that there will be "Clemency" from the Clemency Board or Parole from the "Parole Board"; if they do not change their stripes; Michael faces another year as a POW by his own government. If that is the case, we all need to be willing to stop asking and pleading for justice and equity, and start demanding 1st Lt. Micheal Behenna's release with accompanying demonstrations, in order to bring pressure on those who test the patience of the American people. In the fight to the end; for the release and full restitution of all damages and privileges for our brave warrior.

  557. Beverly Jantz says:

    1st Llieutenant Michael Behenna deserves exoneration and release. He has my respect and thanks for serving our country.

  558. Beverly Jantz says:

    Please grant 1st. Lieutenant Michael Behenna full parole.

  559. MSG James McAdams, ret says:

    Having lots of time in combat(Vietnam) I can not believe that our country even charged this Lt with murder. The guy was a known Al Qaeda terrorist. It's as if our own country wants us to fight and die but not kill the bad guys. Why do we even join the service? If he was court-martialed they should look at the officers on the board, they should spend time in combat and see what's it's like. They would change their minds. This should have never happened. Release him now!

  560. Sharon Skomo says:

    Tired of hearing about our military being prosecuted for doing their jobs. Tired of politicians claiming they can't do anything. Tired of these Patriots being burned on the unholy altar of Leftist "political correctness". Until these political prisoners are free, our country cannot be and will no be headed in the right direction.

  561. Chaplain Bob says:

    Our fervent prayers for your release and exoneration and praise from our nation of military. Chaplain Bob

  562. richard rounds says:

    If these are the facts then he didn't get a fair trial. And that is a travesty of justice. He needs a fair trial not a witch hunt like he got. This isn't Salem MA its the USA and as a former soldier of the 82nd I believe he needs fair trial.

  563. Penny Quetel says:

    This America is not the America I grew up loving and being proud of. We have lost sight of what America stands for. Soldiers enlist because they love their country, Because it sure isn't for the money.They are proud of their country and serve it with dignity and pride. No soldier should face charges for doing what Michael did. He defended himself and saved innocent people from getting hurt. And no soldier should be tried by his peers that have no combat training at all because they don't understand what these men have been through. And I'm ashamed of Americans for letting this atrocity go on.

  564. ellis beam says:

    I have contacted my congressman, Jeb Hensarling of TX, demanding he do something. I was told by his assistants there is nothing they can do. This is typical of my congressman. I feel that it is a disgrace that our military would prosecute this man. He should be freed and every congressman and senator should make that happen. I am currently gathering petitions and harassing my congressman and have contacted Senator Ted Cruz about the issue.

  565. Van Sharpley says:

    With the subject line: one civilian's opinion, my email to army.arbainquiry@mail.mil It is my opinion that the US Military should kill as many of the enemy as possible, until the entire enemy surrenders. Please pardon Michael Behenna.

  566. Steve Wilson says:

    I am a Falklands vet and served for 18yrs in the Airborne. I am so enraged with the governments of both the USA and the UK for the way they support their fighting men and women. They train us to kill then send us out to fight their wars and when we do they then use us as scapegoats to pacify the very people we are sent to fight????? I wonder how many of those people who decide who should be used as a sacrificial lamb have ever been in a fire fight or seen their comrades injured or killed? Do they understand the decisions that have to be made in a split second which can mean life or death. I believe that everyone who serves on these court martials should have had hands on experience of the war that the accused is fighting in at the time of the incident. When are we going to see those who maim and kill our servicemen and women in the most cowardly of ways brought to task for their actions?? Everyone who wears a uniform and puts their life on the line for their country are heroes and should be treated as such. To both governments I can only say make your mind up whose side you are really on and if you are concerned about how the enemy feel about your actions DON'T KEEP SENDING US TO WAR!!!! FREE LT MICHEAL BEHENNA AND SGT ALEXANDER WAYNE BLACKMAN (Royal Marines)

  567. Les Gilliam says:

    Your story brought back so many memories. I have tried for over 40 years to forget about the war and the life changing events that took place. But still there is no relief. I am now trying to put them to pen hoping to find some peace. All I can say is except for God there go I. Specialist5 US ARMY , 1968-1970. Viet Nam 68-69. Now 100% disabled veteran.

  568. Sherry Varriale says:

    Dear Sir's as I read this story on Facebook I was determined to write and plead with you on his case. While I do not know him personally I feel all are Young Men who serve and are taken from are soil to foreign soil to fight and see the horror of battle, if they are lucky enough not to lose limbs,there mind or be killed, belong to all of us. I believe those who serve for us and put their very life on the line and kill the enemy while defending his life against a Al'Quida operative does not deserve such punishment or to be made an example of. You put are Men and Women in harm's way, even in the United State's we are at risk from those that wish us all dead. I pray you dig deep into your soul, that your heart will change till the injustice has been overturned. Please do not send are Men into battle without having their backs against the enemy. That is the least we can do for them. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment . I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family, even if Michael isn't with his. For unto us a child was born that we might all be saved. Please save Michael. God Bless S.R.V.

  569. john hatagan says:

    I am a retired Army GULF WAR veteran, and I am sick and tired of how the way that the government and our leaders are treating our veterans. I think that in my opinion Michael did the right thing and it was in his self defense, because we were trained that way to deal with the threats against us. I hope and pray that justice will be done and that they will release Michael soon. May God bless our country and our soldiers and guide the ones making the decisions in regards to defending Michael. Respectfully, John Hatagan

  570. Lee says:

    If any of you are reading these comments, I think one thing we can do is send Michael Christmas cards, gifts, etc. Last year I sent a book, I will do so again. It was simple to order via Amazon and have it sent directly to the prison. There are many comments here saying "what can I do"? This is just one small thing. To remind him that we are out here and haven't forgotten him.

  571. Robert Lanier says:

    how can I help

  572. Myron Smith says:

    What are you doing to this soliders? Release him. God Bless this Soldier Release Lieutenant Michael Behenna. I am from coastal North Carolina. We do not do this to our soldiers. What stupid Liberal Obama was involved?

  573. Milton Dawson says:

    To sacrifice the life of this Oklahoma soldier over the death of a known terrorist, is a breach of faith with all who are serving our country.

  574. Sabatino Nuzzi III says:

    I cannot believe I am seeing this! This is a total outrage! We send our brave men and women who volunteered to defend our freedom and then when a man like this kills a WELL KNOWN MURDEROUS TERRORIST WE SEND HIM TO PRISON. WHAT!!!!!! Have you people lost your collective minds. Talk about destroying the moral of our bravest hero's! THIS IS INSANE!!!! As a citizen I do not ask but demand his IMMEDIATE RELEASE and given a medal for his courage. What was he suppose to do let this piece of scum kill him??? Why not send our troops to this warzone unarmed and give them flags with peace signs instead of weapons. That is what Obama would have them do. He thinks we can make friends with these animals bent on killing us all. Hang in there Mike justice will be served. We stand behind you all the way!! Again I find this hard to believe, but then again having a muslim in the white House I really do not. God Bless and keep you Mike I will pray and do all I can to help you. To those insane people who imprisoned this hero may you all rot in hell! Do you people even have a brain? This is a travesty and you all Damn well know it. There is more here then meets the eye. I believe he is yet another sacrificial lamb as were the navy seals that were murdered on that Chinook helicopter. The world is laughing at us. What the hell happened to the America that was viewed as the freedom fighters and hero's of the free world. Again I demand as a loyal Constitutionalist American who is one of approx. 320 million Americans who demand this fine mans freedom and PRONTO!!!! The people responsible for imprisoning this hero are the ones who belong in jail. I am beside myself and think this is a nightmare. I know our Country is in huge danger of losing our American way of life but just when I thought they cannot do anything more unjust and Un American I see this. UNBELIEVABLE!!! If there is a God in heaven this man will get justice. make no mistake there is a God and he is with Michael. Those of you who falsely convicted this hero will be dealt there justice sooner or later. Make no mistake We all answer to someone sooner or later! Do the right thing and honor this man and treat him as the Patriot/hero that he is. I am not asking I am demanding this.

  575. Charles Neathery says:

    It saddens me to believe that in today's service in our nation, that more people do not stand up for this young Lt. Our nation is rotting in hell, and has become very weak, not having any support from this administration for our soldiers in combat. We have become cowards. Things have changed with all the fabrication, no one with reasonable sense and rationality, could possibly allow this to continue. I will bring this matter up in my VFW post, and will go from there.

  576. Bob says:

    Mike, this patriot is with you. I am disgusted by your treatment and I will stay with you until this unjustice is overturned and you are a free and vindicated man. I don't have much, but I will send what I can when I can to see you through this. With you until the end. Your friend, Bob W

  577. Phil Leng says:

    This is an outrage and a travesty! This decision needs to be reversed at once, and this man made free and paid recompense. PHil

  578. LEE MOORE says:

    Michael, this is plain BS. I do not understand how this could happen. Please accept my apologies for our government.

  579. Mario R Grassi says:

    I think it is a disgraceful miscarrage of justice to punish a patriot who has fought for his country.

  580. brandon cochran says:

    Really?This is a war people.Take this man out of that cage and free him.This is just pathetic the prime years of his life are gonna be behind bars.Life is very short i am Michaels age and i know he is climbing the walls in there.Stop this ridiculous injustice and free this patriot.Fyi this is not the Vietnam era.Get over youselves an your power trips.Enough!!!!!!

  581. Jacinda White says:

    Set Michael free and give him a medal. I will pray for his freedom and email my Kansas senators for intervention on his behalf. Stay strong Michael you only did your job and the military does not appreciate it. All should boycott the military and not join it.

  582. Linda Becker says:

    Dear Michael, American Patriots know you are innocent of any wrong-doing. I would venture to say, that in defending yourself, you killed one of Obama's good buddies. For that you were convicted by a paid off Liberal judge who has forgotten his oath and a bunch of CORRUPT LAWYERS, probably also paid off by O's lackeys. I hope that somehow the conviction is overturned and you are released to be treated as the HERO you are. I am not able to help financially, but I can spread the word and ask everyone to pray. God bless you and keep you safe! ~USMC Mom, USN Mom, Linda Becker

  583. Larry Davis says:

    I am devastated by this article. This is another reason we need to get Obama out of the White House. Lt. Behenna was sacrificing his life for our freedom. We will keep him in our prayers.

  584. Tyler Anderson says:

    I will support Michael. Please let me know how. Tyler Anderson former medic 7th SFG 1969-1971. Psalm 20:1-5

  585. Maj Ray Roberts (ret) says:

    I mailed a note to Michael this past week, sending a copy to the review board and also a copy to my Congressman, Michael Burgess. It is hard to understand how and why a military defender as Michael did not receive better treatment than, especially when it involved a true enemy. He should have received a commendation in lieu of a sentence I have spent my time in combat zones and each and all are enemies who cannot be trusted. Lets support our own troops. rr

  586. jacquelyn giovine says:

    This is a disgrace to our brothers and sisters who are fighting for our freedom in this country. The military prosecutors should be ashamed to call themselves americans after betraying 1 of our own. Its hard for me fathom what direction our country is headed if we continue to just please our enemies. God bless Lt. BEHENNA AND HIS FAMILY I will pray for him to get a new fair trial or to be released to his family.

  587. Sherry Cohee says:

    Thank you for your service Lt. Behenna! Unfortunately, we have a president who is weak and allows an Iranian born individual who hates America run this country. We can only pray that their time in office is cut short or we feel all hope is lost for this once great country of ours. May the peace of the Lord be with you during this trial.

  588. matt lehnardt says:

    the life of a young, able-bodied and disciplined american man will now be wasted in an american military prison because of a war action done in self defense. Why don't we just put ALL our military in prison, and give all the middle-east terrorists an apartment and free tickets to Disneyland? This is getting to be a bass-ackwards country.

  589. Eva Kristersson says:

    The first time I read about Michaels case and saw his picture, I knew in my heart that he´s innocent. I´ve shared his story and asked all my friends, to sign the petition for him, several times, and I will continue doing it. I pray for Michael and his family and I pray he will be released as soon as possible. Eva Kristersson (Sweden)

  590. Pat Behnke says:

    Saying prayers for you Michael and your family....Also I am doing what I can to spread awareness to this horrible unjust imprisonment. May God bring you comfort and never give up. We will fight for you!..Mrs. Behnke

  591. Donna Bensenberg says:

    I have no clue what I am suppose to do.

  592. Donna Bensenberg says:

    I am thinking of you and praying for your safe return to your family. Keep your faith. I am sure your life has to be a living hell, and it is so sad that you are having to be where you are. I hope our quickly falling apart government can get it's act together and get you released very soon. Take care, and know there are many of us back here wishing there was something we could do to help you get out of there, but sadly all we can do right now is pray for you. DB

  593. Lindy Croft says:

    25 years in prison for killin g a terrorist...get real people. Let M Behenna go free he was fighting for this country not giving arms to the terrorist like our beloved president!

  594. S M Peterson says:

    I cannot understand this happening to someone defending our country. Michael, please know this is not your nation's decision. Remember that the Lord is always with you. God Bless you and keep you.

  595. Israel Valdez says:

    I am demanding justice

  596. Mary Johnson says:

    Dear Michael, Thank you for your service. there are more and more people finding out about you and this injustice. We are outraged that this is how you are being treated. Don't lose hope! We will fight for you. This idiot we have in the White House has provided us with many battles but yours is one of them. Never give up, we won't. Mary Johnson

  597. Paul S Phillips says:

    This is another stupid action by this stupid Obama government to protect the Muslims that are killing our troops. The Miltary is really wrong. Lt. Col, USAF (retired) POW WWII, Fuck You amd the military support out troops POW WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Veteran. Release the Lt. from Prison. and give him a medal. Phil the pill

  598. Annette says:

    I wish you hope, an uplifting attitude; peace in your heart; truth in knowledge and love for and from our Lord. My prayers are for you. Angel blessings, Annette

  599. Sharon Clark Todoroff says:

    Please put me on your e-mail list. I would like to be kept informed.

  600. Patricia Anderson says:

    I am so appaled by this I will do all in my power to do with the help of God. May God keep and bless Michael

  601. maj ed noegel (usa retired) says:

    If I had been on the court martial board I would have voted not guilty. Having sat on several cm boards myself I can tell you that members personal bias does enter into their judgement. Their is also higher command who gets the word from secdef what the expected outcome is and so the cm is packed with members who will vote to insure the expected outcome is arrived at. Lt Behenna should be immediately release and place back on active duty, given any promotion that his year group has recieved, given full back pay, have his record expunge of all correspondence relating to this cm, and given the choice to retire in grade or stay on active duty. He is the type of officer that all officers should immulate. He is a warrior. I hopr the next president will order all this done as cinc. I would know a soldier like him would have my back. As vietnam vet I would serve with him in anytime. I salute you, Lt Behenna and will pray for your release. I would love to meet you in person once you are released. Remember GOD has a special place in heaven for those soldiers who have spent their time in the hell of combat against satanic forces like nazi and jihadist forces. Surely hope I meet you there one day. Until then be brave and pray. God will answer.

  602. David Wolff says:

    Dear sir! I am so sorry to read your plight! For without your COURAGE and DEVOTION along with LOVE for your fellow man I would not have the FREEDOM you have allowed me to have!!!! Please know my soul is praying for your release and clemency and that you be awarded your DUE FREEDOM ALONG WITH HEROISM AND COMPENSATION!!! I SALUTE YOUR BRAVERY and pray God shall protect you FOREVER!!!! We will never give up and never forget you!!! I am sick to my stomach knowing the injustice you have to live with for doing what any "MANLY MAN" would have done! It seems today those are few and far between in the position to stand up and demand your release. Life is precious to the believers in Yahweh so no matter what you are in the hands of The Creator of all things for your willingness to PROTECT AND DEFEND. God bless you and please never ever give up hope!!!! Once again I SALUTE YOU and stand with you as you did for me and my family. Sincerely yours, David Wolff

  603. chas noblin says:

    seems like a miscarriage of justice to me

  604. Frances Switalla says:

    He did this country a good service NOW THERE IS ONE LESS AL KAEDA MEMBER in this country. In self defense he gets 25 years. Something is wrong to treat him that way. What in the world is wrong with that system. I am with him 100% and think he should be released.

  605. Richard Worrall, USA MSG. (R) says:

    I have a stepson still serving with a SPEC OPS unit at Bragg, I warn him of the situation continually and hope he can "escape" the PC Police, he's a great soldier. It's tough serving in combat again, watching the enemy in front and the enemy behind you at "home"! Congratulations America, you've once again embarassed yourself for letting this happen to a good soldier...

  606. Richard Worrall, USA MSG. (R) says:

    First and foremost, I apoligize for America letting this injustice happen to you. I served 23 1/2 years Airborne units and saw "Crap" happen to good soldiers, because the PC system wanted it so. Our Army will be systematically destroyed if the Democratic Party continues to control America. Good soldiers are being screwed or dismissed from service, the PC maggots remain. Kinda reminds me of the early All Volunteer Army. It saddens and pisses me off. Good luck and God Bless you SOLDIER, AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY...

  607. Danny Glover says:

    Thank you Soldier for our freedom. Thank you for standing for what you believe in. That is a very special gift from God. May God bless you and watch over you and your family. May you be at peach knowing you stood up for righteousness and freedom. We are praying for your release. Aloha Soldier, whoooah. DG

  608. Arleen Blackstone says:

    A breach of faith does now come anywhere near to describing the wayour nation has treated this heroes. I pray there is a HUGE public outcry to free this officer and return him to duty. This nation has been plunged into such great shame and hulimiation at the whim of a shameful leader. It is yet one more blemish on our nation. Pray for Lt Behenna, for his freedom and for our president and his chosen servants to come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  609. Daniel Dominguez says:

    Hang in there my brother- l stand behind you all the way. Sad to say, but this is the thanks you get for serving ur country. Rangers still lead the way

  610. Fred Froehlich says:

    Micheal, My heart goes out to you I am a 64 year old Vietnam veteran Keep it together my friend and God Bless! Fred

  611. Clay Etheridge says:

    What the hell is going on in this country when you are protecting yourself and the USA and go to jail for doing your job. That stinks. Oh and Michael thank you for ypur service.

  612. Patricia says:

    Stop the Insanity!!

  613. Ed Munger says:

    An injustice has been caused by the Obama administration who, by their hypocrisy in creating the atmosphere of not looking after our own soldiers, giving everything to protect our nation from such as alquaida operatives, who care little for our way of life or the peace we are ready to sacrifice ourselves for. This injustice should be corrected and Lt. Behenna set free immediately.

  614. Kevin Woodruff says:

    I heart goes out the Lietenant and his family. This man goes and defends his country and doing his duty ends up being sent to prison. That's not right!! This needs to be reversered and Lt. Behenna needs to be set free and his record cleared.

  615. LINDA says:


  616. Chris Chambers says:

    Keep praying. This can't stand.


    This is completely disgusting, like everything that has happened since 2008. I will pray and hope that the Lord soon brings salvation to our nation and those who are treated unjustly as Michael has been. May God bless and protect you each day.

  618. Aletta Berghoff says:

    Michael please know that we are praying for you. We are proud of you for your service to this country. Hold your head up high and remain the humble person that you appear to be. We will be watching this case very carefully and we are all routing for you!! May God be with you.

  619. John Christos says:

    LT Behenna Sir: As a former AF pilot and American citizen, I am outraged at the treatment you have been subjected to, and the outright miscarriage of justice for a soldier doing his duty both with honor & dignity. I will do what I can in a civilian manner. If there is anything I can send you in the meantime, please have your attorney contact me via my email and I will do whatever I can. Snappy Salute, John

  620. Vincent DeVozza says:

    How can this even happen? The enemy has more rights then our brave American heros. Mr. >>O<< has given the green light to the killers of freedom and the red light to those who defend it. How disgraceful; this must end......

  621. Lizabeth Smith says:

    This supports the fact that our government does not SUPPORT our fighting men and women. LT Behenna was carrying out the duties ad he was trained. If HE had died it would have been one of the front page, major TV news stories about another brave soldier losing his life in battle. Unfortunately, he survived and the enemy didn't. Kind of obvious who "they" are really rooting for in Washington-and it isn't LT Behenna or any other of our troops. Wake Up Washington-do something good for a change, RELEASE LT BEHENNA. You trained him to complete his mission. He did and deserves more than an 8 x 10 home for the next 25 years. If this is the best you can do, go ahead and bring them ALL home before one of them messes up and kills the enemy again.

  622. Robert Hallgren says:

    Seems like someone who has very high authority wants Micheal to be an example of clemancy for terrorists, dare I guess CinChief???

  623. Ismael Pabon says:

    Time to defend those that defend us. Especially in the light of an administration bend on destroying everyones freedom especially those of the armed forces.

  624. Randy says:

    Keep the faith Michael! You must organize a petition and have it circulated throughout the country. You will most certainly receive tens of thousands of signatures on your behalf, perhaps some media coverage, and then some justice. I will watch out for it and send it to everyone in my circle. Thank you for your service.

  625. Jesse Mintun says:

    I am so confused and saddened. I feel I no longer live in the America I was taught about, and grew up in. This case never should of even made it to trail. Has the Army gone mad? Someone, above the trail lawyers and the review board must be pulling the strings. This reality makes me sick. Sick to be an Army Veteran and sick to be an American in this time. I do not have much faith in the Supreme Court. They have ruled before without so much as a nod to the rule of law. They are in the pockets of our puppet masters. I feel so sorry for his family. I will pray for him and for justice. If justice is not found, it will be the last straw for me, and I will choose to fight to bring the America I love back through any means necessary (within the law)... For now.

  626. Joel Jenson says:

    Would not be happening under George W. Bush. Leave it to the liberals. Our country is going to hell fast.

  627. Wendy Tarrant says:

    Dear Lt. Behenna, My husband is also serving in the Army; please know that your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated! On the contrary our hearts, prayers and appreciation are with you. Always KNOW that you have done the right thing! Evil will always be among us, and I thank God that we still have people like yourself here to help and protect us from it. Know that you are not alone! We are always here for you, just as you have been for us and your country! With the utmost appreciation and and respect, The Tarrant Family

  628. Wayne Lawton says:

    Being an Honorably discharged Vietnam Vet and seeing to this day, the path our 44th President leads us. I am appauled about this defender of our freedoms IMENSLY as well. Treated this way for defending our Freedoms. God Bless you Michael Behenna!!!!

  629. Bonnie Sorrells says:

    If our country had a real commander in chief who had the slightest inkling of what it was like to be in the military then this would never have happened....

  630. judah mckee says:

    I apologize that I can not donate money to the cause and I believe it is wrong for Michael to be imprisoned when he should be counted as a hero for defending us and our country against a terrorist. To bad we are not snuffing out the lives of more terrorist and taking control of our government that is obviously full of terrorists and traitors. I do not know of any other way to offer my support other than to say be of good courage and don't let the idiots that have imprisoned you brain washing you into believing what you have done was wrong. Stand your ground Michael and if I knew anything about fighting there definitely would be a jail break. What is sad to me is Americans have their heads in the sand and continue to turn a blind eye to the evil taking place in our Nation. Enough babel from me. I am very Sorry for the disgrace and the hardship this has caused you. All Americans should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to happen. If I wasn't a coward I would go in with arms blazing. Physically though I am no more than a wimp. I apologize for Apathy that runs through this country and I apologize I can do nothing to improve the situation for you and for cleaning up this corrupt political, legal and moral system of the once United States of America.

  631. thomas conger says:

    sooner or later the politicians & the military will have to answer--prayers to the el tee

  632. Sam Marshall says:

    I will contact my senators and congressman over this ASAP>

  633. Raul Duke says:

    Keep the faith brother

  634. ralph watson says:

    God Bless you in this trial.

  635. Mark Koesters says:

    Free him!

  636. diane smith says:

    This is wrong, this soldier was defending our country, what he did was right, he protected the lives of his Platoon, he should not be in prison for doing the right thing. America should be backing up this soldier and release him from prison. That terrorist would have killed many more of our soldiers if he hadn't been killed. Am praying for his release.

  637. Santa Bellino says:

    Wake up America - they mutilate our heros, and drag them thru the streets, then hang them....No justice for our heros....what is wrong with this picture....viva Lt. Behenna. All I could do is keep praying for you....You are my HERO...

  638. will Mundy says:

    This country should be ashamed of what they're doing to this soldier. The military trains these young men and women to do a job,and then they are punished for valuing their life over that of the enemy. With PR like this, it would not surprise me to see enlistment ratings go way down. United States military should be ashamed of themselves.

  639. Pam McKovich says:

    This soldier has been done a terrible injustice. How can you put someone in prison for defending his own life, not to mention the service he has given to protect our lives. This country should be ashamed. I know I'm ashamed of what it is doing to our military but I will keep focused and not go into that issue. This soldier should be released and  the verdict overturned. There has been too much evidence held by the prosecution.

  640. JoAnn Sellers says:

    Please remember there are millions of Americans on your side.

  641. Betty Simonsen says:

    Lt.Behenna needs a FAIR Trial immediately,and released from Ft.Leavenworth.Those 7 officers of the Military Panel who seemed to have wrongly convicted Lt.Behenna,needed to be replaced;in my opinion.I pray that all charges against Lt.Behenna,are dropped...

  642. Mark Vanderpool says:

    IT's a shame and a travesty that you ask young men to defend our country and while doing there job they are put into a situation where they must defend themselves. Then you decide to punish them for it. This is an outrage. Mansur was a criminal, terrorist, a known Al Qaeda operative and was directly involved with the killing of two soldiers. Men who will never see there families again. Then when he tries to kill another and the outcome is such that he is killed, you decide this must been premeditated murder. Where is the justice. You had an actual witness which confirmed what the expert witness says must have a happened. The defense decides not to call the witness. You close your eyes and ears then make a decision which is not forth right. How would you feel if this was your son? How would you feel if one of the solders that dies was your son? I won't even get into the fact that the attorneys for the defense decide not to call the witness. That should be premeditated or collusion. Do the right thing, be a leader not a follower, be a hero, set an an example for people in this country, our solders and their families. Step up to the plate and acknowledge a mistake has been made and reverse the decision. Give LT Behenna his honor, rank, responsibilities back and reinstate him. He deserves that much.

  643. Alexander Bunatin says:

    I think that every honest American should support and defend Michael Behenna

  644. Jorge Lisek says:

    The Lieutenant was doing his job. Obama is anti-Military and as Commander-in-Chief he is a disgrace to the country and world. Arrest Obama he is guilty of hate-America and the soldiers. Lock him up and throw the key away!!! And Moochelle, also for spending millions of our money on vacations! God Bless you, Michael.

  645. Brian Melton says:

    My prayers are with Lt.Behenna. God bless from Iowa.

  646. Betty Lawrence says:

    To whom it may concern: I am appalled at the treatment of one of our brave soldiers who is protecting us at home by arresting an AlQueda operative. Lt. Behenna is not over there to bake chocolate cookies! How dare our government put him in jail!! This is downright criminal behavior on our government's part. What must we do to appeal this??? A concerned American citizen

  647. Lyudmila Astakhov says:

    We sent out our message to the Pardon board and wanted to share our righteous anger with such unjustice towards Michael: We were shocked to learn about situation that lead to Michael's arrest and sentencing... We deeply saddened with the facts we learned from: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/11/army-ranger-1st-lieutenant-michael-behenna-sentenced-25-years-killing-known-terrorist-self-defense/ That situation in which Ranger found that time himself is surely has no justification for punishment when he and we all face such a brutal enemy Instead, we need to be grateful for each and everyone serving to the nation in protecting our country and our FREEDOM, especially when on battlefield. We ask and demand that you will find solution to Pardon this brave and true American for the sake of honor and gratitude to his service and sacrifices he already made, and as a token of appreciation to his parents and family and friends who supported him all this years. Let the Justice serve him now and let Michael Behenna be reunited with his family and celebrate his personal Freedom on Christmas Day. We trust in your sense of justice and we hope that you will exercise your judgment as proper and release this man and give him what he deserves - live free and make the FREEDOM ring for all who trust in this country and her values - America is the home of brave and land of the free. In God we trust. We pray in Jesus name. Amen. Mr. and Mrs. Astakhov. Saugus, Massachusetts 11/24/2013

  648. Beth Killoy says:

    Dear Michael, I believe in you and THANK YOU for putting your life on the line day after day to keep my family and myself free!!! You lost your freedom protecting mine. GOD is with you and will help you turn over this horrific miscarriage of justice. You are David and He is Goliath. Man has failed you, but He will not! Hang in their. My prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. Whatever you do always, always be Professional, Polite and Civil. Don't let anyone bait you. You can do this! You are my HERO! You did what you had to do and were trained to do. THANK YOU, again! Much love to you and yours. Gratefully Yours, Beth

  649. Frank Freeland says:

    This government is a joke and must be changed at all cost in November both parties. I can't see why anybody would want to serve for this country, in the service at this time, I served four years from 61 to 65 anr was at the bay of pigs

  650. american jo says:

    This is an outrage. One of many we have endured with this president. He should be free instantly!!!We as Americans should demand this together!Why aren't his parents doing something???

  651. Ted says:

    If you call fighting for your life a crime in a country where life is a battle to just hope you see another sunrise. This is a outrage for a man willing to give his life for his country. You have no mortals.Free this man as he was just doing what he has been trained to do,protect his life and his soldiers life's Thank you

  652. Ralph Flora says:

    Why didn't the defense team call Dr. MacDonnell especially after he the defense counsel "he would have made a great witness for LT Behenna."?

  653. Vincent says:

    Never give up hope. You will receive vindication as well as the support of all American citizens for your unheralded bravery. Have faith. We support you and will do all in our power to se that you are set free to enjoy the remainder of your life with your family and all of your loved ones. Peace be with you

  654. hogagraman says:

    The prosecution of this hero is very flawed, prosecutors should be exacuted

  655. Leonard W. Silva says:

    This sounds more like a tribunal for a scape goat, than a trial. Since when does a court start a trial on a combat soldier, with out any oombat experienced officers on the panel? I believe if we had a non ISLAMIC president, this would not have happened. Pure bull____!!!

  656. Edward E. Lumbatis says:

    This is such a miscarriage of justice, I can only hope and pray enough people come to Michael's aid in this travesty. It is hard for me to comprehend the UCOFMJ leveling such a severe sentence, for doing what would seem to be an appropriate action, under the circumstances as I understand them. I sincerely hope, a new trial would be in order, and Justice would prevail.

  657. Richard Grimes says:

    This is without a doubt one of the worst things I have heard. I am very proud of the LT. He has done what his country has asked him to do but his peers turned their back on him. God Bless you LT. From our family to you, you are in our prayers.

  658. billy rosenthal says:

    We cannot have this this is wrong what do I haft to do to help this boy need me to write to my law makers please advise

  659. RON R. says:

    Free this brave man from this huge un-justice! This stupidity of locking up innocent troops only proves how far from reality, and justice this current admin really is!. I thank this Army ranger for his brave service! (All Incumbents out 2014!)

  660. Alan Setherley says:

    This is all too common under our present whitehouse Regime. The emperor (BO) is known for his antimilitary stance! Read the book about the Navy Seal who has a lot to say about the way Military and the way they treat combat veterans. The book is "LONE SURVIVOR" the story of Marcus Luttrell in an attack in Afghanistan and what these American Heroes must go through to even kill their sworn enemy. The American Military is being downgraded on purpose!!

  661. Bruce Honey says:

    This is miscarriage of justice. Where is the defense for the Marine?

  662. M Hodgell says:

    He has fought for our freedom and deserves his; as he had to defend himself from a terrorist. Please give Lt. Behenna a new trial and release him from prison.

  663. James Wainscoat says:

    Dear Michael stand strong, your honor is intact. Had you not allowed Ali to show his true colors; in all likelihood he would have caused your unit more death and destruction. He had to be on the Commander N Chief's kill list, since he had a "capture or kill" order on his head. So there would have been innocent people killed had he lived until a drone took him out. Combat is another world, and those who haven't been there, do not understand the horror and finality of it. It can not be compared to any other situation, even that of a police officer, and I have been both (101st Airborne, Vietnam & high crime precinct 13 in DC). The life and death decisions you have to make, as the highest-ranking man, in a position to do what needed to be done to protect your men, the village and accomplish the mission; can never be decided by someone in the rear echelon, who doesn't have the 1st hand experience of the situation on the ground. It's these rear echelon decisions of the rules of engagement that have cost us the lives of way too many good men. Even one man is too many. Having done the right thing at the right time; don't ever allow the pressures of those who would have you lay down and bow to their political correctness; have their way with you. Whatever they are able to do, they can never take away the honor your brother warriors have for your bravery and leadership integrity. We salute you and any brothers who stand as you do, in the honor to which you have pledged your life to defend the Constitution, your men, and the lives of those you were responsible for. My family and I will remember you and yours with thankful hearts this Thanksgiving. Our love, prayers and support. The Wainscoat family

  664. Sharron L. Rundell says:

    My Father, Step Dad, Mother, and both uncles were in the service to our county...so explain to me how Lt. Behenna recived this kind of sentence when he was doing his job. Shame on the government he killed an Enemy to this country.

  665. June says:

    Thank you for your service & your sacrifice. We do appreciate what you have done & hope & pray that you will be free soon. Sincerely, June

  666. Yael Dragwyla says:

    This is a travesty of justice! This young man did nothing wrong. He is being sacrified on the altar of Political Correctness so that the liberals can feel good, and so that Obama will be happy, no other reasons. Lieutenant Behenna should be exhonerated and freed from prison immediately.

  667. Alicia Gray Thacker says:

    This is such an injustice to LT. Behenna! It is so hard for me to fathom just how far the US has gone to do the things and allow the things that have been done in the last several years. Things have gone from bad to worse over the past 5 especially! I love this country and see so many injustices by our government that it makes me so sad. I pray that justice will prevail for LT. Behenna. He did his duty and is apparently being punished for it. God Bless him and keep him safe.

  668. CPT J R Turner (Retired) says:

    Firstly, I would extend my sincerest appreciation for your honorable service. It is a travesty when punished for actions taken were for the good of the service as well for humanity at large.The military of today has lost its way from the days of loyalty to superiors and subordinates alike. You have been sacrificed on the altar of political expedience. You have the hopes and prayers of many others for vindication.

  669. Dean Naylor says:

    Michael: you're right! The enemies are always cryilng 'foul'...such losers. American exceptionalism is founded on opposing and eradicating force against it. Always has been...Germany, Italy, Japan, communism and all the other opposing 'isms'. Thanks for your service.

  670. Hans Berger says:

    Hi Michael, I was appalled at what I read. The news media never prints these stories. Thank you for your service and I hope the powers to be will see that you will be home by Christmas. We will keep you in our prayers. Keep in mind, justice will be served. We both know who made the decision to incarcerate you. All I can say is, keep the faith. God will deliver you from this hell hole. Again God bless you and thank you for serving our country so gallantly.

  671. Robert Boney,Esq. says:

    Has counsel considered a formal request for pardon from the President? Or asking his congressman to look into this? Robert Boney (NJ)

  672. Susan Miller says:

    My thought for you is to affirm Divine Order for you during your ordeal.

  673. Tim Ammerman says:

    To try this army ranger for premeditated murder at a time of war especially after two of his men were killed by this terrorist and his band of thugs is absolutely ridiculous and I will do my part to help free the man who risked his life for our country.Please let me know what I can do to help. Tim Ammerman

  674. Don Stahurski says:

    Let ALL Americans remember these many such affronts to our country, when it comes time for our upcoming elections.

  675. William e. Vargo jr says:

    Be Strong 1LT Michael Behenna.

  676. Mike Hutchins says:

    Has anyone started an online petition through change.org or any other site? They have proven very effective recently and can attract substantial public and media attention. If there is not one currently, it could be a valuable addition to this campaign which I would gladly support and I'm sure many others would as well. (Apologies for duplicate post. Incorrect email attached on previous message accidently.)

  677. Don Stahurski says:

    We need to remember this NON Support for our Americans when it comes to the upcoming elections. Our government has done everything from coddling the prisoners in GITMO, to calling an act of terrorism, Workplace Violence. When are we going to recover our sense of true patriotism?

  678. Don Stahurski says:

    Please don’t give up, because good DOES always win out…But not always in the timeline we would like. You know you are innocent, which is the most critical point. We also know you were a scapegoat for our politically correct society, which tends to bend over backwards to show understanding to those who would kill us, whenever given the chance. I spent one year in Iraq, as a contractor training Iraqi police, and I will never forget the hatred instilled in the young children towards we Americans. God Bless you Michael. Regards Don Stahurski

  679. Don Stahurski says:

    Dear Lt.Mike, I hope you are in good health and holding up your spirits as well. As a retired police officer, I know the fear of situations such as yours, where we know our society tends to side with the offenders, rather than those putting their lives on the line for the citizens. You have been victimized in such an instance, and I just want you to know I will pray for you. Please don't give up, because good DOES always win out...But not always in the timeline we would like. You know you are innocent, which is the most critical point. We also know you were a scapegoat for our politically correct society, which tends to bend over backwards to show understanding to those who would kill us, whenever given the chance. I spent one year in Iraq, as a contractor training Iraqi police, and I will never forget the hatred instilled in the young children towards we Americans. God Bless you Michael. Regards Don Stahurski

  680. Diane says:

    Keep up the fight God is with you! Don't think for one minute that your country has left you behind, the silent minority is with you. God Bless.

  681. David C. Crouch says:

    I WILL most definately be sending Michael a money order so that he can have a little bit of enjoyment as the FIGHT for his life continues. Having served this Country as well, I am appalled as well thta we have idiots serving in our Military Justice system that have the complete lack of Character & Integrity, who think falsely convicting one of our finest is the way for making a name for themselves. What is going so wrong in our Country today. I am so concerned that this great Country is loosing its way... I will be PRAYING for my Friend Michael... I will do all I can to see that this message gets all around our Country... Michael, keep you FAITH strong, keep up the FIGHT, as we were trained to do.. NEVER, NEVER, give up nor give in to whats wrong.. Love ya Michael Behenna II Chronicles 7:14

  682. TERRI HAINLINE says:


  683. OMW says:

    Just remember, in the end...CHRISTIANITY WINS...OUTRIGHT!!! You did the right thing.

  684. Dolores/Jim McLaughlin says:

    Thank you for serving our country...you are truly one of America's heroes. We wish you well and we will be praying for your safe return home.

  685. Barbara Tomei says:

    This is totally unacceptable!!! Since when to we prosecute American soldiers for defending themselves against a Muslim terrorist? I've heard of other cases where our soldiers are serving time because of these animals! They are out to kill us & this administration protects them! Our prayers will be with Michael...this I HORRIBLE!!!!

  686. Lori M Ruhl says:

    This is such a miscarriage of justice, he should have never been tried for a crime. I pray that the appeal will have the correct outcome and he will be home soon. May God keep him strong until he is released. I am so sorry that the country he fought for, put him through something like this. He is a hero in my eyes!

  687. lynn Wehmeyer says:

    It is a travesty and injustice to prosecute military personnel for defending themselves against the enemy while doing the job they are trained for. Drop those charges - and maybe even give him a commendation.

  688. Holly Brazelton says:

    This trial sounds like a kangaroo court. What are they thinking. This will demoralize our men and women in the military. What kind of axe are they grinding. I am totally sick of these military putting our heroes in prison for doing what they were trained to do. Whose side are they on anyway. Common sense ain't all that common is it?

  689. Michael says:

    Dear Lt.; Millions of your fellow citizens are grateful for your service and your current sacrifice. It is because of you and your fellow soldiers, past, present and future that we have the priceless blessings of freedom as we go about our daily lives, a heartfelt thank you sir. As you sit there incarcerated, please never forget that we think about you and your situation, and please, never, ever give-up, justice will be done. Michael. Prescott, Arizona.

  690. Sarah A. says:

    This is so wrong. One should not be punished to protect oneself and dispatch the enemy. Why does our government insist on getting close to the enemy while punishing patriots? Patriots care about this county. Terrorists do not.

  691. Chris Hinova says:

    This is a travesty of justice and an insult to all those who serve or have served in the past or will serve in the future

  692. Paul VanHorn says:

    Rangers kill bad guys. LT killed a real bad guy. They send him to prison???? Makes less than no sense to me...

  693. Marco says:

    How in GODS name can you lock up this Patriot American. He did nothing wrong.

  694. Lawrence White says:

    That should never have gone to trial, let alone a conviction. Speaking as a veteran, I am embarrassed by the whole trial.

  695. Carroll Mitchell II says:

    Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna, he and other members of military should not be at Ft. Leavenworth or any other prison for doing their job. As a catholic book store and website we support our US Military.

  696. Jack Watkins says:

    As stated above, this is an outrage. No American soldier should ever be jailed for defending himself against an enemy combatant. This case should be reviewed at the highest levels, and reversed if the facts above are correct. As a free American, thank you Michael for your service, and you deserve much better from the U.S. military.

  697. Shellia Synovec says:

    This is such a miscarriage of justice.

  698. sharon says:

    This is such a travesty of justice. You all are in my prayers. Thank you all for your service. I wish there was something I could do to right the wrong. Please do not give up on obtaining justice.

  699. Patricia Mathews says:

    Only anti-American judge would even THINK to put this brave soldier in jail. It is the judge and lawyers that should be there. This young hero deserves a medal!

  700. Palmer Kimball says:

    I am experiencing outrage over this treatment. It appears The Lt has been railroaded by a political system that has instructed the military to go soft of terrorists. If this guy was a known terrorists, and the Lt. had a clean record,he should be given the benefit of the doubt.

  701. Keith Hunt says:

    This young man needs to.be set free. He was doing what he was trained to do

  702. Paula says:

    I am appalled about how are military is treating our soldiers for doing there job. Getting rid of the enemy and protecting his comrades. Judge not let ye me judged. How would the higher ups who don't know how to fight would react in this situation if they were in his place. The military people who are causing this problem should be charged with treason for defending an alQaeda enemy.

  703. Marilyn Laub says:

    The imprisonment of Lt. Michael Behenna is unjust and unfair. He was defending himself against a known terrorist. If he had not defended himself he would now be dead. Do the authorities value the terrorist's life above this brave service member? Shame on them!!

  704. John Penny says:

    This is a travesty to Lt. Behenna and to the men and women in our US Armed forces. I strongly support freeing Lt. Brehenna and recommend that he receive a full pardon. In addition, he should be awarded special commendation from the Army for his bravery and demonstrating honor and dignity in the service to our God and Country. John Penny Beaumont, Texas

  705. leonard says:

    what the hell is wrong with our government and country if this was self defense he should be free not locked up.

  706. Henryk Zaleski says:

    May God bless and keep you and free you soon. This is indeed travesty of justice of the highest order. I am retired but I'll help you with what I can. Our family believes in you. Please take care. Henryk and Lisbeth Zaleski

  707. Melissa Nakamura says:

    This is an incredibly shameful miscarriage of justice and outright disgrace!

  708. Shannon Montague says:

    This is a horrible outcome. Michael you and your family are in our prayers. We will stand with you.

  709. Mike Keele says:

    Lt. Behenna, you are clearly being punished for being a loyal American in a war. My heart goes out to you and your family for the grief your government has caused you. I will say a prayer for you with the hope that it is heard by the Lord and that he relieves you of your burden and prevents such atrocities from occurring to our soldiers in the future. I was a member of the First Csvalry Div. (Air Mobile) more than 45 years ago.

  710. Susan Stephenson says:

    I am outraged at the treatment of not only Michael, but all of our military fighting for our country who are put in harm's way because of the Obama madness called "rules of engagement." Further, as a conservative, I am outraged that our Congressional representatives fail to impeach this impostor residing in the White House. Albeit, Biden would step in, and that alternative is nearly as dreadful. One might reflect that even an idiot, such as Biden, might be more supportive as an American citizen. God Bless Michael, and all our troops, and we must hold fast until the divine plan for this madness comes full circle. Michael is a martyr for the return of our American Way. I pledge my support! Susan Stephenson, Wichita, KS.

  711. joe daly says:

    sounds like the prosecutor was lying in court, and in a civilian court that would surely overturn the conviction ??? sounds like a lie detection test would help the military get to the truth.

  712. Jaynel LaFalier says:

    This sounds like a grave miscarriage of justice.

  713. Rick Evans says:

    Mr L has been on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqMKkRh-6Pc I donated. Rick Evans Madera, CA

  714. Ricci E. Anderson says:

    Has the U.S. Army lost it's mind,please release this soldier. I'am a Veteran and this is not the way it worked in my time.It seems to me he is innocent of any wrong. Again this man needs to be released and reinstated and paid for the time of this injustice.

  715. John Vivier says:

    Not only Lt. Behenna should be freed and compensated, but the people who sent him to jail should be sentenced for treason.

  716. William Pickle says:

    Such a miscarriage of justice….Where are the real heroes anymore…?Certainly not among those who tried him…non-combat bureaucrats…This young man would not have been convicted in a civilian trial but his "lynching" by our incompetent and inefficient military bureaucrats show that even they have succumbed to political correctness and betrayal of american values….

  717. Richard Mangus says:

    An outrage and an embarrassment. What is our country coming to? If Ali Mansur was a known operative and a member of an Al Qaeda cell operation, why did Army intelligence release him? This is beyond stupid, excuse me! I pray for Lt. Behenna and our country. Something is going terribly wrong. Dick Mangus, Hudson, MA

  718. Teresa Casteel says:

    Michael, I will be praying for you, to have peace during your stay in jail.. and praying for that time to be cut short, as only God can do. Hold the love and admiration your country has for you, steadfast in your heart.. and let God take care of this trouble.

  719. Kenneth Gary says:

    I guess this administration is wanting all the GOOD soldiers to get out. Killing the enemy is not a crime.

  720. Bruce W. Novark, M.D. says:

    Free Lt Behenna. This prosecution is unjust. The Lt was doing his job & based on the expert testimony was innocent of any wrongdoing. Let him go.

  721. Susan Byrnes says:

    I contributed to Michael's defense fund a number of months ago. I had no idea he had been convicted and sent to jail. What a travisity of justice!! I will definitely write and email the appropriate persons to encourage them to grant parole to Lt Behenna. I want to add that our mandates of catch and release and rules of engagement endanger the lives of our kids over there everyday. My son goes to Afghanistan and I can't believe he has to fight with one arm behind his back. What is war? Why is it that the brutality of the enemy over there is not reported by the press? It appears that the .press goes out its way to give the enemy a bye.

  722. Juanita Ellis says:

    He was defending himself and our country. He MUST be released from prison and given back pay, and an honorable discharge !

  723. Mark Noel says:

    Our Military has to beware of the enemy foreign and domestic. The domestic enemy has become too prevalent in our government. This is another travesty of justice. Hopefully there are still some Patriots involved in the Government that will demand this man's release and compensation.

  724. Natalie Altermatt says:

    Have the parents contacted Bill O'Reilly? He got the American Marine out of the Mexican jail. Five years ago, I never thought I'd see a similarity between our UCMJ system and a the Mexican prison system. Unbelievable!

  725. Rudy Tirre says:

    Michael I am with you with full support and pray that with my letter to my senator he will be pulling for your release from this injustice. Rudy

  726. judith corbin says:

    If the facts are as stated above, WHY is a member of our United States military in prison for defending himself, especially against a known terrorist? Something is certainly wrong with this country in the present time!

  727. Cheryl says:

    Lt.Behenna was doing his duty to this country he does not deserve to be locked up for protecting American citizens. Protect him like he was protecting you and me. Cheryl for Lt. Behenna

  728. Jerry says:

    When you fight against the enemy you kill them period, even a known terriost.Lt Behenna did the right thing and should have never be in prison.This is an atrocity and should be repealed.

  729. Travis O'Neal says:

    We will be waiting for his release sooner not later. If you don't want to be overrun with patriots the thing for you to do is release him at once. I am so sick of Obama and his prejudice toward muslims. If he wants to treat them special then get out of the white house and go join them because we are sick of you anyway.

  730. Margaret Madewell says:

    Thank you for your service. My prayers are with you as well as for your family.

  731. Steve says:

    This is merely another example of this liberal administration's strategy to fundamentally cripple our military along with the professionals putting their lives on the line. This is despicable and will only continue to erode our military. Shame on those senior officers who let these unqualified politicians bully them into targeting these young soldiers. God be with you, Michael, and your family. Keep up the fight for justice, never surrender!

  732. Margaret Madewell says:

    Thank you for your service.My prayers are with you, as you are being so wrongfully put in prison!

  733. Norma McGee says:

    This certainly sounds like a terrible miscarriage of justice. What possible reason could our courts sentence this man to prison until he is 40 years old? I have four sons, and would be proud of any of them who did the same thing to protect their country. No wonder people have little trust in our courts.

  734. Daisy says:

    I will pray for this soldier to be returned to his mother and fly. soon!!!!! May quickly destruction fall upon the "leaders" who has put him jail!

  735. Norm says:

    If this is all true, for the reason the men and women of the court marshal had no experience in combat there should be a mistrial today! If this is all true, not only is it an injustice but a complete cover up. Why have an expert witness testify and not allow his testimony? This is really bad for military justice!

  736. Michelle Burke says:

    From what I can tell this was self defense, especially with a known Al Queda terrorist who was out to kill him and his men. Stop this unjust sentence of this poor man. He is clearly innocent.

  737. Ricardo L. Martinez says:

    I support 1st LT Michael Behenna, and me being a Vietnam Veteran (Staff Sgt)we demand justice for the LT. He is truly an American Soldier.

  738. George Bowman says:

    All patriots are behind you, if we can't fight the enemy maybe we should send the 535 in Washington to do their own dirty work.

  739. A. J. Faseno says:

    this should have never happend free the Lieutenant now

  740. William McKenzie says:

    This story makes me sick at my stomach, This hero needs to be honored not punished, My prayer and thought are with you son, I pray this gets overturned. Hold your head high and fight the good fight. You did nothing wrong.

  741. Jan Dunlap says:

    This is outrageous! This man needs to be set free immediately. Lt. Behenna was doing his job, and because of politics this was done from Capitol Hill!!!! Shame on you!

  742. ed lown says:

    It seems that the prosecution is all Obama pimps or rabid democrats. It is obvious the Military has been usurped by communist officers intent on destroying America. May they all rot in hell. American vet lexington SC

  743. Mrs. D.Gooch says:

    If all else fails, contact The Center for Law & Justice. Good people. It looks like they were bound and determined to have a "scape goat" for killing a terrorist. Also looks like the military panel was "hand picked" for their underhanded sentencing. God be with you and yours.

  744. David Klein says:

    I wish the best for you, Lt. Behenna. We need some real changes in this country. How long can a country survive when it defends the ones trying to distroy it and incarcerates those who fight to defend it. Good Luck, Sir.

  745. Jerry Hughes says:

    What is happening to our military and our brave young men is unbelievable, also unacceptable.

  746. linda campbell says:

    Standing with LT. Behenna.

  747. LARRY HAWKINS says:


  748. Tom Daily says:

    Have strength LT. It may be little comfort, but you DID embrace Duty, Honor, Country. Your guys made it through the day, and lived. You're in the thoughts and prayers of MANY of us, who will NOT forget the travesty of this BS put upon you. Tom - former Chief Radioman, USN (VN x2)

  749. LARRY HAWKINS says:


  750. wilbert jennings says:

    There may be more to this story BUT, if the prisoner attacked and the only recourse was defend himself then where is the problem. Was he allowed to have a weapon on his person and if so its there for his protection not show and tell. If this turns out to be a kiss the ass of the muslims at the expense of our soldiers you will find a mutiny in the ranks of unproportional numbers. Try defending yourselves then from those you kiss up to.

  751. Robert L Kinlaw says:

    C'mon you dingbats.......turn this man out of prison and give him an award for bravery!!!!!!

  752. davidhicks says:

    It sounds like he was a scape goat ss Lt. Calley wss during the vietnam war. So who were the witnesses who the shooting were any if his men with him ?

  753. Anita Watson says:

    He's a soldier. That's what they do - kill the enemy. He should be getting a medal. What kind of message does this send to our troops? Oh, better not kill the b******, he's the enemy. I'll go to jail. Whoever sentenced him to jail should be sent there, too - for treason!!!!!!!!!!

  754. Norbert Collet says:

    Is the USA really this stupid or corrupt? I say bring every damn one of our troops home now, they don't want us there and all it does is get our troops killed or put in jail. Our leaders ought to be sent there instead, see how they like it.

  755. James Robinson says:

    This miscarriage of justice is a disgrace and a sure sign of Obama-bin-ladin's regime of support for the Muslim Brotherhood, a similar situation has happened here in the UK to one of our Brave Marines, keep ér lit Lt., there's a lot of supporters with you around the world, not everyone is blind to Obama's goals, Faugh-A-Ballagh.

  756. William Toth says:

    This is VERY sad. LT. Behenna should not have to go through this. Something is very wrong here. After reading the transcript above I can't see why or would understand how he would not get out let alone another trial. Bill Toth US Army 1962-1964

  757. frank emerson says:

    Sounds to me like LT was only doing his job and only defending himself. Army showed little foresight and very poor judgment in assigning LT to escort Mansur home, after LT had lost two soldiers due to attack from Mansur's group. LT should be paroled immediately. He should not have been convicted. Dr. McDonell's testimony should be allowed. Hang tight, LT. Lots of people in your corner and praying for you.

  758. Jim Perkins says:

    Things will get straitened out when we get Dufus out of office.

  759. John Grychak says:

    How in hell can this happen in the USA? How much longer before the GOP gets Obama, and his Regime out of power? Just what in hell is the GOP good for? Certainly not making the USA right again. We have a Fraudulent/Arrogant/Illegal/Muslim, put into the White House to create bankruptsy, and havoc, and he's doing it with virtually no intervention, I don't care if he's black, Red, Yellow, he's got to go NOW. He needs to be Fired/Fined/JAILED.

  760. Jeff McCauley says:

    I sincerely hope Michael gets his day in a court without politics. That would not be an Army court, of course. Way too many people are "just following orders" in these matters. Common sense seems to be completely absent. Its not clear what the military panel was thinking; a closing statement not supported by the facts introduced in the trial is grounds for an appeal, one would think. The prosecution in this matter seems full of irregularities. We shouldn't be convicting anyone of anything under such circumstances.

  761. joshua miller says:

    God bless Michael Behenna, America is proud of you and your c ourage == all know of your bravery ===and the injustice done to you ===you are in our prayers, please please know that we will call all who have committed this injustice ==== thank you and love, Joshua miller

  762. Stephen Sance says:

    Just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray that some how justice will be served and you will be set free. Thank you for serving our country and I am truly sorry that you have been treated as an enemy instead of a hero. God bless you.

  763. David Detwiler says:

    We live in a world where wrong seems right,and this is satan's world,but this kind of injustice is unexcusible,who's side are these so called prosecutors on anyway,Michael should be given a metal instead, what about his right for selfdefense,but we are talking about our misguided government, who is also is trying to take our rights away here too,I will pray for Michael's release,may God bless him and family! Dave Detwiler

  764. Chris Fraser says:

    I read this and became sick to my stomach..what is going on in this country?? This young man gets this kind of sentence when he should be receieving a medal..what a disgrace..a jury of peers should be a jury of COMBAT veterans..not book vets that have never been in the field..politics at its best..We are praying for common sense to prevail here!!

  765. Rodney Owen says:

    I demand you release this fine soldier. He is fighting for his ,yours and my country. He deserves a hero's welcome , not a sentencing and jail . He killed a know terrorist ! He was doing what you don't have the balls to do .

  766. NORMAN FOX says:

    Such bull shit Viet Nam all over. A bunch of ring knockers who know it all. They were looking for a fall guy and got one. This Lt has done HIS JOB PROTECTING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, These ring knockers should be put on the front lines along with this administration to see who will last the longest. I am sure the ring knockers and all those like them would not last long and scream the loudest.

  767. Bill stewart says:

    This is truly wrong it's a war over there and mans our was the enemy The Lt should be hailed as a hero and released now

  768. Fintan Dooley says:

    Thank you. I pray you get a new trial. Fintan

  769. Tom says:

    You have sent the wrong man to prison and we are so sick of you sorry bastards in Washington tearing down our military and way of life. It is time for you cowardly Republicans and stupid democrats to stand up for America and its citizens. Election time is just around the corner and your sorry asses will be out to pasture. We need real men and women running this country and not a bunch of wimps that give in to the crooks and terrorists.

  770. Tom Pastellak says:

    We live in a Topsy-Turvey world where the criminal and terrorist are praised and the heroes and innocent are persecuted. To say that this can’t last much longer and that your release should be imminent is really shallow when every day of your injustice must feel like an eternity to you and your family. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  771. S says:

    Praying for you. Hoping for a Conservative Commander-in-Chief to replace Obama in 2017 who will correct this wrong. Stay strong. You are not the first to be wrongly accused by evil forces when fighting for good. May God give you strength and peace.

  772. Buk Bukowski (USAF Ret) says:

    Lt, Please know that we believe in you. I believe in the saying that 'Evil will prosper if good men do nothing.' We need more good men (like yourself)...Thank You for your service. I am sure commonsense will prevail and you will be found innocent. Our prayers for you and our country are always there.

  773. CURTIS SCHMITT says:


  774. Teesita D. Herron says:

    Proud to support this young man.

  775. Bill Cianci & Family says:

    Michael, the Cianci family is behind you praying for justice.

  776. Robert Lanier says:

    Lieutenant Behenna, I support you and I will pray for you, you are a great American and a soldier, I am proud of you. R. Lanier

  777. Donal A. Dermody says:

    This is an outrage. Let this Lt. go.....NOW!!!!

  778. Edmund C Ludde says:

    Gentlemen: In the United States of America we have the Rule of Law. It is obvious that they have not been followed in this case. The LT should have been able have the doctor testify on his behalf. Is there not justice left in the United States? Edmund C Ludde

  779. Honey says:

    I will pray that justice will side you and release you so you can serve your men and your country. You should be outside helping people they need you. I am hopeful and confident that you will have justice you deserve. Be strong and don't lose hope. God Speed.

  780. Barbie says:

    I hope and pray that Michael will be out of jail because he don't deserve to be in such a place. God Bless..

  781. Gary says:

    I've about had it, with this type stupidity!! The powers that be are so interested in kissing up to the world's community that our soldiers are in grave danger - both here and in the field - because they're trained to protect themselves, but - if they do - they're going to rot in prison because beauracracy won't allow them to do their jobs. If Obama doesn't intervene - with a full pardon - this will be the straw that broke the administration's back -- OR IT SHOULD BE!!

  782. cmjay says:

    The "PROSECUTORS" aptly named protected our enemies and imprisoned our PATRIOTS.We need the name of his Congressman so we could flood his office with Phone calls and E-mails.

  783. Anthony says:

    Michael, keep the faith,God and a lot of the American people are with you. May the Lord bless and keep you, May the Lord shine his face upon you, May the Lord give you and your family peace through Jesus Christ. God has a purpose for your trials, you may never know what that purpose is until you stand in the presence of the Lord, the Lord is the keeper of our faith, if we let him guide us and trust in his wisdom, pray for those that have done harm and evil to you and God will reward your faith and humble those that do evil to you. God Bless you and your family. Tony, former USMC

  784. Kim Arnesen says:

    Please set this young man free. It is an impossible task we are asking of our soldiers to fight enemies who wear no uniform. I cannot imagine the stress of the task. We have to support our soldiers right or wrong when calling them to such an insurmountable task. We have police who have had to make the same call on our own citizens yet we don't send them to jail. Please appeal this decision and set him free.

  785. Katherine Jacobs says:

    Please release this Lt. For killing a combatant in self defense.

  786. nancy nj shank says:

    this is insane when bombers and terroist in this country or given all the rights of a US citizen

  787. Connie Whatley says:

    Dear Michael, prayers are going out to you. Bless you for your service and for taking out one of Al Queda militia men....

  788. Connie Whatley says:

    I want to submit whatever to whomever to help ! Our government is out of control..

  789. Ronald Owens says:

    Rhis is an outrage! Michael Behenna should be freed and exhonorated immediately. He should be considered a hero.

  790. Gerald Freitas says:

    Micheal-God is still in charge so hang in there!We are praying for you to be released asap.Have faith! Your freedom is coming soon! Me and other WW 2 U.S.Navy vets are praying for you.God Bless You, Micheal!

  791. VISHAL KAPOOR says:

    "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Thy rod thy staff comforts me." Psalm23 God will heal the lost days. In prayer to Christ. Sincerely, Vishal

  792. Linda says:

    Thank you for all your years of service for our country. My heart goes out to you in this time of unjustice being done to you. Every day say, "Thank you for taking care of this situation." It will be!! Maybe not at the exact time we think it should be, but when we say "Thank you for" it's as if it's already happened, not asking, because that is all it will ever be, asking! I will be saying this too for you, and so it will be. My blessings to you, Linda

  793. Evelyn Batt says:

    What a terrible thing to happen to a man who dedicated himself to the service of his country. He needs to be freed

  794. Jim Gibson, says:

    need more info on why the trial took the wrong turn

  795. monte reimann says:

    This is a travesty. LT Behenna is the kind of young man that should be leading our military. Even if the story told was not corroborated we need to accept our own officer's statement's as truth. To put him in prison for self defense against a known terrorist is appalling.

  796. ron langley says:

    turn that hero loose and give him a medal and promotion

  797. ron langley says:

    turn that hero loose and give him a medal.

  798. James says:

    Michael, I'm sorry this is happening to you, you served honerably and did what you needed to. I'm praying for you! Hold your head high! America owes eveything good to all of you who serve our nation. God Bless JAMES

  799. Terry Hughes says:

    Wish for you a full pardon the world is being run by a muslim and is upside down best wishes for you and yours.

  800. JL brown Jr,TSgt, USAF says:

    I want you too know you are in our thoughts and prayers! As a disabled veteran, we see daily that the Obama administration cares more of the terrorist! Than that of our service members. Obama should be sitting were you are. I hope you hang on, with enough pressure on this administration, hope you will be released.

  801. Larry Hutchens says:

    Michael, there is one main person that should replace you in prison, and that is Barack Hussin Obama. He is the biggest liar, thief, fraud and traitor to ever hold office. He punishes you, because he is a true Muslim extremist who favors the destruction of America by Islam. You can be sure he was planted here by them. You should be freed and all radical Islamist should be expelled from our country and we should adopt a similar policy toward Islam and Muslims that Japan uses. I hope for the day that all criminal politicians will be in prison, and Obama never sees the light of day from there.

  802. Keith E. Vinnecour says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. It sounds like you received a bad deal. I will keep up on your case and publicize what I find in order to keep you in the forefront and hope that is helpful.

  803. sarah devorah says:

    Fortunately for us all, there is a power greater than us all who runs the world. May Michael experience justice sooner rather than later. May our great nation and the men and women who fight to keep us free and safe, be protected from those who want to do harm.... whoever and wherever they may be!

  804. Rhonda Furia says:

    Dear Michael, I am so sorry about what has/is happening to you. It is so wrong and makes me ill. I will pray for you and your family and that justice will be served. I am glad you killed the evil man. I have a son and daughter in law based at Ft. Hood and also a son in the AF reserves. I think I can somewhat imagine what you and your family are feeling and going through. Were it my son I'd be so angry and so scared and so hurt. I am sorry our politicians have done this to you, or whoever is responsible. I strongly feel for you and yours. On behalf of our country, I thank you and apologize to you. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. Rhonda Furia Wichita, Kansas justonerhonda@yahoo.com

  805. patrick brannen says:

    He was there because of being called to do his duty and in no way should he be prosecuted.

  806. Michael Sanchez says:

    Michael, I support you, I will try to help out as soon I get some extra money. I will pray for you meanwhile, may the Lord incline His ears to you, and may His face shine upon you. Thank you for your service to our nation.

  807. Wolfgang Mueller says:

    I am deeply troubled by the miscarriage of justice in the case of 1st Lt Behenna. To ensure a pre-determined outcome of the trial by withholding evidence from the defense is an outrage. I hope and pray that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn 1st Lt. Behenna's wrongful conviction and that the officers who have withheld evidence from the defense will be disciplined and removed from the service.

  808. Jack Schafer says:

    As I see it you can not protect yourself .A Terrorist has more rights ??????

  809. Corinne says:

    This is an outrage. I cannot believe what is going on in this country. Why should anyone want to fight to protect us if this is their outcome. The terrorist have more rights than our servicemen. This man should not spend any time in prison. Release him NOW.

  810. JesseC Rogers says:

    I cannot believe those 7Officers with no combat experience could even be on a prosecution Team to Judge this Lt. We need to send these Politicians over there for a Tour or Two. I think our Veterans would be treated a lot better which they should. God Blessed you Michael SEMPER FI

  811. Victor A Herman says:

    Michael as a W W ll Vetern I am with you all the way They done you an injustust by even taking you to court.Who are they with the enemy? Since we have no president .They are listening to Al Qaeda story instead of yours I'm not here for long anymore but till I close my eye's .I'm with you all the way.Victor Herman

  812. David says:

    Free Michael! Support our troops! Justice for our troops and those who serve! David McCarty

  813. Jerry Sychra says:

    It is a sad state of affairs when imbeciles have a power of destroying life of a hero whose only guilt is protecting their lives....

  814. Hnery D. P erry III says:

    Best of Luck !

  815. mario perez says:

    we stand with our heroes i support you and my prayer are with you.

  816. mario perez says:

    Sorry for our hero,unfortunately we know Obama is the terrorist best friend but stand with our patriot heroes my pryers also with you also Michael.

  817. Denise Leopard says:

    I am so sorry that the military has turned their back on you. War is hell. The liberals need to get over it. You were doing your job. End of it. I am praying for you.

  818. Fabian Maguire says:

    I think that an investigation is in order into the motivation of those who are charging Lt Behenna . This is a very evident case of questionable loyalties. I should like to learn whether any questions have been raised about the loyalties of those who are charging this officer. I know for a fact that there are some people who are routing for our enemies.

  819. Avis Wyckoff says:

    Why would anyone want to serve our country when things like this happen ????? WTF is going on in our country, is this terrorist in kahouts with Obama. I don't put anything past our administration.

  820. Martha Dillon says:

    I can't understand what is happening to our great country when a valiant soldier (Lt Michael Behenna)is sent to prison for stopping a knoen Al Qa’ida operative and terrorist from injuring or killing another American. This is SO wrong.

  821. Jacqueline J Wright says:

    What is the matter with Our Army???!! Our Soldiers are sent into a country to fight and defend our country against these TERRORISTS and they can not even defend themselves against them????!!!! Why even send our soldiers into battle if they can not fight back....that is suicide for our soldiers!!!! and NOW this fine Soldier that has fought for our Country so that we may remain free of scumbags like these Terrorists is being held on murder charges????!!!! This is wrong, totally wrong!! LT Behenna should be released immediately and given the Medal of Honor for ridding the World of this Terrorist, especially when it was in the line of duty and defending himself from attack by this Terrorist!!!!!

  822. Larry Fisher says:

    Such an obvious miscarriage of justice! LT Behenna should be retried with the evidence that was omitted from his first trial. Actually justice would be better served if he is immediately released with a full pardon. I appreciate his service to our country and will pray that true justice prevails. May God bless you, LT Behenna.

  823. Patricia Broyles says:

    This is a terrible tragedy.A young man serving his country and a terrorist who has killed Americans and planned to kill more. How can you jusitfy put this young man in jail. This is a war and self defense shouldn't even be questioned.

  824. Oscar Amor says:

    This is a total injustice. Not only a new trail. if not, send him free home. It is the least for him deserved under the circumstances

  825. Oscar Amor says:

    Is this a Country with justice for all? NOT IN YOUR CASE; but soon the wisdom of GOD will touch you personally and will turn your ordeal around bringing the freedom and peace with your love ones; well deserved to the utmost level of your lives

  826. Samara Gale says:

    Hello Mr. Behenna I was shocked and saddened to read about the way in which your government has treated you. It is obvious that you have served loyally and with integrity. It is disgusting to read daily about the corruption and mismanagement which has overtaken the American government, which is now full blown Marxist. For this to happen to you is a travesty. I sincerely hope your have good legal representation and this will be overturned. I am a Canadian so I cannot vote with my feet ...but my thoughts and prayers are with you. Samara Gale 104-33478 Roberts Ave., Abbotsford, BC V2S 8E1

  827. John Tackes says:

    Will pray and send items to support.

  828. Larry Bailey says:

    I think that Lt. Behenna should have a new trial, because in any trial, the person is suppose to be by a jury of his peers. Since the members on the jury did not have any combat experience, then he was not tried by his peers.

  829. Former Navy Airman AG Eric R. York says:

    Stand strong, brother. You were RIGHT to act as you did. Never believe otherwise. The current "administration" has an agenda contrary to what most of us fight for. The rest are either clueless or part of the problem intentionally. We have your back, as much as is possible, in this F**ked-up war in the information battlespace! You ARE a hero, brother, regardless of how they try to label you otherwise...BOORAH, MOTHERF**KERS!

  830. Gerald D. Bryan(RA19617374) says:

    Sandy Buchanan brought up a very important point. When I was in trouble, I was flanked by another guard who was a live witness. I can not figure out why Lt. Behenna was sent to deliver this terrorist to his home without being accompanied by a whole platoon of soldiers. Has the US Army really gotten that totally stupid? If I were an enemy commander, I would jump at such an opportunity to capture and interrogate or in their case torture and kill and enemy. Gerald D. Bryan(again)

  831. Kenneth S. Deaver says:

    What a miscarriage of justice! My prayers are with Lt. Behanna.

  832. Paul Hegness says:

    It is my great honor to affirm a true patriot who protected men and women in our armed forces who were in his care. Be strong. You will prevail.

  833. Jimmy Anderson says:

    This should have been given a medal

  834. JOAN MCBRIDE says:

    This is a horrible miscarriage of justice! To sentence him to jail for defending himself is beyond belief! He must be vindicated at once!!!!!!

  835. Gary W. Stolzenburg, USN Veteran says:

    Michael: Do not give up the faith. I served during Vietnam. I know what it is like for people to turn their backs on those who have served. Those who did this to you have no integrity or honor. They are political animals. The process to clear you of this travesty of justice will, unfortunately take a lot of time, but justice will prevail. You have more friends than you can possibly imagine in heaven and on earth. Your good name and freedom will be restored. I wish that I could help with expenses but I am off work due to more surgery(my second one this year) but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May God provide what you need to fight back against the forces of evil. God bless you. Gary W. Stolzenburg

  836. Gerald D. Bryan(RA19617374) says:

    To Whom it may concern: As a former soldier who had the duty to stand guard and do military exercises in peacetime, the possibility of such a scenario by a hostile is perfectly reasonable and believable to me. I was once ordered to stop an intruder once by my officer of the guard in peacetime and the person refused to stop. This came close to a serious matter and in possible hostile areas, the probability of an act requiring very quick response is absolutely necessary. Not always will the response be perfect and accidental shootings could occur. My event did not escalate because I hesitated to shoot an unarmed furnace tender. The problem was resolved when the Officer of the Guard stepped between us and decided to stop the man with physical force. Since the officer was about twice the size of the Furnace Tender, the incident was resolved without any shots being fired. Consider that the above mentioned event was peacetime in Germany and then that Lt Behenna was in a hostile area where he had recently experienced the death and wounding of his fellow soldiers, the nature of the area where the incident occurred should be considered in the trial. Also the full story from the Dr who wanted to tell the whole truth should be heard and pondered in a new trial where not evidence is suppressed by people who were obviously no where near the actual event. Lt Behenna deserves a fair trial by a jury of his peers. Non combat officers were not his peers in this case. Only officers who have been in combat should have been jurors on the trial. As a peacetime soldier, I did not see any death and destruction such as was seen by my US infantry father in World War 1. His potential for error causing death was so much more likely than in a peacetime guard or training environment. It does make a huge difference in the person when he or she sees dead and/or rotting corpses, or bleeding and dying friends. It causes a much greater possibility of an honest error in judgement which should be taken into consideration in Lt Behenna's hostile environment. Gerald D. Bryan Specialist E4, US Army Europe

  837. Steven says:

    Are you people brain dead . if this kind of stupid stuff happened in Vietnam he would have received a metal.Get over this political correct crap.I guess we need to file charges against you people for sedition.

  838. Adrian Batterman says:

    Dear Michael, My heart sunk when I read your story. Thank you so much for my freedom. I would do anything I can to help you. We do need to get rid of one NON AMERICAN. May GOD be with you through all this. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Adrian Batterman P.S. You have my prayers.

  839. ruth calamia says:

    we should not be there.

  840. ruth calamia says:

    why was he sent there ?????? to play house??

  841. Marsha says:

    Dear Michael, My prayers are with you. That is the best "gift" I can give you. Remember that no matter what, the Lord is always with you and that He too has expierenced unjust imprisonment Be greatful always even if you don't like what's going on. In His love, Marsha

  842. Bobby T. Hood says:

    So sorry that Lieutenant Behenna must undergo the rigors of false accusation, false trial, and imprisonment. I know one who faced this very thing. His Name is Jesus. He changed my life through His sacrifice. Bobby

  843. Owen Stacy says:

    This sounds like politics and he should get a new trial because it sounds like some military officers wanted him convicted so they could show the irag political s would be satisfied. Self defense IS NOT premeditated murder.

  844. Dennis McLain says:

    Our boys should bee able to defend themselves especially in a violent, war torn area as that. If someone threatens your life in a physical manner then you protect yourself. I would like for the ones who condemn his actions to be placed in the same life and death situation that this boy was placed in and see how they would react. If they didn't, they could be dead. What a bunch of hypocrites! the left wing ideologues are! On top of being a passel of liars to boot! Dennis McLain Native Oklahoman

  845. Randall Odegaard says:

    This has got to be the grossest miscarriage of justice ever done in a courtroom of the United States of America, especially in a military courtroom. This man is not guilty of anything and you all know it. Lt Behenna needs to be released immediately, apologized to formally and given his rank and pay back retroactively. I can't believe that a military court would find anyone guilty of murder when they were plainly defending themselves from the enemy. What the hell are we fighting for then??? Release Lt Behenna now before it's too late. Thank you

  846. bobby bullin says:

    as you can tell in this year 2009 that Obama is protecting his friends and not the american soldiers. US soldiers can no longer trust the current presidential staff or the president. Be strong Lt Behenna for the real truth will come out and you will be set free. reminder to all us military you can not trust the president. be prepare to fight for american freedom.

  847. Gabriel says:

    Please extend my support for M. Behenna; I wish him and his family great holidays season! Gabriel

  848. Melvin Curtis says:

    We will keep you in our prayers.God bless.

  849. victor says:

    this is islam evil run by the devil islam oboma ,i send the curse of the bible too every one involved in doing this too this person , they will be cursed when they wake up when they sleep 24 7 there evil will over take them all evil men will perrish into hell ,by the liveing word of GOD i speak this in fath power of the liveing word of GOD

  850. Thomas Baker says:

    Michael: We are praying for your acquittal and release. Our government is now evil and many are paying the price. Your's is the worse !! I have jury duty coming up and I have already decided I will not believe any government official. Tom Baker Major (USAF ret)

  851. Luis E. Lalama says:

    this is outrageous, I can not believe this is happening to our soldiers we send them to war but they can't kill the enemy even in self defense

  852. Dana E. Marshall says:

    1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna: Sir, I am a retired Gunnery Sergeant and Vietnam Veteran. And I find such an occurrence to be a disgrace. However, I am honored to be alive and free because GOD was and is merciful. HE is My strength. I Hope and Pray HIM to be Your strength. If HE already is and I apologize for not knowing more about You, then Keep Faith, either way; Please Know and Remember that there are Many, Many of Whom SUPPORT You. With GOD, All things happen for HIS purpose. So, Stand Tall and Know We are seeking Your release. OOooRahhh Soldier; Sir!!!

  853. MCC says:

    Sure hope your reviews and legal challenges will set you free, soon.

  854. Mike Travis says:

    Sir: I pray you will receive a full pardon. With the ROE as set by the government today, it is amazing more soldiers are not killed due to the insane rules under which you all are forced to operate, while the enemy hides behind women, children, and mosques. I will pass your story on to Veterans I know. Always remember that you are not alone as many kneel in prayer for you. May God's Peace be with you always. Respectfully, Mike Travis

  855. Linda fletcher says:

    Michael be henna does not deserve this sentence. He should be honored for protecting himself and others from the terrorist!!!!! What is wrong with this country? What should be right is wrong and what is wrong is considered right! Wake up America!!!! Defend this young man and release him. This makes me sick! I pray for Michael to be released.

  856. Luke Asbury says:

    What is this? Have Obama's goons reached you too? Where is the honor and integrity?

  857. William W. Robertson says:

    1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna is a hero, he should be receiving medals for his actions and not brig time. What happened to the USA I used to know. When one of ours defends himself he gets locked up. When one or some of theirs kill some of ours we forget it, "Remember Benghazi". We need more heroes like 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna free to do the job they signed on to do. God Bless 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna, and we pray He will bless the USA as we spiral downward.

  858. shawn says:

    mike,i am a 53 yr old farmer/ builder guy in rogue river oregon,i read your story and got so damn mad i had to write you and do something to voice my feelings. i hope your getting lots of decent americans to send you notes of support and cash, i am so damn frustrated these kinds of things are going on. i feel like our country is taken over by the enemy. all i can think of to do is send you a note thanking you for standing for freedom and america and send you a few dollars for phone calls to your friends and relatives, and maybe some snack food. keep strong and know real solid freedom loving americans are inspired by you, and the men and women you fought with. we will keep trying to get justice for you, in the meantime take good care of yourself, do your pushups and know that freedom always wins,these bad people will never take our spirit, thankyou shawn william corrigan

  859. Bob Mosier says:

    You are a great American, sorry I can't say that for our government. I pray that you will be released soon. CW3 Bob Mosier (retired) from the Army anyway.

  860. LARRY NELSON says:

    Give him back pay and turn him loose.

  861. Michael says:

    Thank you for your service.I hope we can save this republic.Hang in there.

  862. Tammie Castel says:

    It is aweful that a military hero like Lt. Behenna could ever be treated this way. We are praying for your parole or a new trial and that you will be out of prison very soon.

  863. John Lepto says:

    Very sorry to hear about the horrible way that Michael Behenna has been treated. We are praying that through parole or a new trial, Lt. Behenna will be out of prison VERY SOON!!!

  864. Wayne D Billings SFC retired says:

    God be with you son.

  865. Raymond L. Alexander says:

    I am retired and living on a limited income or I would try to contribute to Lt. Behenna's cause. Taken on the face of this information presented, I think it is disgusting that this man is serving prison time for trying to keep another 9/11 event from happening in the country to which he was assigned or, eventually, in our country. I pray for a rehearing of his case and a just clearance of the charges. Ray Alexander

  866. Bill Davis says:

    Father of two Army vets, and one a wounded Purple Heart soldier in Iraq. Thank you for your service and God Bless your family and wish you well and a quick release for this injustice.

  867. Estelle. Mitchell says:

    Our prayers are with you. We hope you are successful in a release for lt. Behenna. The only thing he did was serve his country.

  868. ElBurta Canfield says:

    He deserves a medal. What is wrong with our system

  869. CAPT W. F. Stoehs USN (Ret) says:

    You are in our prayers! God Bless you!!

  870. Goran Pestic says:

    You have my support.

  871. Pat Johnson says:

    Such a gross injustice. No wonder Al Qaeda keeps bouncing back stronger. We incarcerate someone who tries to do his duty. Shameful!

  872. ED GARCIA says:


  873. Patricia Green says:

    My heart goes out to you and your situation. Although my financial situation is so very bad my heart is in the right place. I promise I shall pass the article along to everyone I know, all I ask is that you and your allies promise to keep posting it, that way I will continue to pass it along from time to time with the hope of some help being reaped from our efforts. Wishing you a good Thanksgiving, know that there are many Americans who think of you, and want to help. Keep up the good work. Sincerest regards from Patricia Green, Willows, California, USA

  874. Mr. James Albiston says:

    May God bless you and your family. Thank you Sir for your service.

  875. Ray Yount says:

    This is a totally unfair judgment about the actions of one of our finest soldiers. Not only should he be exonerated but returned to active duty with a rank commensurate with what he would have had, had he remained on duty. War is war and what the hell does the army expect?

  876. Janis Fedor says:


  877. donald harvey says:

    A shame a good young man is railroaded into prison and. Bunch of officers with no integrity convict ed as they knew their superiors wanted them to

  878. susan voth says:

    Please let this hero go home, and with honors. This is a real injustice that would never have happened in past wars.

  879. Rick Moss says:

    This is an OUTRAGE! The President kills innocent women and children with drones and it's called "collateral damage" but a warrior at the tip of the spear tries to defend himself, it's branded murder! The time of Justice is at hand! De Oppresso Liber!

  880. James Cummings says:

    Based on the written evidence given in the written narrative above, this is a gross miscarriage of justice. What a shameful betrayal of our military forces with this obvious destruction of faith and fairness in our military judicial system.

  881. Denise says:

    Hang in there and I hope the next appeal works, this is a disgrace to you and to the United States Military. You should have been given a medal not a prison sentence. Know you did the right thing and you will be set free by the US SUPREME COURT if they have any conscience at all.

  882. Barbara Buell says:

    How much more stupid can the government get. Lt. Behenna should get a medal, not prison. He should be released immediately and applauded for his service. What is wrong with the military? What politicians are urging prison? They are the ones who should be imprisoned.

  883. Ron Pelletier says:

    After securing the release of Lt. Bohenna, lets go after the prosecutor and put him in jail for witholding evidence. R. V. Pelletier 1SG USA Ret.

  884. marilyn pyse says:

    this is outrages!!! the government is letting jihadist out of jail and sent back to do more harm, while they do harm to those who are sent overseas to do all the fighting and dirty work. I am appalled by this story. We should honor these young men and women who go and fight battles America has no business in. America owes them so much. I am praying for him. God is able

  885. Joseph Andujo says:

    Lt Behenna, Let me start off by thanking you for your service to our country. It is because of brave soldiers like yourself that we have the freedoms that we enjoy. I am truly sorry that our government and our military has allowed this horrible tragedy to be perpetrated on you. To allow a victim (you) to be charged as the perpetrator. I don't know what I can do except to pray for justice for you and to donate to your cause. I hope that the small amount that I am going to donate helps your cause. Gratefully yours, Joseph Andujo, SMSgt, USAF (Retired)

  886. Robert Boothby says:

    My prayers are with you. If we are able to get a new Commander In Chief in 2016 we might be able to get a full pardon and reinstatement, as it should be. Stay safe and do not give up your faith.

  887. D.M. Stewart says:

    I will seek help from my House member Jim Gerlach and my two US Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey in Lt. Behenna's behalf. This anti-American injustice is part and parcel of Obama's destructive administration.

  888. Allen Sartin says:

    Set Michael free,I pray in JESUS name

  889. Richard Wittauer says:

    Being on active duty preforming his military duty was attaked by a Al Qaeda terrorist and and should be given another trial. Due to him trying to protect him self, during a time of war..

  890. Amanda says:

    This is a travesty and what has happen to our justice system. Right is wrong and wrong is right" Please consider using common sense. He is an American Soldier, has fought for all and who has defended himself in self defense. I stand with every american who opposes this .

  891. Floyd Steele says:

    I am contacting Louie Gohmert, House rep, and ask him to have 1LT Behennen released from this horrible miscarriage of justice. The white house is to be blamed.

  892. Tim Stockdale, 1st Sgt USAF Retired says:

    Lt. Michael Kehenna is a hero who should be released and the scum that prosecuted and sentenced Lt. Kehenna should be sentenced to kissing the Lt's a** every day for the next 25 years!!!!!!!!!! Tim Stockdale, 1st Sgt.,USAF Retired Treasurer, Garland County, Arkansas

  893. Thomas E. Jackson says:

    As a WWII veteran I am incensed by this kind of treatment of a loyal US military man. He should be honored, not punished. If there is no justice for our military personnel, why should we expect them to put their lives at risk to protect an ungrateful people and nation? Reliable evidence was ignored an an innocent man convicted. Release him at once and restore him to military service if he wants it!

  894. Robert mead says:

    Why not contact Bill O'Reilly on the Factor and ask for his help. Petition more veterans. Sorry for your trial and forsaking by our nation.

  895. Geo. P. Arvonen says:

    He should be cleared and released

  896. Rick Sheddy says:

    Let this man go free

  897. Dottie Nash says:

    Lt.Behenna,I have only recently heard of this miscarage of justice and I have no words to express my horror of the treatment of you and our other troups since Obama has been put in "The Peoples White House", May God bless you and soon bring this corrupt government we now have to an end.Our prayers are with you and your loved one and please except my profound appreciation for your service to our great country and it's people. Thank you Dottie Nash

  898. Sandy says:

    Keep the faith, brutha...GOD will prevail, just like for the Haditha Marines...this is an abomination, but you will prevail through HIM...this is difficult, I know, but HE is watching...stand your ground, and may GOD be with you.

  899. Carl D Sedillo says:

    I would like to know the charges against Lt.Behenna. The name of the individual that signed the charges against the Lieutenant. The individual that conducted the Article 32 Investigation, and the name of the convening authority that affirmed the disposition of the charges for the level of Courts Martial. The reviewing authority that affirmed the sentence. Where there witnesses against the Lieutenant that provided testimony that validated the charges and did any witnesses appear for the defense prior to and during the article 32 Investigation and at trial, and were there any witnesses in extenuation and mitigation? If your article is without error, I am certain the case shall be overturned on review.

  900. Diana Arnold says:

    Hopefully Michael's case was well vetted. However, it seems to me that if he indeed was attacked, which is not in dispute, then he has the right to defend himself. He certainly had reason to kill this terrorist but Michael was put on the defensive and is trained to react. I believe, given the few facts I have seen, that he is not guilty.

  901. Dave Goodwin says:

    What s misscarrage of justice. He must be released and exonerated. The US Government and the US Army should be the ones tried for sedition against Lt. Behenna. Therefore, why would anyone henceforth volunteer for Military Service on the US Military. This is an American tragedy.

  902. Lora L Corson says:

    This is a great injustice to our country. Free this soldier immediately!!!

  903. Jack Lechalk says:

    LT,I served in RSVN in 68 & 69 and saw a lot of similar stuff, but America always seemed to weigh any doubts in favor of the Soldier. I'm praying that it will be a similar change in the hearts of those who have waylaid you and withheld information on your case. Although you had a military trial, has anyone contacted the ACLJ and sought their assistance, and would it do you any good for me to contact my Congressmen on your behalf ? Wishing you well, and Thank You for your service and looking out for your men !

  904. Jim White says:

    ...Even Lt Calley from My LAi got better treatment. Will fwd this article to my congressional rep, Michael McCaul. Standing by, James White Lt Col USAF Ret Plantersville, Texas

  905. rayleen monroe says:

    As far as I feel about this whole issue....if he is aknown Al Qaeda & he attackedone of our own..he should be able to defend himself . They want us dead, he attacked him. Shot in self defense. It disgust . me everytime I hear this. FREE OF LT BRENNAN...NOW!!!!!

  906. Ray Taylor says:

    May you be released soon and our God bless you. Thank you for serving Our country.

  907. American for America says:

    Our government is so corrupt how can anyone believe there is hope for righting a wrong such as this. It appears our military leaders are no less corrupt. God Speed Lt.

  908. Walt Fidler says:

    This is typical of our government. As a former Marine I support Michael and want to wish him the best and want to ask what has happened to our government that they would do this to a soldier for doing his duty. God help us all

  909. Beryl says:

    This is a travesty====

  910. David Hendrick says:

    Please demand justice for this American Hero! Please parole this young American Soldier. He is not getting justice!

  911. Earl Mott says:

    This is an outrage. How sorry the military has become!

  912. Lois T. Pempsell says:

    Why was Dr. MacDonnell's testimony ignored in Lt Behenna's trial. Why not a mistrial? There should be justice for this Lt. I am asking this as a veteran myself of the Korean war era. It sounds as though evidence was withheld in the Lt's trial.

  913. Jack Wood says:

    Michael...don't give up hope...I will do my small part...make some noise, emails, Facebook...and try to enlist others...if I were elected president...a pardon/expungement would be done in the first month. Will put you in my daily prayers. Jack

  914. Oscar Nichols says:

    Free him and give him a new trail.

  915. Paul says:

    Michael, You are in our thoughts and prayers, such a travesty! I pray that you are released soon and that the military makes changes in even thinking about prosecuting our soldiers for doing their jobs. 'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Jer. 29:11 God bless

  916. Susan Ventrano says:

    These young men are HERO's!! They deserve to be supported by our government. Why would anyone want to risk life and limb for the US if they have to have the added stress of being prosecuted by the very people who send them into battle? He should be released and compensated for this miscarriage of justice.

  917. murray braden says:

    Michael, I am sickened over this. I can't believe some of things going on in our country that you have fought for. I don't even care if it means the President, if I know you to contact, I would gladly to that. Remember, it might not serve you well right now, but you can know you did the right thing and you can be proud of it. I am proud of you and you have my deepest gratitude. I sign off with so much respect for you. Murray Braden PS I am sure the troops and the majority of this country are behind you. I hope the majority is not silent. God bless you!!!

  918. William Scout says:

    Release the Lieutenant and give him a medal. Obama is doing everything he can to destroy this great country and the military that serves it so faithfully!

  919. Shirlylou says:

    Dear Sir, I have lifted you to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. My heart has been troubled with so many wrong judgements against those who have fought and sacrificed on our behalf. I think of the wrongs against Christ, yet He stood firm in love even for those who severely wronged Him. May you be blessed, and may you know the joy & peace which can come Only as you walk with Him. Blessings, Shirlylou

  920. emily cinicola says:


  921. Gale Luebke says:

    Didn't the interpreter back up lt. Behenna's story?

  922. linda says:

    let this soldier go.. he did the right thing

  923. cindy sutton says:

    Why do they send our young men and women to war if they cant defend themselves. If this is the case, ALL soldiers on every side, should be imprisoned. This is very illogical and I hope that Michael is released immediately.

  924. Chris Guenther says:

    I apologize I said beloved Core and I meant the Army.

  925. Chris Guenther says:

    I have to say as a proud American this deeply saddens me to see we treat our own soldiers this way. America is imploding from the inside out and at this rate America as we know it will not exist in 20 years. This man served his country and our beloved Core only to be thrown into prison by the same country he so proudly served. Americans need to stand up and show their support for this man. God bless you sir for risking your life for our so called freedom. You are a hero and I'm ashamed of my country for treating you with such dishonor disrespect. I hope your lawyers keep fighting to get this reversed so you can be back with your family and loved ones where you deserve to be and clear your good name. God bless you and your family and all the other military personnel that fight for this country.

  926. Brenda Peterson says:

    This man is a patriot, is this the thanks we're going to give him for defending himself and killing a known terrorist? This man should not be even going to court. War used to mean go in and kill the enemy, now our men must wait until they are attacked to kill the enemy. This seems to me like a full proof way to kill off our military, there should be no rules in war, because war is brutal, these men are fighting for their lives, and for our country. Why should they be punished? If this continues the III% will rise up and we will take back what is ours in the name of our forefathers and for the sake of our children's futures. I will NOT have my daughter ask me "What was freedom like?". I will fight before I hear those gruesome words come out of her mouth. This is OUR country, WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT ALLOW TYRANNY IN OUR COUNTRY.

  927. Mark Gill says:

    Same stupid rules of engagement andpandering to global human rights groups that has been around since before Viet Nam War. For crying out loud we are at war. Drop all charges and release this hero. Mark Gill

  928. steve Hughes says:

    He should have never been charged and released and givin a medal and all pay and reconitition repaid!!

  929. Jodie C.Hall Sr says:

    I was an Infantry Captain with combat service in Vietnam, have been a member of military courts, remember some of the rules of such courts and the evidence of same and can somewhat understand this conviction. However, there isn't enough information about other testimony (which I'm almost sure was available and given) for me to make an informed judgement about the verdict of this case. That said, I do feel that the court should have been composed of some combat officers and that the failure to have them on the board may be grounds for a new trial. I don't believe that we should allow our soldiers to murder the enemy but there is a very thin line between innocence and guilt in these matters, and our servicemen deserve very broad latitude regarding their actions in a war zone. Lt Bohenna at least deserves a new trial at which all the evidence will be presented in an orderly manner to a board comprised of his peers.

  930. roger pack says:

    http://www.defendmichael.com/ I totally agree with You Michael Behenna... Let me see who else can support..... I will send more letters to our senator's, friends, & I will pray for You, Mr.Behenna, God Bless You !!!

  931. Zelma Johnson says:

    It is so very unnerving that our Veterans are treated in such a manner. You have my support & prayers that this injustice is corrected very soon. You should be honored. You are a hero.

  932. Cody Flecker says:

    This young Lieutenant is a war hero and should be treated as such. He was called to do his suty and he did so with honor befitting a member of the US Army. Lt. Behenna needs a new trial and he needs to be acquitted of all charges. Al Queda is a terrorist organization and any means to stop them from killing US civilians must be stopped. I am calling on all Democrats and Republicans who have served this country honorably to come together as one band of Brothers and Sisters and come to the aid and defense of Lt. Behenna. Having him rot in jail because of his honorable service is absurd. He needs to be freed.

  933. DeWaine List says:

    Seeing a US Army officer given this miscarriage of Justice is wrong. A terrorist has caused a good soldier to go to prison. Were is common sense in these matters in bring up these charges in the first place. Lt Behenna a excellent officer doing his job in a combat zone now in prison. I hope for God Speed in seeing your released and this injustice corrected. Sgt List USMC 71-76

  934. Kennet Beasley says:

    This is no way for American military people to be treated. He did no wrong. This is a travesty of the highest order and he should be released immediately and be honorably discharged. To send him back to fight for a system of government that would treat him this way would also be a travesty.

  935. Margaret pellegrini says:

    We should support out troops that we send into combat or bring them home immediately!

  936. Bill Clark says:

    Hang in there Lt. Thank you for your service. You will be OK. God bless you.

  937. Donald says:

    Why is our government punishing this soldier, They should be hailing his actions. To me Lt. Behenna, you are a true American Hero!

  938. James Boom says:

    Dear Michael Behenna, Gidday from Australia, this is the second time I've read about you. Hang in there mate, us Aussies are experiencing the same crap, locking up patriots and promoting traitors. Personally I would of given you a carton of beer and a debriefing, but our politicians don't listen to people like me any more. I was almost jailed for something similar, not as dramatic, everyone turned on me and to this day no one has ever thanked me for doing my duty. "When I'm not thanked at all I'm thanked enough for I know I've done my duty and no more"

  939. Joanne Foster says:

    Why is our U.S. Military defending a known terrorist? Prayers to Lt.Behenna and his family for justice.

  940. eva beames says:

    As a proud American and Oklahoman, I am horrified by this injustice. Michael is one of the finest example of a warrior protecting his soldiers and his country. Our leaders should be honoring his bravery. Michael... I stand beside you. God bless you.

  941. mel & barbara grossman says:

    Michael praying for you to come home soon. Good luck Mel & Barbara Grossman Palm Beach Gardens Fl.

  942. Bruno F. Cilione says:

    Dear Michael, Know that we are all wishing & praying for your parole. Bruno & Rosa

  943. Zelma says:

    This injustice is so typical Obama. I pray that Michael can get exonerated. What Senator's and Congressmen are working on his behalf?

  944. Deborah A. Madden says:

    My thoughts and prayers have been with Michael for a long time! I hope and pray he is home soon, this is horribly unfair thing the US Military has done to him. Thoughts and prayers from a concerned US Citizen (BY Birth) Deborah A Madden

  945. Jim Phillips says:

    We are mistaken as a country to put this man in prison for defending himself. Let us free this man.

  946. David Nuttle says:

    Legal actions such as the one against Lt. Behenna act to erode the morale of our troops!

  947. Angelina Luna says:

    We support you Michael. Stay strong.

  948. Angelina Luna says:

    Stay strong Michael. Me and my family support you and your family. We will do what ever we can to help. You are a Hero in our eyes, hearts and minds. God Bless You.

  949. william laury says:

    What's going on here we're soldiers. Our job is to fight rich men's wars first, and to come home second. He was forced to kill him in defense. Let the man go. His prisoner had killed and led the enemy and was being released to do it again. He was no loss this patriot however is.

  950. Jo Anne Bennett says:

    When did this country change, well, about five years ago. We seem to care more about the rights of a terrorist than we do for those who choose to serve their country. Michael you can hold your head up high, you did the right thing and you have the support of an army of folks who care about your unjust situation. Michael, you deserve amnesty from the Commander and chief.

  951. Eva Kristersson says:

    Set him FREE NOW!!!

  952. SrA Nicholas Shoupe says:

    Stay strong LT. My family and I are praying for you. Godspeed

  953. Karin marinaro says:

    This is outrageous and the worst injustice ever! I love these Officers who sit in judgement and they have never been in Combat or a tense situation like this. This the way they treat a serviceman for protecting themselves! Who side are they on?? Disgusting!!!

  954. Cherie Meredith Kerr says:

    This Is INSANE!!! This 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna NEEDS TO BE RELEASED!!! He did nothing wrong and EVERYTHING RIGHT!! My God, WHAT is wrong with that "court system"?????? He fought for U.S.A.s freedom and he did what was DEFINATELY RIGHT!! I Just Can`t Believe this. Do you call this JUSTICE????? What can I do to help him get RELEASED?? Is There ANYTHING??? PLZ E-Mail me! I`m SO sorry for this.

  955. Lucio Martinez says:

    I support the LT!

  956. Terry Bell says:

    You are NOT forgotten. Never forget that.

  957. Sandy Buchanan says:

    I guess I don't understand why Lt. Behenna was ordered to return the terrorist himself. That doesn't ring true to me and his Mother being an Assistant United States Attorney, I can't think this would ring true to her either. He certainly should not be imprisoned for ANYTHING, no to mention 15 years. That is outrageous!!!! Whose side is this country on??????

  958. Kathy summers says:

    This is tragic. How can i help

  959. Nancy says:

    Are u still in jail ? Ehat the f is going on? Its been along time ley me k ow whats up!

  960. chris Murray says:

    God bless our men and women in uniform.

  961. Bill Hickey says:

    Michael's incarceration is political and has nothing to do with crime and punishment. People have done a lot to help him get out of there, but the person who put him there is a towelhead, an enemy sympathizer and a traitor. Therefore, strategy aimed at his release should take that into account.

  962. Constance Stanson says:

    I just cannot believe 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was found guilty of wrongly shooting an Al Qaeda Terrorist. What are these fine, upstanding men suppose to do,let these known terrorist shoot first and then if they are still alive; shoot at them ? This is so wrong in so many ways. I pray for justice for Lt. Behenna. His record should speak for himself. Fighting for his Country should too.

  963. joe gilliam says:

    what the hell is wrong with our government ? these fine soldiers leave the safety and comfort of there lives to go protect our country, and help the people of iraq as well . and kills a known terorist and you put him in prison ? understand that americans find out about this crap and do you think that will encourage our young men and women to join up ?? free this man who was fighting for our freedom ! give him back his and a honorable discharge !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  964. Lisa Brannon says:

    Dear Michael and family, It breaks our hearts that you are still in prison. Please know that you are in our prayers. We serve a mighty God. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. We are trusting him to meet your every need. You are TRULY an American HERO. We are grateful that men such as yourself chose to Serve. Please stay strong! We are looking forward to the day that you are able to walk out a free man! The Brannon Family

  965. Thomas W. Stoddert says:

    Obviously Lt. Behenna upset some chairborne commando. The Lt. was in the field with his life on the line. However within the same Army there are civilian and military members getting away with murder under the guise of the Army Medical Corp. Rather gross hypocrisy. This is not the first time the Army betrayed its soldiers. US Army ret. 23 years, Desert Storm, Vietnam

  966. Ruth Eresman says:

    I can not believe these seven non infantry officers who condemned Michael have never been in combat. This is a complete travesty and our U.S. Army should free this man plus giving him back pay for the 4 years he has been in prison. I am shocked, (and I didn't think any thing could shock me in this day and age), that some of our soldiers are being punished for attacking the enemy especially when the man went for his gun. These soldiers are trained to make split second decisions and NOW THE GOVERNMENT WANTS THEM UP ON MURDER CHARGES. It is an abomination to any solider. Why in heavens name would anyone join the military with these types of bumbled heads in charge (7 non infantry officers)? The very idea that the day of Michael’s conviction the government forensic witness notified prosecutors that he had evidence that would help Michael, and the prosecution never told Michael’s attorney about this evidence. To me it sounds as if these are grounds for a complete mistrial. To the U.S. Army; you need to admit your mistake and free this poor 1st Lt. Michael Behenna immediately. I have always loved our Military, enjoying them in 4th of July parades as a child. I have lived near 2 bases all my life, Joint Bases Elmendorf and Ft. Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska.

  967. Lynn Peloquin says:

    Where has the common sense gone! I don't believe he is a murder! In all honesty, we care more for Muslims than we do our own soldiers or Americans. Please let Michael go free! He defended himself & fellow soldiers!

  968. Eva Klaas says:

    I finally received a response from my senator, Dianne Feinstein, after writing her in June 2013. She reminded me she has no authority in this and to contact Mr. Obama. Reading between the lines, our California State Senator, Dianne Feinstein, is not willing to investigate the original case of a veteran and hero. If this was her son, how far would she go to find the truth? Senator Feinstein's number is 202-224-3841.

  969. Victoria Thiel says:

    This is a travesty that should be corrected immediately.

  970. Andrew says:

    I will continue to support this brave soldier. It is so obvious that this is a complete miscarriage of justice that it makes me sick to my stomach. This hero should be freed immediately.

  971. Hermina R. says:

    Shame on our government for disloyalty to our brave military!

  972. Donna J. Acrey says:

    This is another example of the Mis-use of Power in our Government, This HERO should receive a Medal not be put behind bars!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  973. Sw harper says:

    As a Viet Nam vet I am sickened by this story and others like it. In my opinion we have a military run by "the whitehouse," and news outfits. Every officer above the grade of Lt. Col. is afraid they will be booted out of their career by the powers that hold them hostage, in this political quagmire we now call a government. The military justice system now seems to be full of very liberal female prossecutors who obviously have no idea of the nerve wracking intenseness of facing people who are literally dying to kill you. THINGS MUST CHANGE AND SOON! If we continue to do this we will lose the will of our young people to volunteer to serve and defend!!! God bless you; Michael,Clint, and other heros like you!

  974. Pat Murphy says:

    1LT Michael Behenna will be in our prayers & we will be sending a donation to help towards releasing this soldier from prison.

  975. Michael Baranowski says:

    I'm an Army veteran of Afghanistan and a New York City Fireman. This is an absolute travesty that this fine soldier is paying the price for typical beuracratic nonsense.

  976. Frances Clearwater-Lees says:

    Hello, I have just become aware of this website while reading Atlas Shrugs. Now that I have read the story I want you to know that I fully support LT Behenna and his family. This truly is a Kafkaesque nightmare of false allegations against a true hero. I live in Winnipeg, Canada and as such do not have a congressman to write about this but you should know that I fully support your troops (and ours)in this war for our way of life. There are definitely many Canadians who also feel this way. You are welcome to write or fone me anytime you would like to have some friends or connections in Winnipeg. 204-889-5160. With great gratitude to Michael because without U.S. protection Canada would be lost, Frances.

  977. Philip Werman says:

    I am sickened to read this. The Bible says in Isaiah 5:20 " Woe to those who call evil good and good evil..." I am 71 years old. I was discharged in 1967 as a 1st. Lt. What a disgrace. We will be praying for the chages to be dropped and his immediate release.

  978. Terry L Hall says:

    Once again, I have read all of Michael's information posted. I do that because I still, after all these years can't believe this huge injustice has happened to a United States Service Man. Michael did not deserve the trial he received and I know in my heart that evidence was withheld, he was denied everything fought for because the military will not back down and tell the truth, or do the right thing. It is not a shameful thing to fix the problem, but shame on all of you for not taking care of a dedicated serviceman. He is deserving of release, deserving of getting his life back, and his slate wiped clean. Yes, he fought for you: now think with your heart and fight for him! I would trust Michael with my life, the life of my family, offer him a job, do anything within reasonable power to get him back into the real world and on his way to success. I know he will accomplish his goals. Thank you for considering and giving life back to a great young man. Terry Hall

  979. Olawale Akande Situ says:

    I have read the full transkript of the čaše of Lieutenant Behenna. I think this is a čaše for MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE. I hope the military authority will reexamine the evidence AND the combat atmosphere of this case. This fine officer served his country with honorar and dignity deserves our support.

  980. Heather Riccio says:

    Michael, this is the most absurd sentencing ever. You did our country a favor and this is how our government repays you?!? Why isn't this on national television?!? Keep the faith brother, and I am praying. For you. Sending love from New York

  981. Deborah McIlroy says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach! I am praying for a resolve for our troops in these situations.

  982. Stoney Goodman says:

    As a Dad to an Air Force Airman and who has just returned thankfully from Afghanistan I am heart Broken over this story. Not sure what I can do but please know your in my prayers!!! Michael stay Strong!!!

  983. karen grogan says:

    A question to start my reply· What on earth is this country becoming?? Our men of all ages in the military are trained to do a job and then punished like this for doing it! What a disgrace to all in this country! Take care of this soldier like they take care of us!!!

  984. Michael Behenna: Parole Hearing on Horizon – DOJ Says Behenna FORFEITED Right to Self-Defense | Maggie's Notebook says:

    [...] Michael’s family blog, Defend Michael, is here. [...]

  985. SMSgt J F Kropenske says:

    This is absolute BS!! We need to take our country back and restore dignity to our nation and our service members. This is not the first case of this happening recently and those of us who have served certainly understand this is totally unacceptable. Lt needs full exoneration and returned to duty with pay. And an apology from the United States!

  986. David A. Moore says:


  987. Susan Talcott says:

    Lord have mercy.

  988. GEORGE SMITH says:


  989. Dalton Dodd says:

    If you can provide me with Lt. Behenna's mailing address, I would like to send him a note of encouragement.

  990. neal federle says:

    Dear Scott and Vickie, I have tried to reach Marlane in the past couple weeks and the number has come up as di-conected is every thing OK. Neal Federle

  991. Eva Kristersson says:

    This is INSANE!!! Michael Behenna is a true HERO and he diserves to go FREE! He did his duty and should have a medal! I´ll pray for you soldier <3 <3 <3 Eva from Sweden

  992. Debra Phelan says:

    Outrageous miscarriage of justice! There is no proof that LT Behenna committed premeditated murder. Even the prosecution's expert witness explained what he believed happened. This is so wrong on so many levels. I'm SICK of our military heroes being persecuted! This has everything to do with political correctness and NOTHING to do with the facts. He killed a terrorist in self-defense! He should be granted a new trial!!!

  993. TOBY PINO says:

    Why does the government go out of it's way to prosecute our own Hero's..this is to much...

  994. Jim Wainscoat says:

    The blow link tells the story of the newest and now Leavenworth 11 My comment on the link below also http://fayobserver.com/articles/2013/08/01/1273331 James Paul Wainscoat · Top Commenter · Saint Pius X Seminary, American University, Cabriio College, Bethany U The beat goes on. See Defend Michael on the .com internet site. Now it is the Leavenworth Eleven. William Campbell, your assault rifle "Icon" attempts to project you as some kind of an expert of combat experience. Your Facebook profile says you are a former driver at Road Kill Cafe, studied at Bailing wire and Redneck Duc Tape High School, and now live in Fayetteville NC. This is hardly the resumé of a combat warrior. In order to bring you up on some of the realities of combat, whenever you move into a hostile area, you establish a defensible perimeter with good fields of fire, and sufficient time to repel any enemy attack. To do so and then have an enemy that uses women and children to test the weaknesses of your perimeter, move concertina wire from your perimeter, allow the enemy to use adjacent land to initiate attacks on your unit, test your defensive responses with motorcycle penetrations; in a nut shell; get the upper hand in order to over run your unit with a superior force.1st Lt. Clint Lorance was doing a first class job of securing his Area of Operation (AO) from any slime-ball efforts to weaken his defenses. The enemy determined to what degree the cost would be to their side. Any civilian with innocent intent or not forced into such known dangerous areas around a unit, would have gotten the message quick enough to stay out of danger. ROE (Rules of Engagement) that allow the enemy to get within killing distance without being engaged is the travesty; and those who enforce them are the murderers. Murderers of our fellow warriors. This will not stand. 1st Lt. Clint, embrace 1st Lt. Behenna when you arrive at Leavenworth. He is a fellow warrior who served his men well, and paid the price of betrayal as you have, by his own government. William Campbell take a short walk over to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg and express your lame understanding of 1st Lt. Clint's situation. I believe they will be most happy to straiten you out. Reply · 1 · · September 11 at 2:50pm

  995. Mary Soldano says:

    This is a terrible way to treat our Hero's by trying LT.Michael Behenna for premeditated murder when evidence shows that it was self defense and the evidence to clear him was not allowed!To side with a terrorist who had murdered two service members prior to what happened when Lt. Michael Behenna tried to interrogate Mansur is just plain Un-American and brings shame to all who serve or have served! Clearly Justice was not served to LT. Michael Behenna!As a mother of two military members who proudly serve-I wonder if they would receive the same unjust treatment if this were to happen to them! After hearing of this case and the outcome-Proud to be An American-Not So Much Anymore!

  996. Andrea Lautenbach /Brady says:

    This is unbelievably disgusting and I fear for all the Soldiers that we don't know about and don't hear about.

  997. Marilyn Frierson says:

    Between this case and Clint Lorance being inprisoned it truly makes me sick and so disappointed in our government and military .we should All be outraged at the way our American Hero's are being treated. Could it be our Government needs a few scapegoats to save face. Sounds like we have some government officials that need to see the backside of some prison bars.

  998. Michael says:

    Hello. This is for parents of Michael Behenna..please is urgent you look in your email...threre is a important information about Michael Behenna. ...your son.....and i think you must to do something.

  999. steve belschner says:

    this is totally wrong and has to be corrected. all that is happening to our troops plus putting up with the us government. it looks like, and is pretty obvious that the us government and the (al qaeda) terrorists are working together to attack our loyal soldiers and service men, and prosecuting them for doing their jobs. this is just the tip of the ice burg. our government is attacking our men and women, in the military, for, per say, destruction of government property lost in a fire fight. WHY?

  1000. Perosha Minwalla says:

    Our heroes like LT Behenna deserve nothing less than our gratitude and support. To even imply that our brave hero did something wrong by taking the necessary action against a terrorist is completely wrong. May God bless Lt Behenna and every other soldier who wears United States military uniform and put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. My prayers are with LT Behenna, his family and his loved ones.

  1001. Ruth Costea says:

    I first heard of your case from Michael Savage. I have grieved and prayed that your son be freed quickly by God. In the scriptures, it says that fasting and prayer will break chains. I believe it. Remember when Peter was freed by an angel? The U.S. in being governed unwisely and may be governed into chaos. I believe Christ will come soon, because the U.S. has defied His laws and are openly rejecting His protection. There will be freedom for your son, maybe by angels soon.

  1002. Charles Giarraputo says:

    This is what this administration does best. They blame our heroes that put there lives on the line because this president(the MORON)is a Muslim sympathizer. I bet he know how to say jihadist when it comes to protecting these animals.

  1003. Jackie George says:

    Please let Lt. Behenna go free. He does not deserve the sentence he received. He should be let out of jail and given a promotion. Allow him to go home to his family.

  1004. Nelda Gracia says:

    I still wear everyday my bracelet I bought years ago. People ask me about it and I respond "He is spending 25 years in Ft. Leavenworth for killing a terrorist" and they just shake their head in disbelief. And now the terrorist from Ft. Hood TX will be coming to Ft. Leavenworth to spend years before his death penalty will be carried out. Didn't know Ft. Leavenworth was for terrorists. God Bless you 1LT Michael Behenna!

  1005. Liz Ode says:

    Michael. Jesus. We think of you. We raise your name to the Lord Savior. Justice is whispers loudly now for you our American Son. I pray the United States Supreme Court grants a fair trial for this American hero. Stand by our brother, soldier, friends, and their families. Let all hear the rally cry. Jesus Liz Ode

  1006. Mark J. McCann says:

    Release LT Behenna immediately. He is a war hero not a prisoner!

  1007. Mark J. McCann says:

    May I add my disappointment to the many others that deplore the decisions and actions of the presiding military court! This resembles a listless ship in the ocean, dead on the water type of verdict; a true mis-carriage of justice. Protecting oneself in the line of fire or during the interrogation of a prisoner is the epitome of being engaged in warfare! He may have saved countless lives. And as for Nidal Hussein in Ft Hood, the terrorist bastard needs to be hung tomorrow at daylight Mark J. McCann Lt US Navy Give em hell! That's all they deserve!

  1008. David McCann says:

    Release Lt Behenna immediately. He was only defending himself and executing his duties. Do the right thing!

  1009. Michael Feldman says:

    Lt Behenna carried out the job he was deployed to do. Thank god for him and what he did for our country. Please release him from custody.

  1010. j zuckerman says:

    free Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna now he did what he was trained to do to keep his country safe thanx for your consideration

  1011. Jim Wainscoat says:

    James Ferguson, I know the feeling of futility when one sees the maltreatment of our warriors, especially by our own UMCJ system, and we hear the echo of the 60's anti-war crowd as they shouted, "In the future they will declare war, and no one will show up.", and I question if we of the Vietnam era had passed the torch of sacrificial patriotism on to the next generation. Then I met warriors from the little Italian machine-gunner from up-state New York, who signed up at 16 years old to fight for our country in WWII. He told Jason and I, his story. Christmas 1944: he was only 17 when he found himself on the perimeter of H Company on the edge of a little Belgium town called Bastogne; watching the enemy in greater numbers, and with a determined march, coming across the open field towards him and his brothers. His commander General McAuliffe had told the German General, "NUT!" to his offer of surrender or die. The general knew the hearts of his men and committed them accordingly. The little machine-gunner from Company H, called "The kid" by his 101st brothers; waited anxiously for the enemy to cross the field, and get within range so as not to waste what little ammo they had left. "Now?" shouted the little machine-gunner. "No, not yet. Hold your fire" replied the Platoon Lieutenant. Three times the little gunner asked to fire his weapon. After the third time, the Lieutenant said, "NOW!". As if he were in a dream the little machine gunner from up-state New York performed his duty as he was trained to do, and the enemy was turned back. The 101st stood it's ground and eventually married up with General Patton's relief force, and went on to the Battle of the Bulge. I listen with raptured attention as combat veterans from the wars in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever the U.S. took a stand for freedom against tyranny; shared their individual experiences in defending freedom and covering their brothers' six. Then I knew the answer to my question of would there be a time when America would declare war and no one would show up? Not as long as there are warriors such as 1st Lt. Behenna.

  1012. JAMES FERGUSON says:

    This tragedy continues to remind everyone of the fiasco that, once again, the US Government got our country into. Why anyone would volunteer to join the military anymore is beyond understanding. Who are they really serving and who has their backs?

  1013. Jim Wainscoat says:

    I just returned from the 68th 101st Airborne Division Association Reunion in Portland Oregon. They had a display of the saga of 1st Lt. Michael Behenna from day one. There also was a petition to Parole the lieutenant in January of 2014. Approximately 80% signed the petition (75% combat experienced). Overwhelmingly the response from the lieutenant's combat brothers was "FREE THE LIEUTENANT!" A jury of his peers (None combat experienced) found the Lt. guilty of unpremeditated murder; a gathering of the Lt.'s true peers, where the Eagles gathered in Portland Oregon, found him to be a warrior's warrior, and more than eligible for parole. It was a resounding cry for justice and equity in this miscarriage of justice. I have never been more proud of my 101st brothers than during this gathering of the Eagles in Portland.

  1014. Bruno F. Cilione says:

    Lt. Behenna, in self-defense, shoots a known Al Qaeda terrorist who had Killed & Wounded American soldiers ---- & his prosecutors withhold evidence, resulting in a 25 year prison sentence!!! THAT is INJUSTICE for an American hero.

  1015. Lorraine Ziegelheim says:

    This soldier is the man every parent wishes their son would become. This is total injustice. I pray for Michael that he may be released and may God bless him and his family.

  1016. Terri Ozment says:

    I will send a letter today. Is there anything else I can do to help?

  1017. James Young says:

    This fine young American hero was just doing his job and doing it well by defending our country against those who would see ALL of us tortured and murdered!!! He and his fellows should NOT be held imprisoned as criminals but released and raised up and aptly treated as the finest heros our country has to offer.

  1018. timothy oleary says:

    this brave soldier should be released!!!!!!! the prosecutors should be the ones in prison isnt it their job to seek the truth not win a case let this you brave man go home with all right returned to him

  1019. infinitywell says:

    Please understand that if you imprison Michael Behenna you are (have) imprisoned all of us. We have have fought for our nation against all without question, and now we wonder why! We now find that we have to fight our nation, or more to the point - this thing that pretends to be the leadership of this nation. If Michael Behenna is not released we will all become your enemy, so you will have to imprison us all. I am citizen of the United States of America, and I will defend my brothers. The federal government is not the United States of America, we are! Read the Declaration of Independence, and remember how it all got started. Have a nice day...

  1020. Janet Zwahlen says:

    I heard about the parole issue just a -half hr. ago on the Barbara Simpson show. I heard about it when this miscarriage of justice first started. Michael Behenna deserves parole and a complete pardon for all his suffering . He was doing his duty to GOD and Country . Killing a terrorist was the right thing to do. Please issue a parole for Michael Behenna who was and still is serving his country honorably. Janet Z in Davis ,CA.

  1021. Mary Kay Zaineb says:

    I am writing my letter right now. Will be praying for Michael. Much love from a military mom. Heard you on KSFO.

  1022. Richard says:

    Got the word out as one of last callers, ksfo.com/barbarasimpson

  1023. Richard says:

    Scott or Vicki could you call 415-808-5600, barbara Simpson sow on KSFO. Her show is on from 4:00pm -7:00 pm PST, she is aware of your cause and will put you on. I will call in

  1024. Suzanne says:

    I have been following Lt. Behenna's story from the beginning and in my heart I know he is innocent. He was protecting himself and deserves to be released. It has been an honor reading about this brave officer and his supportive family who's wonderful faith and strength can only give Michael continued courage and hope. The Lord is always on our side. Stay strong, Suzanne Amitrano

  1025. Vanda Housewright says:

    He should have Never been sent to prison for doing what he was suppose to do!!!! He was defending himself when Mansur attacked him!!!!!

  1026. Annette Madden Shatley says:

    I learned of Michael's incarceration thru some friends. As a former military person myself, during the Vietnam War, I felt empathy as well as sympathy for Michael and his family. He was defending our country against a people who would gladly come over here and kill all of us...including children. The training in our military is some of the best in the world...and why this came to trial is beyond me. He killed a known killer in self defense. This is such a miscarriage of justice it is unbelievable that it is happening in the United States of America. Remember September 11, 2001. Of course you do. Those people in Arab countries celebrated in the streets at the deaths of thousands of people. Men, women and children. One of the planes the terrorists crashed was full of school children. If given the chance Mansur surely would have killed Lt. Behenna during the altercation. We need you to parole him to help correct a serious miscarriage of justice. He should be freed and work to be exonerated of all charges.

  1027. Patsy Flournoy says:

    Have we gone absolutely insane prosecuting our own people that lay their lives down for our protection? Please parole Lt. Behenna as soon as possible. May God have mercy on your soles, the ones that put him behind bars. Sincerely, Patsy Flournoy Paskent, CA 96074

  1028. James White RA 14938290 says:

    I was so angry when I first hear about this sham of a trial. This is all political. Our country is in a sorry state.

  1029. Steven Jay Hagedorn says:

    I insist that those with strong opinions should carefully distinguish between the things they knew to be true and the things they thought to be true. This Is Not Fair. The UMCJ Needs This Looked At By An IG.

  1030. Fred Brady says:

    Michael is a true American warrior. He should be commended highly for his service fighting for the safety of all Americans. I too have a son in law that served as an Army Ranger 2 tours in Afganistan and 2 tours in Iraq and it saddens me to no end that this same injustice could have happened to him. At the same time a terrorist Boston bomber gets his picture on the front page of rolling stone magazine a true patriot to the United states is behind bars. Makes no sense at all.

  1031. Jerry Kenney says:

    Enough already release LT Behenna, a hero protecting our American livelihoods, and this is how he is rewarded. What a Gov't we have!

  1032. kathleen Pallo says:

    This government treats our enemies with kid gloves and treats our heroes like dirt. Michael needs to be free and our government needs to use common sense. I'm sick of our boys being blamed for acting when their actions save American lives. Our own government is turning against us.

  1033. Phyllis Schultz says:

    I think Lt Michael Behenna is right to do and protect himself. Cant trust terrorist and they have a chance to kill Lt Michael Behenna if he cant use gun. no reason for him to go jail. He is not killer and terrorist is killer.. I support Lt Michael Behenna for his right protect himself.. God bless America and all Sincerely Phyllis Schultz

  1034. Pat Wentink says:

    I am puzzled that no mention is made of any testimony from the translator who must have been present at the time of the incident.

  1035. don viccaro says:

    Why did the military have to convict this person.There is obviously something that is not being said or told in this article, there has to be a reason for punishing a man who looks to everyone to be innocent. The military prosecution doesn't make any more money for a guilty verdict, so what is being covered up?

  1036. Jackie GEORGE says:

    Set him FREE he did Nothin Wrong This is a miscarriage of justice Help him NOW

  1037. Jackie GEORGE says:

    He should be set free NOW.

  1038. Daniel Robinson says:

    It ceases to amaze me how the diplomacy of our enemies overrides the constitution of the United States of America. My sons, three, all serve in the U.S. Navy and its hard to tell them to abide by the rules when the very politicians who are suppose to be supporting them are in questionable positions with our enemies. Remember the Navy SEALs who were on trial for assaulting a TERRORIST who was being interrogated, for striking this scum and broke his nose, they should have put a round in his head, but due to the honor of our warriors and the pride they have for human life they opted to questions the prisoner. Finally after much disdain from the public they dropped charges on these men, who are the most elite fighting forces in the world. It really makes you wonder who really is our enemies and where to they reside?

  1039. Sue says:

    I do not understand WHY LT Behenna has been imprisoned for protecting himself against a known terrorist. He should not have to spend another day behind bars!!!!!

  1040. Ron says:

    Very unfair, hang in there Lt. Behenna and we will do all we can to not leaver a Ranger behind.

  1041. Shirley Easey says:

    Sounds like 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was defending himself. This guy was a known terrorist. Why was this known terrorist ordered to be released? 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was set-up, sabotaged, acted in self defense, and a victim of injustice. Set 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna free. Thank you, Mrs. Easey

  1042. TRESSA says:


  1043. Gertrude Hannah says:

    Lt Behenna should be released immediately! Who ordered the terrorist released In the first place...if captured known terrorists are to be released, WHY are US Troops there in the first place! The Lt was doing his job...why won't the US Govt do their job and support our troops...the dead guy was an enemy...the Lt did not kill an innocent civilian. This is a disgrace! And injustice to a Military man defending our great country from a known enemy!

  1044. Sondra Millman says:

    talk about a miscarriage of justice... this definitely is the case here. how can any court justify this sentencing? when any soldier fights for the benefit of our freedom and to save his own life kills a known terrorist and its prosecuted for it, they should instead be given a medal for bravery and not have to fear that they are going to be put in Leavenworth. shame on the USA for caving into the terrorists and not supporting our own.

  1045. Julia Borthwick says:

    My heart breaks for Lt. Behenna. I am a very proud American and Air Force brat. My father served as an officer for almost 30 years and I bleed red, white and blue. I was reared to respect the office of our Commander In Chief and have done so (always respecting the office, sometimes not so much the holder of it) but for the last five years I have been in shock at what he has forced our soldiers and officers to endure and carry out. Never in my almost sixty four years have I seen this level of unpatriotic behavior from any of our leaders AND we are allowing it to happen. When we allow a good officer to be railroaded into prison by a system that is obviously being dictated to by someone who has an agenda contrary to the wellbeing of our troops and my country we are in very big trouble. I am proud to stand up with and for Lt. Behenny. I only wish there were more that I could do for him than just write a letter or two. God Bless him and his family. They should never have had to endure this because he did the right thing and made the right decision in a nano second. Well done sir!

  1046. Captain JJ Lynskey USMM says:

    To all that will listen, This abuse of the Americans has got to stop! I am a ships Captain, with 50 years service. I go all the way back to "Vietnam". Since then Americans, who do thier Duty Proudly have been punished by thier Government. It has ruined this country unbeliveably! Please Parole this Honorable young Man and turn the tide around, back to a time when Americans could be Proud, of thier Countrty and not be branded "Wackos" Captain JJ Lynskey US Merchant Marine

  1047. Teresa D OBannon says:

    standing with 1st Lieutenant Behenna!

  1048. Sylvia Koetz says:

    Please give this young man his freedom. So many young give their lives to support our great Country. He has given his freedom up to fight for our Country, PLEASE give him his freedom back to live his life, Love his family, and enjoy the life of freedom he and countless others have done. God Bless this young man , please let him return home where he belongs!! God Bless Michael and God Bless America!!! Michael, Thank You for serving our Country, and I pray that God answers my prayers!!!

  1049. TSgt. r. g. ault says:

    Based upon info. presented to me via Military.com it appears as though this young officer has been wrongly convicted. I ask you to strongly consider releasing him. Respectfully submitted d TSgt. R.G.Ault

  1050. dan kuehl says:

    We re still watching and waiting semper fi mike

  1051. Dudley Greene says:

    Free the man & reward him. Govnt is stupid enough, why must our military join'em?

  1052. Mary Williams says:

    This soldier should be released immediately. I am a former vet also. So many innocent in jail where is justice for them for anyone with the corruption we have in our govt and military.

  1053. William Bolton says:

    My first and middle names mean Determined Defender and Adamant Protector. It is my hope to be both for Michael as a fellow soldier. Michael is a Veteran unjustly convicted of doing what he was supposed to do. I can honestly say that I would have done the same. God bless Michael and free him and may the will of God be done in the lives of all those that deny justice to Michael. That is the worst thing I can do to them that deny justice for a servant of our nation. To have the will of God done in your life is a good thing as long as you are right with God, but I doubt many involved with denial of justice are and as a result they will not like how it goes. So be it.

  1054. Dawn Mattox says:

    Where is our president when you need him? Why isn't this man's Commander in Chief standing up for the soldier he sent over there, demanding his release, insteading of focusing on a civilian trial in FL? My (3) son's fought in the military, but I pray my grandson never does!Not when you go to prison for doing your job.

  1055. Elaine Morris says:

    Give him freedom!

  1056. Mrs. Marla Crabtree says:

    I am just a middle class high school teacher with a 28 year old son who served 2 duties in Afghanistan. I have been following this case for a few years and it is so heartbreaking. I just don't get this. This man is one of our finest Rangers who volunteered his life for our country. Please, please, read again the facts of this case to make a decision in the favor of parole for this young man. He is not a danger to our society and needs to be with his family. Thank you, Marla Crabtree, Wheeling, West Virginia

  1057. Marie Asher says:

    1Lt Michael Behenna is a human being, not a machine. If you want machines to fight the war then build them. Quit sending our fine men and women to fight, or even protect these people who only know war and violence. A machine would not have recognized that it would have to defend itself. It is the fault of Army not so intelligent Intelligence to expect a human being who would have to defend himself against a known terrorist, should the need arise. Free 1Lt Michael Behenna now.

  1058. Ralph Lambiase says:

    Free Lt. Behenna now! The real crime is in arresting Lt. Brehenna for doing his lawful duty! Thank you, Respectfully, Ralph Lambiase

  1059. Linda Luzitano says:

    I think this is outrages what has been done to Michael. He was only trying to defend himself, if he didn't shoot them they would have killed him. This is outrages to not allow evidence on his case to be given. Sincerely Linda

  1060. Robert Matheis says:

    We are under the heel of a rogue government.

  1061. Alice G. says:

    PLEASE DO NOT USE THE ZIMMERMAN CASE IN YOUR APPEAL LETTER. If a comparison is made I would hope it would be FORTHOOD. This officer has still not been brought justice. Thanks for all your efforts to free this young fellow.

  1062. michael gass says:

    what the army did to this fine soldier is an absolute miscarriage of justice.he shot an enemy terrorist while defending himself.an expert witnees claimed that the only logical explanation was that the terrorist lunged for the lieutenant's gun and the soldier fired two shots in self-defense. shame on the seven officers and the judge who wouldn't allow a mistrial.they are tghe ones who should in a realistic society be punished.this soldier was robbed of many years of freedom in my opinion because the army was afraid opf retribution for the killing of nothing but a pure terrorist enemy of our country. free this good man and let justice be done NOW.

  1063. barbara grossman says:

    Michael you are in our prays, you are America Hero.

  1064. Jim Zivny says:

    Me + my families prayers are with Michael + his family for the duration of this insanity. I hope you can stay strong enough until this crap is done. But if your family doesn't lose faith you will prevail I am. Sure. Jim

  1065. Bethany Cervantes says:

    What the heck?? If even half of this is true, you guys are criminals of the highest order. Shame, shame, shame on you.

  1066. WhyBother says:

    we can only hope the next president will pardon him and reinstate him.

  1067. WhyBother says:

    Those who convicted him are the worst of the worst. Why anybody would volunteer to protect this nation of fools is beyond me. And that is exactly what they want, nobody volunteering, an excuse these power-mad utopian fascists will use to start the draft again, which will add to the growth of Leviathan government and the power they will continue to accrue. FTA

  1068. Aryam Torres says:

    This is a major injustice and with all the men in my family being service members it makes me feel very uneasy about their career paths and how protected they truly are.

  1069. Jim Wainscoat says:

    Marc fields says: "All this is..." HEAR! HEAR!

  1070. Teresa D OBannon says:

    I stand with this young man...Praying for his release ..In JESUS name!

  1071. marc fields says:

    All this is, is some ranking officer trying to be politically correct, or sucking up trying to look as good as possible because he is afraid he might get into trouble or look bad or thinks he is gaining brownie points. Lt. Behenna is an officer in the U.S. Military and should be given that respect deferred to as telling the truth. He is an officer and a gentlemen. To the Officer responsible for his prosecution, this is not a worthy prosecution. If Lt. Behenna says the man lunged at him, then I am sure that is what happened. He should have had a weapon point at the known Terrorist, no advantage should be given to a person dedicated to the killing of our troops including Lt. Behenna. There is no King's X in this game of war. Should Lt. Behenna been assaulted and wounded by the Terrorist before the shooting could be called justified, I don't think so. That is a brain fart and utter stupidity to think so. It is the reasoning of an Academic and not a real soldier who would make that reasoning. Let the man go. He has served his country well. marc fields, Ssgt. USMC Vietnam 1967

  1072. Nicolaus Swanson says:

    This is a serious breach of faith to the men and women that serve. His immediate release is the ONLY acceptable reselution.

  1073. Jim Wainscoat says:

    "Bradley Sanford says......" HEAR! HEAR!

  1074. Bradley Sanford says:

    I have spent years passing this info out to my fellow Nam vets, friends and family. Sent many an e-mail to my reps from the state of Texas as well as the senate and house members involved in Military matters. I have never lost my motivation and will not lose my resolve. This man, your Son, is a hero, but our reps are cowards. We will keep the pressure on until this injustice is reversed, this fine officer can return home to his loved ones. Our nation owes Lt.Behenna the honors he so well deserves.

  1075. Jim Wainscoat says:

    Brook Haygood, your post below is the most spot on and courageous I have seen. You have chosen the higher ground of protecting your buddies, and not being pushed into compromising combat situations that leave you with a life time of regret. You truly walk in the spirit of 1st Lt. Behenna. May our country be somehow deserving of such warriors.

  1076. Jerry Kenney says:

    I am confused, we take our children make them into military, train them, teach, instill that they are to defend our country and freedoms at all costs. And this is how we repay a decorated soldier? Our Gov't is a piece of work and something sounds way to fishy. Michael is taking the fall and America is standing idol while we let this happen. I'll support in any way to get him free, hopefully most of America wakes up and joins this cause.

  1077. Mary L. Emerson says:

    This young man was in a foreign country fighting for our freedom, he killed a combatant , who most certainly would have killed him. For this he has been imprisoned far too long. These people are STILL killing our soldiers, bombing innocent people, and plotting to kill more. It is time this young man is released to pick up the remnants of his life.

  1078. Brook Haygood says:

    Have four combat deployments, each one more PC than the last. I have been shot at many times where we couldn't return fire due to scared leadership. I feel for this LT and for any new soldiers about to be deployed. This will sound shitty but watch out for yourself and your buddy's. Your leadership will not have your back. Their OER is way to important.

  1079. George Thompson says:

    To Whom It May Concern: Is there no justice left in this country or for our U.S. military? What group of fools will sacrifice one of our own to protect a murderer or have the Muslims gained control of decisions for our military. They seem to be taking over in the U.S., thanks to so many idiots in Washington. Shame! Shame!

  1080. Brian Sessums says:

    I hope 1LT Behenna is released/exonerated soon. I hope there are employers waiting for him with open arms. I am not passing any judgement on this case. I just wanted to point out that most of Congress, all but three members I believe, voted for the Patriot Act. It is my understanding that the Patriot Act allows the U.S. Government to assassinate suspected terrorists, regardless of nationality, inside or outside of the U.S. Even if the target is an American. Perhaps the authors of that legislation and those who voted to approve it, would be allies in a case like this, I understand that both President Bush and President Obama were the approving authority. I apologize if my comment is in anyway ignorant, just trying to rationalize.

  1081. Leslie Dekock says:

    Keep fig h ting!

  1082. Anne G Chipman says:

    This is reprehensible treatment of one of our brave troops...How dare the government and his chain of command allow this to happen...We train these young men and women to fight to protect us and our beliefs in dire circumstances, yet, when they perform as we expect them to we fail to back them up!!! If it was YOUR son or YOUR daughter being attacked in a war zone by an enemy militant, do you want him/her to just stand down and do NOTHING!!! Get real! he/she has every right to defend himself and utilize the training he/she spent years perfecting...This young man is a hero and should be treated as such......Shame on 'the powers that be' for failing to step in and get true justice for this brave young man.....

  1083. Eva Klaas says:

    My husband asked former CA assemblyman Dan Lungren on Mr. Lungren's facebook page if he knew about Michael. My California Senators and the White House have not responded to my e-mails. The Department of Defense has not responded to my call and the intern who answered the telephone was not aware of Michael's story. Today I let talked to another person and showed her Michael website. She immediately wrote it down. More help is coming and more donations.

  1084. Richard Andrews says:

    Yet another example of how our government has descended into corruption.

  1085. Melinda Wasilchin says:

    This officer was protecting the USA which is why we are in this war. He was clearly protecting himself against this terrorist and should be rewarded - not prosecuted for his service to this country!!! This ruling is unjust and needs to be overturned immediately!

  1086. Kelly Young says:

    Please release this young Soldier...we are fighting a war on TERROR and he killed TERRORIST...that is his JOB he is supposed to STOP terrorists...this is unbelievable WOW

  1087. Jim Wainscoat says:

    Defense JAG led out with an attack on the lawful criticism of the prosecution's pushing out the back door and hiding of their expert witness with exculpatory evidence. (see: Defense JAG says: 2013-06-20 21:26:04 - below) As an attorney, para-legal or jailhouse lawyer; Defense JAG must know that when a lawyer makes a Motion for Discovery they most always put it in these terms; "ALL handwriting, typewriting, printing, Photostatting, photographing, photocopying, transmitting by electronic mail or facsimile, and every other means of recording upon any tangible thing, any form of communication or representation, including letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols, or combinations thereof, and any record thereby created, regardless of the manner in which the record has been stored. Thus, if an employed or specially retained expert has generated computer disks or printouts, photographs, movies, video recordings, or sound recordings, they are discoverable under CCP §§2034.210(c), 2034.270." JAG says this end of the line Due Process, that the military Judicial system has placed 1st Lt. Behenna in, "stands as a stark warning to all who follow that if you disobey orders and take the law into your own hands, even in a combat zone, you will be held accountable by a system that works, largely, as it is supposed to." Well my misguided friend, if your "Stark warning" stands, and our warriors stand down, you'll be like Humpty Dumpty trying to put your life back together. You won't be able to hide behind "Defense JAG says" anymore. Then as if the JAG talking points were not enough; JAG goes on to attack the Lt.'s mother as a lawyer. Take a look at her work. JAG wouldn't make the grade for the eraser on Vicki Behenna's pencil, let alone take her to task for her understanding of the law. JAG, you are such a Cheap shot ambulance chaser. We need to stop giving JAG specialists Law degrees based on time in service. JAG, stop misjudging passion for justice; for bleeding heart emotionalism. If anyone is being jerked around by their emotions; it is you with your outdated textbook approach to a situation you haven't a clue about. Think the combat zone is not unique enough to warrant special consideration in judging combat death incidents? You need to put on you Kevlar double breasted suit, and join the 101st Airborne on their next combat assignment. Try for once; finding the truth for a change, and there you will find Justice.

  1088. Julius B. Carey says:

    NoBama & her traitorish ROE's are needlessly killing our men & women nearly every single day because their hands are somewhat tied behind their backs. This so-called corrupt administration should be the ones behind bars.

  1089. Jim Wainscoat says:

    One can't help but wonder where this injustice goes from this point? Due process (for the military and the government) has been exhausted. But it can't be over for 1st Lt. Behenna. In America, the people must have an option when the government gangs up on a citizen, and the checks & balances of powers of the three branches of government (wait a minute, the Congress, the People's House has not spoken yet) scratch that, two branches of government neither check or balance what they were designed for. So there is my answer: this has to go to the People's House. What would be the basis for this next move of going to the People's House? Some say it should not be the next move; the Lt. should go to the Parole Board with hat in hand and lay down, strike his breast, saying: "Mea Culpa", admit falsely that he did it and through himself on the mercy of yet another outdated military tribunal. The military so far has shown no fairness or leniency as far as 1st Lt. Behenna is concerned. I for one believe that if that is the only way the continued cruel and unusual punishment of the Lt. can be stopped; then go for it. Giving those with a knife at your throat, words they want to hear, and thereby stop their continued harm to Lt. Behenna, his wife to be and his family, is no lie or shame. But what about our representatives, these politicians who weigh every move by the number of votes it will bring or take away? Why can they not see that the People see the injustice being committed on 1st Lt. Behenna? Is it because they have become drunk and addicted to the allure of political power. have we come to a point in our country's history where those we have sent to represent us; have become the whimpering tools of those our Founding Fathers warned us of? Even here in South Dakota where you can not get elected without the Farmer's and the military veteran's vote. Former Senator Tom Daschle learned that the hard way. Here where our one lonely Congresswoman and Senator John Thune who are great supporter of the veteran's community and off the record agree that if the fact presented by the defendmichael.com site are true, then an injustice has been perpetrated. As the pressure from the People continues to mount; we will see if ones words are just words or in fact heart felt agreement. Why the Congress, what can they do? They make the laws that we the People must obey. But what about the laws of the military judicial system? Do our representatives just hand over on an average 500 billion dollars, plus 74 billion for research & development, and not concern themselves with how their constituents, their voter block in the military is being treated as U.S. citizens? But wait; are they citizen as we civilians are? On paper they are just as much civilians as we are. I think everyone accepts that their are certain freedoms and liberties that one gives up when they join the military to defend the Constitution. The very nature of militarily defending and protecting America, requires someone will eventually have to give the order to attack, and you can't stop and take a vote as to whether you are going to allow the enemy to overrun you or not. But what about when a military member, when he is deprived of life, liberty or property? Does he enjoy the same rights as his civilian counterpart (a policeman)? The 14th Amendment says that Due Process prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons (citizens) of life, liberty or property without legislative authority. Is money given to the military, the only authority our representatives give the military, and they then make up all their rules, regulations and laws without any accountability to anyone outside of their exclusionary province. Pretty much so; but there are times when the law makers intervene, because it is within their power to do so. Don't ask, don't tell and same sex marriage are regulations that have come under the scrutiny of the legislature. So is the Status Quo of military justice, and it's interpretation of Due Process an untouchable, sacred cow that is beyond the People's influence? Not when you deprive military members of life, liberty and property to the extent that Lt. Behenna has been deprived of. The 14th Amendment guarantees Equal Protection under the law to all citizens. Now their are lesser laws that differ from state to state; but felonies are another thing. Yet the military does not afford it's members the same equal protection under the law that it's member's counterpart (police officers) enjoy. We as the People, need to alert our representatives to this injustice and direct them to correct this travesty.

  1090. Dianne Larry says:

    This is sickening !!! Breaks my heart to read this about our American soldier and hero!!! I will post this information and pray for his release!!! God bless you all !!!!

  1091. Jim Wainscoat says:

    OK, I am being urged by my wife to respond to some of the statements "Defense of JAG" made. Remember I am an ordinary citizen; but then the law, justice and equity should be understood by every citizen as that is where it all began, "Common Law". JAG said, (see "Defense JAG says: 2013-06-20 21:55:08 below). First, JAG pointing out that there were several point of law that were not raised on appeal, demonstrates he fails to understand 1st Lt. Behenna's love of the military, and his willingness to fall on his sword in order to give the military an opportunity to do what is right. As such he took a lesser charge (no way they would have made a premeditated murder charge stick.) He went through a court proceeding with fewer rights than we as American citizens enjoy. Unanimous jury decisions with felony charges. Not in the military. "Venire" or the Jury Pool of Juries has to do with the right to be tried by a Jury of ones peers being an impartial jury. All of this comes as a result of the Sixth Amendment. Juries must represent a fair cross- section of the community wherein the offense occurred. In 1st Lt. Behenna's case that was in a combat zone. His Jury consisted of no combat experienced soldiers, and the exclusion of combat soldiers was a systematic exclusion. As for trying the case in the community in which the offense occurred as is required by Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution; it wasn't even on the same continent. JAG pointing out that "If only combat arms personnel can sit in judgment of combat arms personnel accused of crimes, as if those are the accused's only peers, then the situation is created where only a rich person could sit in judgment of the rich, only the poor can judge the poor, only landowners can judge landowners, only whites can sit in judgment of whites, only racists can sit in judgment of racists, etc., etc." JAG fails to recognize that the rich, the poor, the landowners, the white, and the racists; all are members of the same community, operating and acknowledging the same rule of law, in the same community. In combat there is no rule of law. It is the law of the fastest gun. Much like the old West where the Judge kept a gun on the bench as he dealt out Justice and equity. In an attempt to show fairness and due-process, JAG quote military law governing jury selection: "The only requirement for a fair, balanced jury/panel is that they be "reasonable" citizens/soldiers, and in the case of courts-martial, that they possess qualifications that, in the judgment of the convening authority who appointed them to sit on the panel, demonstrate their maturity, experience, training and qualifications to be reasonable in adjudicating the facts of the case to a conclusion beyond "reasonable doubt." Demonstrate their experience, training and qualifications to be reasonable? What experience, what training, what qualifies the Jury that convicted 1st lt. Behenna of unpremeditated murder of a known capture or kill Al Qaeda operative? And beyond reasonable doubt! the only reasonable doubt; is the Jury's qualifications. Nuff said. Still waiting for our JAG jailhouse lawyer to respond.

  1092. Jim Wainscoat says:

    Oh, by the way "Defense JAG ; What part of the Brady disclosure, that part that makes reference to exculpatory evidence that is material to the guilt or innocence of a defendant, being suppressed by the prosecution, do you not understand? You're not talking, "The Brady Bunch" are you? (and I am just a citizen onlooker) And while we're at it, what about all the statements of the Lt.'s Platoon members, the informants, village chief and villagers that would have put Harry the friendly interpreter's credibility in question whether he was a Al Qaeda sympathizer or was coerced into saying he saw more than he did. If you will hide an expert witness, what ends would you go to, to win a conviction? As for the "Roll over for the generals" staff sergeant, I'll bet he sleeps well, knowing the Lt. did the right thing, and is man enough to take the unjust punishment. "I was just way over there watering the flowers, I was given a direct order to use the grenade in my hand, to hinder identifying the body, so we would not have to explain an act made in self defense to a bunch of nincompoops in the rear." "nincompoop" "A brain dead self important little turd given an impressive sounding job title to keep him blissfully ignorant of the world shattering nefarious machinations of his keepers." A military term derived from non-com, short for non commissioned officer. Also applied to officers who earn the title. Well the cat is out of the bag, and now America is going to have to MAN-UP and recognize the reality of this war on terrorism, and what we are asking our fighting men and women to do with pistols holstered. God save America; because the Perfume Princes as Col. David Hackworth was fond of saying; are doing everything the Al Qaeda would have them do for an AL Qaeda domination of the world.

  1093. Jim Wainscoat says:

    To "Defense JAG" thank you for engaging those of us on this site that truly believe 1st Lt. Behenna was dealt an injustice, not by a system that was broke; but by a system that has become outdated in it's judicial application of the Laws of Warfare in this present age. An age where warfare is no longer a magnified dual between two belligerents with defined lines of controlled territory, officially recognized States, uniforms, military installations separate from civilian populations, and Internationally agreed upon rules of warfare (Geneva Convention and so on). This type of warfare and how to judge infractions of conduct in warfare; looks good on paper, in the classroom or having to be judged in a courtroom worlds away from the unconventional, asymmetrical, deadly fluid situations of the war on terror we are experiencing today No! we face an enemy the likes of Genghis Khan, who said, "I am the punishment of God … If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you." Conventional warfare is the invitation to a Genghis Khan to completely conquer, murdering all males of military age, and forcefully convert the submissive females to their way of belief; survival of the fittest (physical strength wise). Unconventional warfare on the counterinsurgency side, must keep the battlefield a level fighting field or be annihilated, and all those who they were there to protect; will suffer the most barbaric end. Now what does this have to do with all your legal jargon from a military judicial system that is totally ignorant or fails to understand this present day principle of warfare for those involved personally in what we face today in the war on terrorism? NOTHING! So long as you and your ilk, continue to try, and justify your positions at the expense of the lives of America's brave warriors; you will be the most surprised when the enemy puts the knife to your throat in your hallowed chambers as you pontificate your suicidal lunacy in an attempt to reason with them. Warfare has always been a contest of wills. For us you have to ask; are you willing to do what it takes to win, and hold on to as much humanity as possible in the process? War has always been this way. As they say, "All politics are local", so it is with war. All war is local. It doesn't matter what goes on at the Peace Tables, the hall of legislatures, the military courts, International agreement; whatever. It only matters what happens between you and the enemy you face on the battlefield. The enemy raises the bar of atrocities; do you just back off and rely on the orders from the rear echelon, those who only know what they have been spoon feed from the battlefield? Do you do this knowing it will cost you the lives of those you have taken an oath to protect and defend? Only if you are a go along to get along or a coward. Here is a situation I became aware of through a conversation with a Catholic Chaplain who had to advise some of his church members on how this particular situation should line up with their Catholic belief. We began to encounter ambushes where MIA's were decapitated and their heads put on stakes to draw us into attempts to recover the heads of our brothers. In the one attempt to recover one head, we lost three more brothers. This was the same 101st Airborne unit 1st Lt. Behenna was a member of; but preceded his combat experience by 43 years. The place was Vietnam. The Brigade commander (not the platoon leader, as there was little political correctness to manipulate a Brigade commander, and a lot of one for all and all for one in those days) decided to do something about it. He did not rely on any of the Status Quo regulations of the higher up in the rear or laws governing "Jus in Bello" (conduct in warfare). Like any good pole vaulter; he got out a longer pole. The good col. issued hatchets to three of his platoons and said, "I want a stack of VC heads here by the end of the next sweep and destroy." The heads were there and the VC not only stopped using our KIA's heads for ambushes; but they began to bury our dead, out where we could find them. Now I ask, how would the military justice system of today evaluate this situation of 43 years ago? Shall I give you even more situations from WWII of decisions made on a much higher level of authority, with even greater counter measures to over come the enemy? Now before you think I am in any way justifying the My Lai massacre; that was pure and simple Genghis Khan type murder, and to think 2nd Lt. Calley only received three and one half months in house arrest at Fort Benning, before getting a Pardon from President Nixon. 1st Lt. Behenna sits in maximum security at Fort Leavenworth, going on five years. YOUR TURN

  1094. Defense JAG says:

    I just noticed a lot of criticism in the blog about the fact that the court-martial panel members were from non-combat careers. Some seem to make the point that the fact that the panelists were from non-combat arms branches renders them unqualified, or that their verdict is wrong or improper; or the result of a violation of the accused's rights to a trial by his peers. Do those of you who hold that opinion believe that when trying an accused who is from a combat arms branch, that only panelists from a combat arms branch should sit in judgment? If so, then that is another point of law about which you are so wrong (please note: this issue, the panel NOT being composed of his combat arms peers but of non-combat arms peers, was not raised on appeal, rightly so). If only combat arms personnel can sit in judgment of combat arms personnel accused of crimes, as if those are the accused's only peers, then the situation is created where only a rich person could sit in judgment of the rich, only the poor can judge the poor, only landowners can judge landowners, only whites can sit in judgment of whites, only racists can sit in judment of racists, etc., etc., all of which has been rightly and justly repudiated by court rulings nationwide. The only requirement for a fair, balanced jury/panel is that they be "reasonable" citizens/soldiers, and in the case of courts-martial, that they possess qualifications that, in the judgment of the convening authority who appointed them to sit on the panel, demonstrate their maturity, experience, training and qualifications to be reasonable in adjudicating the facts of the case to a conclusion beyond "reasonable doubt."

  1095. Defense JAG says:

    Blog Administrators: I fail to understand why there was an allegation of a Brady violation. When either the defense of the government retain an expert witness and that expert forms opinion evidence that contradicts the hiring party's theory of the case, the hiring party is neither required to use that expert at trial nor disclose the expert's opinion to the other side...the expert at that time effectively becomes a consultant ONLY (their input into the case is undiscoverable). The expert is a member of the litigation team that hired them. Indeed, in this case, when the government expert leaked his opinion to the defense, he breached his legal obligation to his client and violated the legal privilege (derived from his membership in a litiagation team) he owed to his client--the government. The fact that the SCOTUS denied cert actually makes perfect legal sense based upon all routinely accepted precedent governing the issues of self-defense in a combat zone and discovery involving expert witnesses and consultants. In the record of all lower court proceedings as presented to the Court, there was not one single prejudicial, reversible error. I have heard that Behenna's mother is an experienced attorney...I would expect that she would know the laws in this area. Perhaps this is a great example of why attorneys are their own worst clients (for themselves and their families)...they can't separate their emotional investment from the facts and law of case. And in the end, the hard facts and cold law cannot be reconciled or addressed by one who is blind to both because of their emotional attachment to the client. While I am sorry that this incident happened, the system is NOT broken. Crimes were in fact committed; the perpetrator of those crimes was held fully accountable; and the rules of evidence, discovery and procedure were followed, which fully explains the SCOTUS' denial of cert in relatively short order. I wish all involved a speedy recovery from this incident. As they put their lives back together, they should rest assured that this was not a worthless, meaningless incident or case. It stands as a stark warning to all who follow that if you disobey orders and take the law into your own hands, even in a combat zone, you will be held accountable by a system that works, largely, as it is supposed to. Good luck and God-speed to all of you.

  1096. David Jackson says:

    I want to help in any way in this case. What the Army Prosecution did in this case is at best criminal in itself. I will be more than happy to contact my senators and representatives on behalf of Lt Behenna.I am an Oklahoman and a veteran of a light infantry unit. I was stationed in Berlin when the wall came down in '89. I have seen both sides of the wall the West and the East and what occurred to Lt. Behenna is reminiscent of the stories we heard coming out of the communist sector and how Russia and East German intelligence intimidated their own soldiers. This is absolutely atrocious and deserves a retrial at the least!

  1097. Leonard Morehead says:

    Every Soldier has the right of self defense! Set this hero free..

  1098. Duke StJohn says:

    Is this friggin government crazy or what. Get this soldier out of prison NOW, what you have done is a disgrace to every man and women who has ever been in the armed forces. It makes me sick to my stomach to read something like this.

  1099. Jim Wainscoat says:

    Say Lt. I have thought long and hard about what it took for you to do what you did. My time with the 1st 327 Inf. 101st ABN Vietnam 1966-67 under Col. David Hackworth, taught me what thought process is necessary, as to strategy, risk, and possible outcomes required in situations that demand heart felt, gut wrenching decisions, where you can't defer to anyone but yourself; because you are the most responsible person on the ground, with the only knowledge and experience that is able to make the right decision. You made the right decision, regardless of the second guessing, prejudicial judging, and the consequences that have put your leadership and decision making to the ultimate test. Colonel Hackworth taught us, that even with the best decisions; things can go wrong. The interpreter's Al Qaeda sympathies, the platoon Sgt. rolling over on you, and the PC and 0 tolerance ignorance of the military leaders who railroaded you; put you in what Hack called the "Go to Hell" mode. Your time in Hell the last four years can only be a blessing and a strengthening for someone having shown the leadership and fortitude that your actions demonstrated. Knowing personally to some small degree, what it takes to live with right decisions gone wrong, because of injustices on other's part, I won't say I would have done the same thing, because no one knows what he will do in such a situation, until the time and place requires it of an individual; but I do hope that I would have preform as courageous as you did on that fateful day. Our Marine brothers have a motto for men in your situation, due to the leadership and courage they have demonstrated; Semper-Fedelis. Stay Faithful my brother, our thoughts and prayers are imprisoned with you.

  1100. Patrick McRaith says:

    Very tough to understand this. Wish him well and hope to see this overturned-

  1101. danny flores says:

    This is a horrible scenario of justice. Why do you treat heroes like criminals for taking out a known terrorist!

  1102. Ken Newberry says:

    Free 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna. Now!

  1103. Deanne deVlugt says:

    Moderation is not what is needed. We need a show of strength.This man should be freed at once.

  1104. Deanne deVlugt says:

    What is wrong with you people. This young man didn't do anything wrong. Whose side are you people on,anyway. This sentence is absolutely insane. He need to be freed at once.

  1105. Bill Dilworth says:

    I'm saddened to hear this. My hope is that he will get a new trial and be exonerated. My heart goes out to him and his family. The only thing to be done is hang tough and fight. All of us for him!

  1106. Mike O'Glee says:

    If this is a true story it is both demoralizing and shameful. I will make it my job to check further into this. I don't want to believe that our military would be so myopic in their judicial system. This sounds more like a railroading than a court.

  1107. Marius Wasbauer says:

    I believe Lt. Behenna should be given the benefit of the doubt or at least be afforded a new trial, based on what I have read here.

  1108. cathy labate says:

    Michael....I support you...I will always support you...I have served in Iraq, and, I understand what you went through. Please, if I can help in anyway,let me know! LTC Cathy Labate Fort Polk

  1109. Mrs. karen owens says:

    According to the legal process in this case, Lady Justice is not only blind, she's deaf, dumb, and stupid. Sounds like typical Army when it goes political: you make a military panel of officers without combat experience to be the judge and jury, and, who will follow instructions from on high. The question is: Who got bent out of shape because their 'snitch' did a stupid and got himself killed? Lt. Behenna was DOING HIS JOB, what were the rest of these fools doing? Sometimes it's really hard to comprehend the stupidity of people who end up in charge because of the 'Peter Principle', if the idiot can't do the job, and we can't get rid of him -promote the fool, up, down, or lateral promotions accepted. Acceptable procedure in the military, and often politically beneficial for all involved. Haven't you people figured out how obvious that method has become? Even little kids know how it works. This is proof Army Intelligence is an oxymoron. Why don't a few of you people grow a pair and stand up for the guys on the firing line?

  1110. Craig Dokken says:

    Just another example of a good life destroyed by our army. Someone who wanted to serve our country and got screwed by it.

  1111. Michael Robinson says:

    This is a political verdict from an Administration which is ready, willing and able to pervert the course of justice to further it's own agenda. The US Military has become a prime target of the Administration's desire to destroy the morale and effectiveness of the American people. Free LT Michael Behenna.

  1112. SFC Gonzalez.frank says:

    lets FREE 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna we go to war to denfnd this grate coutry. we don't go and back to usa and go to Ft. Leavenworth .we need justice for this American hero!!! hooooah.

  1113. Caroline Kuhn says:

    I fully support Lt. Michael Behenna. He is an true American Hero! I will be praying for him and his acquittal, release, and reinstatement. He is an honorable and brave soldier!

  1114. Paul H Kelly says:

    This young Soldier appears to have been given a "Ride" on Political Correctness Railroad! Was there a review of evidence? Why was that Doctor's testimony not entered into evidence? I can't get the imagine of a Kangaroo out of my mind, when reading this story! I hope that justice is served, in this case!

  1115. Larry McNally says:

    This military CYA is pure BS and so are the charges on this fine soldier. Is the military now as corrupt as the DC Government? Reconsider please.

  1116. Darryl Ferguson says:

    The military has a different set of rules for their judicial system. They do not follow the same rules as in the civilian world. And it is not fair. The burden of proof is to PROVE YOURSELF INNOCENT and not to prove that you are guilty. In this case, what I do not understand is why does not the Commander & Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, President Barack Obama, step in and grant the LT. a full pardon, a full general discharge, and let the man go on with his life. They may not be able to actually overturn the conviction, and it will never be expunged from his record, but at least he can get on with his life. Jail time for any soldier/airman/sailor/marine, etc... for killing a known terrorist and combatant, DURING COMBAT OPERATIONS (and yes, transporting a prisoner in a combat zone is considered a combat operation), is unjust, unfair and a travesty to all that serve, have served and will ever serve.

  1117. Olev Massakas says:

    I support your getting a medal for your heroic deed and pray that freedom be granted you soon.