Please join over 20,000 other people who have added their names to a petition demanding a new trial for Michael Behenna.  The petition reads:

To:  Senator Inhofe, Senator Coburn, Congresswoman Mary Fallin, U.S.Congress and US Secretary of Defense

Critical evidence was withheld by prosecutors during the trial of 1LT Michael Behenna. If you believe that soldiers who fight for our constitutional rights, the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, the right to due process of law and the right to a fair trial, we ask you to sign this petition requesting a new trial. During 1LT Behenna’s trial the government withheld evidence that their own forensic expert told them that in his opinion “the only logical explanation” for the shooting was consistent with the defense theory that the Al Qaeda terrorist was standing with his arms outstretched when the first shot was fired and not sitting on a rock as argued by the prosecutors. We believe that the prosecutors had a constitutional obligation to provide this evidence to the defense lawyers and the jury had the right to hear all the evidence before deliberating on the guilt or innocence of this soldier. Please help us obtain justice for this American Hero.

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